Every Easter Egg in Sea of Thieves (2020)

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“You have anything to say to all the wonderful people on the seas. Today alright. Alright. People you heard it here first mmm waffles as a small small penis with there we go there we are you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen none.

I just recorded me well that was different music oh hi everybody welcome back to the channel and guess what easter egg update is in sear these four months before easter it s ridiculous it s outrageous anyway. There s like 60 something commendations don t you worry i went out and found them all for you this one s probably gonna be a little bit of more one cuz. There s so many things to cover weight. Especially.

The journals. First and then we ll go over all the easter eggs. After that maybe you find this video helpful or entertaining or anything to do like that don t forget to drop a like hey. This is very odd to hit the bell.

But you know how all the youtube jazz works. Let s jump straight into the video alright legends of the sea tab is what we re going to be covering. Today. We re going to do them in order of commendations except for this first couple here just because they re really easy to do altogether.

When you spawn into the game. I want you to head straight to the clothing store and you need to pick up the following things you re gonna need the stream sailor s makeup. You re gonna need the sea dog peg leg. The legacy beard and the amethyst angel hair dye equip them all and you re gonna look like this absolute fucking monstrosity here then you re gonna want to head to lagoon of whispers just south of golden sands outpost where you re going to find umbra just by talking to it you re gonna unlock the very first commendation in this tab congratulations when you talk to her you ll see down the bottom.

It says. I have something to show you and it ll give you the options for all four things you previously just equipped at the outpost. And that will unlock another four commendations for you five down just like that easy. It s important to know that there s a bunch of journals on this island.

But they aren t going to go to any other commendations. So let s jump into the journals that are going to go towards the commendations legends of the sea. One is on devil s ridge. You re gonna want to head to the southern top end of the island right on top of the rock and you re gonna find that journal just there legends of the sea is all the way over at crescent are you gonna want to head to the southern center beach.

And there s a small cave entrance with some broken barrels at the front and in this broken barrel right here you re gonna find a legend of the sea legends of dc3 is all the way over in the devil s raw gross. I know at devil s thirsty what i m gonna head up this northern hill right here to find this shipwreck on the southeast beach. And you ll find the third journal. There legends of the c 4.

Is on crooked marston and you re gonna have to shoot yourself up here with a cannon right next to the giant lanten. You re gonna find the fourth journal..

They re over to krakens fall now right near the mpc on the the north east kind of side of the island. You re gonna find the fifth journal on this cracking bones. Here this one s gonna be pretty easy for all those pirate legends. I out.

There. You re gonna need to head into the pirate legend hideout and right on top of this ladder. Looking shelf. Here.

You re gonna find the six journal. You ll find legends of the c7 at a hidden spring keep to the kind of south west side of the island here just climb up this ladder. Here on the small tower and right at the top you ll find legends of the c7. The eighth journal is on shipwreck bay at the law just shit break.

It s the same shipwreck where you start the sea bounce. All tall tale you just want to climb up into the captains quarters and you ll see the tall tail. Just on the bench. There and just on the chair behind it you ll find the eighth journal next up you ll be heading into the wild treasures sea post and just to the right of the store.

You ll find the ninth journal. Just there. The final journal can be found at the fort of the damned. You want to head to the top level similar position like the hidden spring keep you ll just need to find this tallest tower here climb up the top and you ll find legends of the c10.

All right now the the journals are out of the way and let s actually move on to the easter eggs first up. We have the fox in the snake. Now you re gonna want to head to dagger tooth apples head straight to the tavern and right in front of the bar on this little post here you ll find this poster for missing presumed pirating you re gonna want to head to lone cove. I head for the west beach.

That s the npc runs straight up the hill here you ll see this little wooden building and the poster will be right on the post back at dagger tooth for the self promoting pistol power. We re gonna start at its heaven walk straight down these stairs here you ll see the large water tower you re gonna head over to the water tower and you ll finally poster there for join the club you want to get ahead two mermaids hideaway by starting right in the center next. The npc run straight up the hill. Just follow the main path pass.

The cannon right to the top here and you ll find this poster here for nice to be wanted you re gonna want a head to wander. It s refuge heads straight up the hill now this was a little tricky to find cuz. There s a bunch of buildings that look very similar the north eastern most building and you ll find the poster on this wooden part just here moving on to the next category. We ve got sleeping with the fishes for this one you re gonna want to head back to mermaids harder ice starting in the center.

Again next to the npc head east directly east to the coast and you ll see a small rock and right behind that rock you ll find the skeleton with some dead fish bones on it there shout out to some very helpful people on the discord and on twitter of helping me find this one for aim high you re gonna want to head to plunder outpost. The same kind of area near the skeleton throne..

You re gonna want to shoot up with the cannon and just to the right of the skeleton throne. You ll find that this dead skeleton up there and not a drop spilled. You ll find an ancient spire outpost in the tavern. Just above the doorway.

This one s a really easy one to find for not all falcons fire. You ll need to hit the shipwreck bay in the same shape shipwreck where we found that journal earlier. Except. You ll need to head to the west kind of back of it there threw that little cave and right there you ll see two little feet sticking out of the ground.

And that s where you ll find this commendation before run aground you ll need to head to salty sand. And there s one rock painting on this small rock here. That s all you get that commendation you ll need to head to sanctuary outpost for not just for sweeping and you ll get this one by looking at the tavern. Sign just above the tavern down by book can be found at smuggler s bay in the very center of the island.

You ll find a small cave unstrained to the cave. And this little will lit up mushroom area. You ll find the book surrounded by candles here snake charmer can be found at you guessed it snake island. You want to head straight to the top of the island in the middle of the main island.

You ll see this small kind of stone area here and you ll see a snake basket with this small note on it. The dog days can be found at mermaids hideaway. As well right next to the npc in the center of the island. You ll find this small sign here pirate port powers can be found at golden sands.

Just outside the tavern and you ll see two little tankards on the bench. Here for this commendation death by banana can be found at marauders arch on the east and kind of beach be in the fort area just outside this small cave entrance here you ll find the skeleton with the engravings above him. There double z marks. The spot will be found at plunder outpost.

Straight in the tavern and on the bar. You ll see this writing here going bananas can be found at sanctuary outpost. We re going to start off at the tavern. You re gonna run it what a run over to the war at our little island here and just behind this rock right here you ll find a crate of bananas famously frugal izzat lost gold fort you re gonna want to head into the main fort area.

And just behind this wooden wall. You ll find this piece of paper here. We covered the hairy legacy at the start of the video with the legacy beard. So i ll jump straight into white at the market smugglers bay.

You ll find this shooting. Range..

Just at the top of the island here precision pirating is found at galleons grave outpost. You want to head up to the weapons store and outside the weapons store you ll see this is target. Here. And you ll find your commendation.

Just on their legendary last and he also found at smuggler s bay. You want to head to the bay section. And on the northwest kind of area. You ll see this small rock painting on the stone.

Here buckets of fun is also found at sanctuary outpost. You want to head over to the ship. Right. And you ll find this bucket screwed on to the post just here a venomous attack can be found at shark fin cab just to the entrance of the fort here all you need to do is look up.

And you ll see the small painting on the wood. They re a musical family can be found at ancient spire outpost. You want to head into the equipment store. And just on the ground.

Here. You ll find this small. Violin. There still life can also be found at sanctuary outpost.

You just want to head into the tavern straight to the left. And you ll see this crack in painting on the wall dress to impress can be found at ancients by an outpost and it s the same thing just turn straight to the left and you ll find this painting of the pirate on the wall through the eyes of a child you ll find it s smugglers base starting off with that center cave that we were at just before you want to turn left. And you ll find this small picture on the bench here pirates in portrait. But we found it sailors bounty on the southern section of the largest island.

There you ll find this on the beach. You ll see all the portraits here under the small encampment here heading over to reap his hideout. You ll find the small encampment on the northern island. And you ll find the merrick roll book just behind this small little teepee here killer qualifications will be found at golden sands outpost it straightens in heaven and right on the fireplace here you ll find this note heading over to chicken isle for dances with chickens.

You want a head a along the northwest coast here and to the west. You ll find this rock with the painting on it here familiar resemblance will be found at sharp bait on the west beach. And you ll find this little kind of encampment here and you ll find the painting of merrick and derrick. There you are going to need to head to century a post once again for one cross part you want to head to the east by southeast kind of island here and just buy this little broken wooden structure.

You ll find this sack of mail for a point of contention head over to goldman s handout post. And you want a head east for the large water tower..

Once again and just by the bottom of that water tower. You ll find the dead skeleton with the scroll. Helping hands is at cannon cove. I m going to start off at the lodge dock area and you want to go just straight to the large rock here.

And you ll see the names carved into the stone. See no evil is back at sanctuary outposts straight into the tavern and if you turn straight to the right you ll see this monkey flag inside scruffy s scribe is at shock bait once again you want to be north of the center statue and you ll find this little cave. Here head straight into the cave. And you ll find the book.

Just where is it here it is that what just they re back in the devil s raw at mario s peak outpost you re going to find delicious delivery just next to the merchant. This small box. Just here may contain boom is back at golden sands starting off of the having there you just want to go to the west here and just across the water. You ll find this broken gunpowder barrel big love in a small package is at galleons grave on the merchant dock.

You ll see the little package with the hat on and here putting the ship in friendship can be found at the finest trading post. You ll find this ship model just behind the counter here for who s a good boy. You re gonna want to head to the top of galleons grave our post climbed down here and you ll see the little dog pole by the stores and the fire pit. Yeah.

You re gonna need to head to cannon cove. Once again for the commendation called fool s gold starting at the dock. You run along the beach here you want to go under the large cannon. Looking rock.

There swing right around that straight into the cave. And you ll find the dagger directly on top of this barrel here for nesting box. You ll need to head to crow s nest. Fortress and you re gonna have to line up a cannon shop straight on top.

Just like there and you ll find the easter egg on a wooden plank their whole load ground is a pretty simple one to get you just need to die. And you ll be at the fair either down. Then and you ll find this easter egg right next to the door here oh alright that was a that was a lot of talky. Please note guys.

That this isn t the most efficient way to do these i just did all these commendations in order. Except for those those first couple cosmetic ones just because they re so ridiculously easy to do together that s gonna do this one so hey guys i hope you enjoyed i hope i was able to help you out in some kind of way. I thank you very much for watching. And i ll see you next time music you ” .


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