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“We re back with another episode of before you buy that sure would give you you some straight up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games. Releasing and we re talking about fallout 76. It is definitely fall. It s definitely november because there s a lot of games going on right now.

But fallout. 76. For those of you that don t know is the multiplayer fallout game. There s been lots of beta and early access and stuff.

And we feel like we ve finally gotten a good feel for it and to be straight up this is my personal opinion of course. But i m not the biggest fan of this game as is fallout. 76. Is definitely gonna be divisive.

I think you re either gonna love it or you re gonna hate it you can say the same thing about this video probably but 76 is a different type of fallout game. It s bethesda trying something different and the potential is there i just don t know if i m here for right now iii don t really think it s the dumpster fire people are making it out to be but i m still not crazy about it and just so you know this footage is early to be spoiler free. And it bounces around between a base xbox one and a current pc about getting into it fallout. 76.

Actually starts nice and briskly you start out and vault. 76. But you re out and in the world and playing in a matter of minutes and in fact. There s very little build up or pomp and circumstance to it like a traditional game it tosses you out into the wilds of west virginia.

And i gotta say man the environment itself is gorgeous. And it feels pretty different for a modern fallout game. Seeing this wide open strange new environment made me feel genuinely excited to explore it and i think that s probably the biggest highlight of the game for me. And the geography is pretty unique while also managing to have quite a bit of variety to it some areas are in worse conditions than others after the war.

Some areas are flat some areas are hilly or mountainous. Some are dry some are dense with vegetation and there s always stuff hidden around a corner. You know weird box to loot. A haunted house to explore corpses with mysterious letters or holotapes attached to them.

But that s really all the game gives you the real problem is it s just not that exciting to play i found myself getting bored there early hours are rough it does get more interesting once you try different areas. But ultimately man the base quests are just kind of lame for me the game seems to be designed as a vague framework. Leaving it up to you and your friends to find your own fun in this sandbox world..


And yeah. You re gonna hear that a lot the biggest defense for this game. Is it s absolutely better with friends and i do think that s a valid defense and a compliment to the game. It s just one that i don t totally drive with most quests devolved to just basic combat scenarios or getting to a computer.

And typing something in or talking to a robot. And that s hugely disappointing and has worse ramifications for the rest of the game. Because when bethesda announced that there will be no traditional npcs or non player characters in the game world like a typical fallout game. I had some concerns.

But i held faith and belief in bethesda that they were gonna justino have a new idea or something with this they were trying something different. The idea that it made stumbling upon a real person in the game as a survivor. A big deal because the world was so lonely sounded kind of cool. But whether you re with folks or not this world still manages to feel empty and weird and not in a way where it s trying to evoke it it s not like creepy in an exciting or mysterious way.

It s just not very thrilling at all at least not to me. Yeah. Quests are one thing and the adventure is one thing. But events seem to be fairly decent.

They start off small and very boring with you just killing x amount of a basic enemy type. But give it a few hours spend of some time you ll be doing weird dungeons and like mad dashes to gather components for something or fighting off a giant enemy. This is definitely the game at its best hands down some teamwork can be required. And it can just be good old fashioned video game fun.

And it feels satisfying whether you re alone or with pals or randoms. In that sense some of you enjoyment with this game. Though is gonna come down to how much you enjoyed certain elements of fallout. 4.

Did you like building well there s a lot of that here and even more emphasis on picking up everything you see and breaking it down for components. Endlessly i i like that in fallout. 4. And was totally hooked on it and i quickly became hooked on building stuff again here having your own little basecamp that you can build up in the world.

That others can see is pretty creative and cool. And i ve stumbled upon quite a few other players with their own little creative hideaways already now if you weren t into that part of fallout. 4..


You might not be here even though at least here is like you have more of a sense of ownership. There s also a lot of emphasis on cooking repairing and crafting and modding because weapons degrade really pretty quickly and you re constantly hungry and thirsty. If you re into that stuff into those mechanics hey. There s plenty here crafting from fallout.

4. But now it s a full time job if you re into that that s awesome. But to me it leads to lots of rummaging around for trash in kind of a lonely world and it just all feels just a little bit off that s what i d say about the whole game. But combat is fallout combat love it or hate.

It when the game can keep up with it i think the shooting feels pretty confident. The melee attacks feel slightly off. Though it s like a distance thing where it s hard to judge. Sometimes the latency on swinging and it feels kind of whack no pun intended match.

However is a disappointment to some. But i don t get the criticism. Because really it s an online game. How could they slow it down.

This is basically the best they could have done basically it works as like a time to auto target you ll only have access to it if you have ap points. Unless. You essentially hard lock onto an enemy and depending on the distance and depending on your level. That s where the percentage will be affected.

I don t know it s weird it does feel partially useless. But sometimes i get it sometimes it works. Honestly i m not convinced on it i think if they just scrapped. It entirely.

I think the game would have been fine without it on the other hand. Though. The new special system. The new way you build up in level of character.

The card based system. While it doesn t feel as rpg ish as the reasons. Why i love fallout building a deck in in sense of building..


A character actually was more satisfying than i expected i went into it thinking i was gonna hate it or thinking it would feel really dumbed down and while it is more simple. I still got satisfaction out of it now the quality of the combat experience really falls upon the performance of the game. Which is my one last big issue with this game. I ve had a lot of time with it and with it being my job.

I was able to get my hands on it on a pc version. The xbox one x version. And then the base xbox. One version and i got a say on a base console at times.

The framerate and crashing almost made the game unplayable for me it was really disappointing. I know. But as the games have their glitches in their bugs. But the core performance here affects how fun combat it really and when the framerate gets bad it feels really craft hasek and when you get into the denser town and city areas the framerate forget about it the game is brought to its knees on pc.

Obviously. It s had some publicized issues lately but i ve been able to get into matches and stuff. And at least the performance and frame rate is more playable. I don t usually harp on this technical stuff unless.

It actually affects the experience of the game. And i think here for fallout 76. It does well it performs somewhat better on an upgraded xbox 1x. The fact that if you re on a base console.

And you get a noticeably worse and poor performing product is not cool the game also looks unfinished regardless of where you re playing low resolution textures weird depth of field issues aliasing and weird quirks with the fov on pc are the name of the game. Here it ruins. What is honestly some incredible art design. Really the game may be graphically poor.

But the art design is awesome remembering the starter video. I mentioned just the the environmental variety. This west virginia is designed a lit and colored extremely well and goes back into my initial statement. Where the world still might be worth experiencing.

There are some really creative new enemy types like a sexy mothman and some truly like giant kind of terrifying creatures that you wouldn t expect in a fallout game and weird locations stuff. I think is worth checking out. But the core framework of the game is just something i m not a fan of it still feels kind of early access..


I almost wish they would have called this that hell. Even the cosmetics you can buy feel like they haven t had any thought put it to them except for the pip boy skins. Those are pretty cool. But this is a game.

I still feel has potential it sounds like i probably dumped on it a lot. But ultimately. I m gonna be hopping in six months or a year from now just to see how it s grown because i think this can be a good game. I just think it needs more time.

I m gonna be avoiding it for now. But i d love to see where it goes elsewhere and as much as i did dunk on it if you re happy playing it good for you i m happy you got a game you like. But i guess i just wanted something kind of different regardless. This is a before you buy and you know it works there s some pros some constant personal opinion and now i definitely want to hear yours down in the comments.

Fallout. 76. What do you think dude. Chances are if you were excited or you played it day.

One. You ve had your hands on it for at least 24 hours by now maybe you just played the betas and was it you haven t jumped into the main game. Yet i want to know your perspective. Am.

I missing something here do you think the game can get better down the line or do you think. It s a hopeless cause or are you totally in love with it and you don t understand any of the criticisms whoever you are let s talk about this stuff. But if you enjoyed this video clicking the like button helps us out. We really appreciate that and it s worth pointing out that you should subscribe.

If you re new and click that notification bell because we put out videos every single day. But as always thanks for watching and we ll see you guys next time you ” ..

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