Fallout 76: Weapon Spotlights: Presidential Gauss Rifle

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” day. This is captain eben. This is the presidential gauss rifle. A non legendary course course rifle.

That is obtainable only through a raid of the dev room. I was enough to be given this weapon for sure enough and they ve been on my case about it for actually getting it back for a few days. Now so i better get off my ass and actually use it so it s a gauss rifle. Same animation same everything same sounds.

It s got a suppressor. Which is nice. I was told not to alter the modification. So unfortunately we re going to use the reflex sight.

Which will give me plenty of time to complain about it. But as you can tell it s got this black coloring it looks kind of nice and some stripes and a star. Very good and i don t know any one damage. But riflemen doesn t boost this and i guess this is just a casualty of not actually you know being in the game.

And having the keywords to you know bruce the things damage so we ve got glow site exterminator and concentrated fire and i m kind of racking. My brains to what else to put there long shot poor white workers are actually a rifle. But i ll try maybe tank killer if we re lucky i doubt it ll actually do much but we can boost this thing s damage slightly with bloody mess. And that gets us to 220.

And we can also do the nerd rage bloody threshold with adrenal reaction to bruce that damage and oh grab just unyielding armor. So we can get some special benefits out of being at that low health. So yeah. 220.

Now. But it ll be a little bit more. In. Just.

A second. Ok. Pay2win armor is on and were at nerd rage. And with all of those we get 378 damage.

Which honestly isn t a lot for a gauss rifle. Now i want to test the tank killer here. So no to the damage on this ducking fault over here. We ll just hit him with the full charge hit so i saw a 1498.

Which is actually quite a good yes. We ll see if we can do a little bit better with the 10 killer. Now remember him in the tosser 1498. So completely dead weight.

And honestly. What else am. I gonna put there glue long shot weren t work clothes idle help exterminated. We ll help here against some bugs maybe fire in the hole.

If i decide to throw grenades. But honestly not going to with damage like that i feel like will be or so. Yeah. Let s get started and shooting.

Things weirdly this thing actually has the same attachments as it does in fallout. 4. And as you can tell the half capacitors you know have less damage because there s less of those electromagnetic course thingies make the bullets go that i don t fucking. Know what i m talking about but yeah.

There s a long scope. But i can t put that on because i don t know i might break the weapon. Sir. That s the last thing.

I want to happen and of course. You ve got the muzzles there and the suppressor it looks looks like it s normal. Then cool ok so note the three ranks of three in rifleman right now and no this thing s damaged 378 if we go over to the regular gorse rifle. Yeah.

Even the level 35 regular gorse rifle..

Seems to get over this a little bit yeah. Yeah. And then then the level 45. One just does even better than that since it s got a suppressor on it i reckon.

We might actually be able to get the benefits of all of those perks. So there s my buffs and here s my armor or one yielding unyielding like i said before and there s a super mutant. Let s shoot at him now the bad thing about gorse rifle. Was is that if you ve got the reflex sight.

The the muzzle will be pulled down slightly. When you charge it up which means. What you re seeing in right now. When you charge it up you have to kind of i up the aim over it which is annoying.

Which is why i always grab scopes on these things it is alleviated. However if you decide to use something like it was a legendary that s nice. I didn t one shot him despite doing a thousand damage okay hey that s a cool burn hammer that is a excellent burn hammer thanks super mutant all right so i think the server s having a little bit of trouble they re keeping up with the damage of this thing. But i m still sneaking.

I m still in caution the wrestler winters. Actually a wrestler right. She s got a wrestling themes like it s like it s like another rest another wrestler dude. But it s a little bit different.

It s um. It s the song by saliva and it goes a little bit like i walk alone inside this pit of caution and thank you there s my fully sick karaoke. And i do really mean fully sick so i with adrenaline boosting the damage of this thing to 5 16. And we ve got a little bit of a mating ritual happening with these things here actually i like collecting these new cards now cuz.

I can use them and let me tell you something it s no small feat. One shotting those little fucking bastards because they re actually kind of tough and i just took it out with one electromagnetic cartridge that s pretty good you see this thing is so weird that i don t even think speed demon increases. The railer and speed so i want to quickly observe that because i ve got a feel for how fast the reload. Speed is on a regular gauss rifle.

Oh yes speed demon not really happening with this. But as you can tell as it s basically a gauss rifle different colors um. You ll also notice how there s no ok. I was about to say there s no giant blue tracers.

But obviously we ve just observed that in third person and now the gauss raffle is going to suck because we re in caution and i can aim. But yeah since we can t punch through all of that armor and without all of the good old sneak attack multipliers attached to where the weapons well. It s going to be a little bit difficult. But when we regain our sneaky bonus.

Thanks to escape artists we can just pull off easy headshots so let s continue i ve messaged him. He said. I hale won it back. But then i was working overtime and then my brother had his birthday went out and got a palmer wasn t able to make it online.

And then i messaged him today. Saying. Yeah. Ok you want to back.

I can give it to you. But then he d never go back to me. Wow another super mutant who is legendary well that s nice. What are you gonna give me that s good for scrip at least you d rather see a 3 star weapon.

But our energy is can t be choosers. You know i m saying. Sir. Where are these super mutants.

It s a little bit different. When you re first making the spawns because they re not in a usual position so as compared to what i d find into a pub server. So you know despite this thing being as it is basically a fallout. 4.

Vanilla course rifle it s still got great hipfire which a car member maybe as i was used to using a two shot gauss rifle back in fallout. 4. Because i thought that was the best and later on i figured out that instigating was slightly better in terms of damage. But yeah i don t remember the hip fire being too great.

But we don t have anything like ground penner to prue so anyway so despite all of this it s actually pretty damn good and you ll notice how much more damage i get on the lightly armored targets compared to the super mutants and i m getting a 35 time sneak attack multiplier..

There we go. The suppressor perks. Still work. So despite the weapon.

Not having the necessary keywords to actually do anything. That s not actually a terrible coldest dagger either wow another legendary yeah what i was streaming. I had to search like five minutes for each legendary that was a cheeky headshot and now it s just giving me them. It s not really anything good.

That s you know what that s not too bad. I ll never turn down a damaging prefixed even though if it is a lame. One and a power attack modifier. It s actually pretty good so one shutting things is quite easy.

When you can get a massive sneak attack. Multiplier as you can tell so. It should be a pretty cruisy run from this moment out the dagger is stuck on them also quickly put him out of his misery. And you might as yeah.

I don t use this thing. And that s for a good reason because well it seems to get your initial chance of hitting him when you first put a charge up the trigger. Which can cause problems when you re up close in person when you re actually very position. So yeah.

It s not the i think it s one of the main casualties of having a real time that system because and gauss raffle was worth fucking good back in fallout. 4. When he can just bats and gun food them. Because your shots would be fully charged and compared to what it d be like charging it up and shooting it in real time.

It was so much quicker. The gauss rifle was such a great weapon in that that was not even the supermoon nails targeting yeah the gauss rifle has fallen a little bit since its fallout. 4 iteration. It s amarak capacity isn t as good either you could get the amur capacity up to 20 back in fallout.

4. With the capacitive roosting coils. But it doesn t seem that affect is carried over into fallout. 76.

At all there we go one more. Just got a cruz early take all these guys out. And i know people very getting bored of seeing me doing a low health code. All the time.

But it s kind of i ve kind of got no alternative here. It s either this or have inferior damage and possibly not even get a kill on the super mutants with snake attack criticals. It s a lot easier this way because all of the extra agility from unyielding to allows me to be a little bit more sneaky so despite being a slur on you unwieldy gauss rifle. She s actually done pretty good and you know with that being boosted by all of the cool perks that would regular booster gauss rifle.

Well. She s not talking too bad at all and yet another legendary a mutants. Ok well. I ve had a mutant explosive before so i ll turn that one down.

But your generosity is accepted let s move on so i ve actually heard a little bit of news about the harassment of fallout. First players on pub servers like they ll hug them down and harass them and nuclear bases. And that s kind of interesting. I don t know why the player base is turn on each other like that alright so with these goals.

I might be able to get away with one shutting these guys without charging the thing up. Which is very useful for a weapon that you need to charge up to full power takes time so with that in mind. We might be able to quickly actually i can actually aim down sights now that s helpful. But yeah we can make sure that s not helpful at all go away boo.

But um. That s really annoying. I wish that you could shift those to like the top of the screen may maybe like gonna know when combats over though those will show up that feels like it s worth. It alright sorry there goes old mate hannah there we go.

There s the jerk again and we ll keep on going. We ve got these guys in a state of caution again so they ll they ll try to figure out where we are but we can take things. Nice and slow and kill them just 1 2 millimeter. Electromagnetic cartridge at a time which i believe is the same goss ammunition that was in fallout.


Which is nice because new vegas and fallout. 3. Previously had course raf was running on fusion cells. Which was interesting.

I m guessing that giant mag on the side was used to hold that i don t know fucking ball bearings and shoot out not really sure that was all about but now we re in danger and dead. Because you know and gorse rifles aren t the best you can t really plan. I mean i was in a shit sport anyway. But still and now the lighting s gonna be all weird inside so we ll get to see some fucking ghoul disco lights.

They they they throw a real fucking party when you die. But we shall continue with the slaughter of the ghouls of course it s not going to be a good crowd control weapon by any means and when we can t use these sneak attack criticals. We have to actually charge the fucking things up to do stuff. Sir alright back in the caution.

Thank you escape artists. Very. Reliable perk and i use it people tell me that they think they don t have it work. I don t really know what i can say other than probably change your playstyle.

There s another one alright. We re done and subpar performance. But honestly nothing new from a gauss rifle and that sort of thing. Very case one let s see what we can do 2600 damage yeah.

It s not too bad. But i m pretty sure could have gotten better with a regular course rifle. Given all of the perks. I d usually have but a two shot killer s a two shot kill so like i lost any health through that sir yeah did all right let s move on finally exterminators gonna help us out so we might be able to go a little bit better also glow site.

We totally annihilated that one maybe as he classes an insect. I don t think he is an insect. But we did 2k damage on him which is all right he s attempting to tapers on me. But i ve got an illegal dev weapon.

So i think i m gonna win the tapirs war here there we go and then the number 76 show up in the in the in the damage because the game. Lacks two. I don t even know i say the number 76. And i and i cringe cuz 476 all right what am i shooting out here.

There s one there there s one there even in the shell. We can wacom kills. Them pretty good. I suppose now the queen s out or so people yeah people that damage from that adrenaline 5 16.

Not terrible not no spectacular either alright queenie. Let s see what we can do well three consecutive headshots. We still did less damage than swan. Sir whether the extra armor penetration against crabs worker.

They wait they don t count crabs as insects anymore they didn t fall out because of that exterminators legendary effect. Oh right maybe i m getting my facts wrong okay looks like we ve drawn. Mole miners at the train yard smash and yep. There s an instance of missing go for a critical this time there we go and somehow managed to hit that shot despite missing.

The extras like 95 shots three times in a row. Yeah i don t know the the gorse rifles. Behaved weirdly with bats and i don t like them no use charging this thing up there. I m gonna do this fight entirely.

And that s just to see if i can break the game. A little bit certainly against that first period. I did oh we actually got a little bit of gun. Few action.

There that s always hopeful takes me back to the fallout. 4. Days where instigating course rifles with suppressors and all of the cool multipliers including deacons when was just annihilate everything. I can t believe there were people who thought that oh okay standby well whilst.

I m stuck. I might as well shoot that guy hell yeah that worked hopefully i remember to edit that out otherwise that would be very very awkward indeed anyways. Sir. Probably just clear out the rest of these dudes good perception bonus out of unyielding make sirs 95.

Chance hits happen pretty frequently..

What is the accuracy stat because that gives you an extra boost of vats. It s not great a short barreled leave the gun is more accurate than it. Which is interesting all right scotch beast. Time you get that thing reloaded because it s time to fight the bats i wonder if we have drawn any legendary ones.

We had quite a lot of legendary super mutants before so we might see you know what i might do actually boast that scorch bases slowly figuring out where i am i might as well trigger a bug question mark i m not really sure if the developers intended you to get an extra high. Multiply but 025. What s that that that s more than you get out of overdrive isn t that you only get 15 percent and of overdrive. So that s pretty good.

Unfortunately. The bat is a grade two something else and we re immediately in danger. Okay. Serendipity.

Don t fail. Me now don t fail. Me serendipity. Okay.

So. The crabs are all on the scotch beach team now they just got squat. You re fired squatch fuck. Oh.

God no not the sledgehammer that s the only thing that can beat the gorse raffle. We ll just have to quickly clear out these guys as fast as we can using gun through and we re dead. I don t know where exactly we ve got the damage over time from. But the gauss rifle is too slow to be useful.

Maybe. President chigorin well you could probably just you know actually do more damage against the scorch beast before you know getting yourself into a situation where you ve gotten yourself overrun. So let s try to get our vengeance back on old mate over here not helping alright. I m just gonna quickly just spam things shot over because horribly inconsistent.

I m not using it right. But still you tend to want to charge up the shots. That s better that s what you want yeah. If stealth works that s good and i m thinking that stealth might have been fucked because i got in and out of power armor.

They ve actually got a legendary scourge beast isn t that nice yeah. Power armor seems to break a lot of perks and the sneaking ones might not be you know might not be the any exception from that alright let s go for some headshots shall. We there we go we ve got a nice critical with the snake. A bonus on that and we re able to one shot that scorched beast.

I wonder if they ll allow us to get this one spawning from here. We ll see they should be able to i mean no one else has been in this server. Because it s mine. I own this.

But that was a waste of a critical alright. Let s charge her up nothing. So also if you go into vats deep rhymes itself. Which is potentially very annoying not the greatest losses side of targets.

You might have walked around the corner got him eventually anyways. I think you get the point of the presidential gauss rifle. It s a novelty weapon. It s something to show off to your friends like hey look what i ve got but in terms of performance.

You re pretty much better off with a non legendary gauss rifle of you know the vanilla game can give it to you. But yeah not really sure why this weapon exists at all it s just kind of there perhaps. It s meant to be for some sort of the enclave thing because they re linked to the president. I don t fucking know.

But yeah. If you are seeking this weapon for anything other than novelty value you ve done you ve gone. Wrong. Yeah.

You don t have to it s a it s a piece of shit thank you for watching guys. ” ..

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