Fallout 76 – Farming Guide – Best Location to Find a MOTHMAN? – Cranberry Bog Random Events

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“Hello everyone welcome back to another fallout. 76. Video and today. I want to share share with you a potential best location to find the mothman let s get started you finding a movement or a flatwoods monster is something not that common or easy to do now a few days ago or while doing the weekly challenges.

I came across something very interesting. I was able to find a for movement creatures in a very short amount of time that s quite shocking for me. Since i have found between 10 to 20 creatures since the beta times anyhow three of my findings were all in the same day and two of them were in the same exact location. Now all of them were part of the random event spawns in the cranberry bog.

Which is pretty handy to know so let s start on how i found them here at the superior sunset farm. You can find at least three spots for random events and a both of the spawns. I m going to present you have this small rift around them i m not sure if it is connected or if it means something in particular anyway. All you have to do here is search.

The area follow the canals and round and keep an eye opened. If then whitman spawns because you can easily miss it if you don t see it from afar if it s already spawned it doesn t make a noise at all and as you can see his eyes are glowing and you need to see it if not you will easily miss. It i kill these turrets and then i kept going forward towards the madman and then it triggered me. And it started flying around or teleporting around make sure to kill it quickly because sometimes.

It is appears. I remember one or two i found they like just disappeared into thin air. But yeah they died in pretty much one hit it s pretty anti climatic since it s not something you find every day at least not for me..


And that s how i found my first madman in the cranberry bog region. The second time i found in whitman here it was around these two hills just as in the previous scene. And i was just minding my own business checking the canals as usual going around the rift. And that s when i heard something yep.

It s the movement sound and he spawn inside this canal right in front of me. I was waiting for him to teleport. Which he did it kind of tricked me such a bad boy. But again he dies.

Very easily so just have to get close to him. And he will be a gunner. Oh yes he will but yeah this happened in the same exact day not in the same server though but as you can see it s in the same exact a random event spawned which gives me a great feedback regarding this location being a decent. I spawn for a movement creatures.

My church finding was here around the veiled sun deck roof and this was actually my first time in this particular location. I had never been here for some bizarre reason for real you will see that as soon as i entered roof. It will be discovered. But as soon as i returned back to the road and into my adventure.

I heard something interesting just behind me a madman a spawn. Damn that s tree in a freaking day. I was just shocked at this time and i was desperately trying to find a flatwoods monster..


Which i never found but i found out tree. But for what man i don t have the footage for the fort. But it at the farm and you can pretty much see that i m not making this up if you check my level. I was between 203 and 204 while funding.

All these movement creatures now to give you a little more insight on these random events spawns. I want to show you what you can find in these two particular locations. Let s start with the superior sunset farm. There are between three to four spots.

But right now i m going to show you two spots in which i found to a movement creatures. And it s basically around this area around these two hills now. There is one spawn in a very north and then there is one spot in the canals around the hills let me show you the one which is basically in the north. It s here at is crushed averted pot and it can find all sorts of creatures here.

Including a legendaries at twisters one that s the thing. The puri with random events you can find a legendaries or just an environmental thing. It just i don t know i like exploring and i think it s a really great touch to the game. I will actually publish another video later showing you around ten event locations in the cranberry bog.

Which i have discovered in the past week or two and the second spawn is as i said in the kennels and i found a dead claw feinting and yagh why i have found pretty much everything as well as one star chip squatches they are very common in this region. I m always finding them and here is another example of what you can find at the north spawn. Just some mongrels and that s pretty much it and another example of a kernel spawn..


Which is a one star legendary cheap squatch. It is very very random and sometimes you will not find anything at all i think the spawns are quite long. I would say at least 13 minutes. I tested it yesterday and i m pretty sure they are at least 30 minutes at the veiled sentry groove.

It s pretty much the same there are two spots as well the first one is right around the groove. Which is where i found the madman and also where you can find animals. Most of the time. I found mole rats among reels and in this specific footage.

I found glowing and rats tags as you can see it s pretty random or really and then the second spawn is right here. As you can see all these super mutant. Spawn and one of them is actually a legendary it s this last guy here just a one star. But a a legendary is a legendary and then if you go here you can find a civilian with some interesting items in the loot box as well as a tent with a few items inside.

And it is just one of the many possible spawns for this location as a contrast for you to compare. I came here another time. And i found a fallen satellite in the ground with a few rats poor beaver. I m so sorry and as you can see it has some pretty highly tagged insides for scrapping and as usual.

It can find pretty much anything you can think of in these points. As well as many others in the cranberry. Broad region well well the next time..


I need to find a mud man. And i can t find the path of enlightenment event. I know where to go to look for one hmm. I hope this has helped you in any way if possible.

I still need to do a little bit more testing. But for a madman in such a short amount of time it cannot be a coincidence in my opinion. But you let me know what you think in the comment section below. Do you think i was just extremely extremely lucky that day to find a tree or if you think they increase.

The spawn rate for mad men because of the weekly event or it could be something else that i m not really aware of anyway. That s going to be everything for today s video. Thank you so much for watching. I am archer bronco and i hope you can subscribe to my channel.

If you are new around also if you would like to support me in any other way feel free to check my patreon page. And i will see you very soon in the next video. Take care. Adios.

Bye bye music you ” ..

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I have encountered 4 Mothman creatures last week while doing the weekly challenging and looking for a Flatwoods monster. I decided to share this information with you because it really isn t a coincidence. I rarely find this creature during my adventures and finding 3 in one single day is solid proof that the Cranberry Bog Random Events are a great way to find a Mothman. In particular, around the Superior Sunset Farm and the Veiled Sundew Grove.

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