Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 – Ep 36 – Full Episode – 30th March, 2020

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“Not as a friend take it from one who is also a buddy neighbour or or classmate. Please take it after tomorrow s recess. All the buddy pairs will submit report on buddy project. Start the preparation and submit a good report.

All right. Yes. Sir hello. I will see you kancha.

I mean kanchan please. Calm down suman is not even looking at me. And you can t stop staring at me is it a package deal all of this is a game for you right you want to win it anyhow no kanchan. I want my friend to return friend.

If this is the manner in which you treat your friends behind their back. We are thankful that we got to know about your true colours. What do you mean suman only cares about right or wrong. At least.

You should understand that i didn t have any evil intention shravan by hearing. The same do you think suman s problem will decrease you absconded from our house yesterday. But don t you dare come to my house again because mind you shravan. If you come i won t give you the time to hide your face.

He won t come kancha. One needs courage to face the truth. And we saw the same yesterday come one doesn t become brave by. Saying that he s brave one becomes brave by his actions which.

You clearly aren t people think a lot about me but for the first time someone. Thinks that i don t have courage that. I m not brave that. Too the person whom.

I like and want to impress yeah. Then i told him not to mess with me. Again..


What is he doing here. Let s go and find out shravan you came forward and told the truth. It s commendable not everyone can do that thank you shravan. Oh.

You both have come. Hello shravan told. Me the truth. The idea of damru s party was yours not his if.

He had courage. He d have told the actual truth. he s making numbers to stay in uncle s good book you are amazing buddies she wanted to praise you in front of everyone and you are not ready to take undue credit. Very good i m impressed damru yeah serve tea to shravan as well yes.

I will go and get medicines damru. Yeah serve a glass of water yeah. I was waiting for you if you want then you can go and tell the truth to your father and grandfather i promise i won t retreat fine. I will go and tell the truth.

No kanchan are you serious. I can t understand whether i m more angry on him or you why did you stop me. I m tired of this question talk about something else no because i still didn t understand your answer. If shravan was saying to tell the truth then why because after hearing his lies.

I finally heard him telling the truth for the first time. I saw him doing such courageous work. Oh hello. Stop with these dialogues.

He didn t do anything brave by confessing. The truth. It s important to tell the truth. But by confessing the lie and then to tell the truth is really brave.

I didn t forgive him kancha. I m impressed upon seeing his courage impressed shravan did you think that you will get an award of bravery you will be praised by her family. I don t care about her family..


I don t want to look like a coward in front of suman. After listening to him my mind has stopped working listen make it spicy my restlessness will also increase give. Nowadays you don t listen to me that is why i won t mind it listen let it go don t be so irritated. Nowadays.

I think that i don t know you properly impressed it seems kancha eat this dry puri you weren t this upset or serious. When your father took your bike. What has happened to you take it you are refused a dry puri and made a pale face bunty all i care for now is one face. And i can do anything in order to see her smiling sorry that is why i m apologising you had taught me.

The same either. Forgive me or shoot me with this cannon. i. Won t be scared.

All i want is you to smile . I m waiting for her like a fool. And she whatever it is she looks simply gorgeous. I feel so happy upon seeing her oh.

My suman mom tell me one thing. No matter how much the world changes even after having washing machine and dryer at home. Why do always girls come to the roof to dry clothes after taking bath in the morning. What is that it you can come to dry clothes from tomorrow.

But i can t look so beautiful no one can hey idiot you re good at talking come. And have breakfast. There s nothing to worry suman. Just be honest just be honest about your buddy in the presentation of buddy system.

Apart from helping me with studies anish taught to how to follow discipline. When other students tried to take advantage of me and tried to teach me wrong. Things then anish gave me the courage to fight back by thanking anish. I wind up my buddy project report did.

I say it correctly. Yes. You did..


He is not even ashamed to say all that good job saheb anish. Now it s your turn come. Sir saheb has covered all the points. He has more weaknesses.

I will work on them with him maybe you didn t understand anish tell us what you learned from saheb. No. Sir i am a poor student. What would mr.

Anish i mean what would anish learn from me i got all the benefit every student has some talent in him. But unfortunately both of you didn t understand the purpose of buddy system. Next suman tiwari and shravan malhotra. I believe that it involves two people in learning anything one is the student and the other is the teacher and on my part of the buddy project.

I failed whatever i know about studying behaving and differentiating between right and wrong i couldn t teach it to my buddy. I couldn t bring any changes in shravan malhotra. After the buddy project. I think that one by one they will fail.

The buddy system. But shravan taught me many important lessons he taught me not to trust anyone blindly you shouldn t believe what they say shravan taught me that first of all you should analyse. A person. Thank you shravan.

It s your turn. Now sir. Ma. am suman.

Didn t fail instead. She passed this is what s special about my buddy. She doesn t know how much i learned from her after seeing suman s dedication and respect for the army. Even a boy like me started understanding.

Our army and its tradition values and discipline. Before buddy project. I d only one solution to every problem quarrelling and fighting..


And that was all but now although not too much i am a little patient suman taught me to be patient. I have made several mistakes so far. But she scolded me every time taught me explained it to me. And she never gave up on me.

She always told me to own up to my mistakes apologise if i want to be forgiven. And if i have hurt anyone i should accept the punishment and now i just want the same i want to be punished. I want to be punished for being selfish for hurting the emotions of others for lying about others to make myself look good for crossing the line for breaking my promise. I want you all to punish me for my mistakes well done shravan not only did you learn from the buddy project.

But you changed yourself too not everyone can admit their mistakes and seek punishment. Very good report suman good job and as far as the mistakes and punishments are concerned in the army once you admit your mistake. You decide how to be punished for it. And after hearing.

This experience of yours. I think that more students can learn many things from the buddy system. Therefore. The buddy system will continue give me the samosas munna.

Otherwise. I ll fry you alive do you have any plans. After this no. I don t you are going to get beaten up today.

How can munna s standard be so low. He hired a waiter for the first time. And it s him how is this munna s fault waiters are hired. According to the customer s standard stop being so dramatic shravan you cannot impress her with your actions how can i impress suman when she is not here.

I am just punishing myself i am hurting myself. Because i hurt her no matter. What you do you cannot change what happened at the party get lost. But i am changing ” .


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