Fallout NV Mods – Episode 1 – Meet Sindragosa?

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” s good youtube welcome to scatter mods weekly the fallout edition. Yes. You heard right. Right.

This is actually an episode of skyrim mods weekly guys except without the skyrim so if you ve ever wondered what would scare mods weekly be like except with fallout mods dana. This is it i ve been working triple overtime to put together this video for you all especially for you fallout fans out there. I know a lot of you are watching. It s not just you guys you know i ve been wondering myself would it be like to commentate some fallout new vegas mods so we ll see how this goes.

I don t have much experience with fallouts these are the first mods i ve downloaded pretty much so i really don t have any basis of comparison so don t be surprised. If i compare these mods to a lot of skyrim mods and fallout new vegas fans please don t get offended ok so let s first start with the basics you know what graphical mods. Am. I using so i browse through the nexus.

And i checked out pretty much every single top endorsed a and b and for some reason. I just didn t like any of them. And it was looking pretty bleak. I was starting to lose hope until somebody recommended.

I try out dynamo indie. And although. He says nevada skies is a requirement to use this emv. It s actually not i turned it on while i had realistic wasteland lighting on and actually prefer this look compared to dynamodb with nevada skies.

So the first transition. You see is realistic wasteland lighting. And that just kind of improves. Upon the color of the wasteland you know make you look less orange and yellowish and then the next transition is dynamo emb on top of a realistic wasteland lighting seriously guys who the hell new new vegas could actually look this good my mind is blown.

And how freaking good this looks. I m so glad i discovered this combination. This is pretty much my perfect ideal look for the wasteland. It s sharp its colorful while still retaining.

You know the heated desert atmosphere of nevada and with the nmc texture pack..

This actually looks better than skyrim that was probably just you know the novelty factor of it all like i ve stared at skyrim on my screen for hours upon hours and finally when something equally as beautiful comes. I think it s like the greatest thing ever i mean you could just look at the difference yourself between the vanilla version. And then dynamodb the difference is just night and day you know you cannot miss it it s just 100 times. Better everybody meet garrett yes.

I named her gary. It was an accident it happened on the let s play don t ask. But i think i m gonna change it to i don t know she looks like a rosie you know a rosie. The riveter or we could just call her sindragosa syndra for short you know we call alexstrasza alex for short.

Sometimes in the let s play i mean it s whatever. It s just a character name you can leave your suggestions in the comments below are we all just gonna sit here and pretend like sindragosa isn t laurie from the walking dead don t even lie to me guys. That that is laurie the walking dead donor in front. It s one of the presets on the mod mojave delight.

This is the mod you re gonna want to get for aesthetics facial aesthetics and check this out guys. Longtime viewers will know where this hairstyles from this is actually the hairstyle that i originally used for alex trout. So before she was updated so when i saw this on the nexus. I knew i immediately had to use it so you re gonna want more hobby.

Delight and the mojave delight cool hair replacer to get the hairstyle and that s pretty much all you need for facial aesthetics. As far as body statics. Though. You ve got quite a few choices and not as many as skyrim.

Though where you can get girls and pretty much all kinds of shapes and sizes. Plus. I think it s pretty much obligatory that s the first episode of a mod series must include a new body mod. I believe what you re seeing right now is the type 6 modification body.

This is the one i chose because it is the one used for the pinup poser mod. The most popular is probably type. 3. And that is where most of the you know armor mods are probably going to be for and i have to say there are a lot of strippers prostitutes and women dancing and fountains in this game.

So that i really don t have to put much work into showing off this body mod alright guys so let s move on to a weapon mod and as you might have guessed to most weapon mods in this game are guns..

And i have to say fallout. New vegas modders put in a lot more work into their weapon mods compared to sky. Where the monitors just add it to the game. And then tell you to go crafted at a forge.

Although it could just be this mod. This guy spent a lot of time on the location. Where you pick up the weapons. And as for the actual weapon.

Can t believe i haven t told. You this. Yet. This is the gris of super v.

Vector work in progress and this is a really fast gun like so fast it looks like your game is stuttering fast and it seems pretty damn accurate pretty damn powerful but not too overpowered and as far as this looks this this looks pretty much like a real gun guys it looks real life. I don t think it gets any more clear than this the detail is just insane. You could read pretty much every single little word on this gun. If you zoom in and if you look closely you can see it illuminati symbol on this gun as well that s the definition of high definition and detail in a weapon.

Why don t we have such hd weapons in skyrim and i don t know how much better gun mod can get hd different textures balanced. Nice location and this is only the first gun mod. I ve covered you know by the time. I upload this video christmas is probably over we re just about over.

But uh. If you re still looking for some christmas joy. Then check out these two mods. The first one is bonds christmas and good springs buy a bond.

So this is a pretty simple model as a christmas treat a snowman. Some presents other needs a christmas tree and of course. A band you ll also need the dancing animation modern resources to get these guys to you know play their music or at least have the animation that looks like they re playing the music man. I really admire how dedicated these guys are to spreading christmas.

Joy through their music..

I mean no matter. What i did they just moved away and continued to play the music. It s like my god they just don t let anything bother to them do they such dedication much in mine wow. I m honestly really surprised guys that there really aren t that many people still modding new vegas rate.

Yet. There s still so much good content being put out by modders on there and this is one of them this is quite possibly one of the best quest mods. I ve ever played actually it is because it s the only quest mod. I ve ever played.

But i was actually talking about including skyrim shut the fuck up and get to the point kid. This is the fallout new vegas christmas special the quest starts when you talk to all the nicolas in the tops casino christmas. They used to call it and he s got a sort of dilemma that he needs your help with for 30 years. I ve hosted this convention and this might be the one time which i can t do it.

The whole idea behind the quest is pretty clich. You know it s the typical nobody believes in christmas. Anymore and oh no christmas is not gonna happen this year. Nothing screams christmas cheer like a bunch of dirty hos with their titties hanging out.

But he adds a sort of twist to it and this twist comes in the form of nazis in the name of stein ivanka mm. Why do you come here and interrupt our meeting of death i m talking steiner von grinch in housing and you just kind of happen to run into them everywhere you go. But definitely one of the best parts of this mod was running into all the different characters and personalities in this quest mod. I like obsessed with this dudes accent and an endless vibrator at elmo s vibrator with some hair and ships and branchy powered motherfuckers with a gun vibrator he makes such a dirty word just sound so elegant.

I can t even man. I just can t even most of them are really really well voice acted in fact. I think this guy right here is at the holidays. Like yes.

Sounds a little too familiar to that guy that says too for a lot too formic duper and you know you would think. Hosting a convention would be pretty simple this quest is actually over six hours long no matter. What he says in the description. I need to do justice loader.

Baby shit..

This is a long ass quest. And it will take you everywhere doing everything everything from massacring. A bunch of strippers in the newly added north pole strip club just because well nicholas told. You mercy is not given out to debauchery to going on a heist to rob.

The ultra luxe to be able to fund the convention. I want you to bust your ass in there grab. The guap and cap some bitches. I mean yes i need you to calmly take down the necessary personnel and relocate their physical funds back to us you seriously would not believe the things you have to do in this quest had so much fun playing this mod.

Although i couldn t finish it because i really wanted to get this video out soon. I feel like this quest has just at the bar. Way too high for future quest mods now. Because this mod was just freakin amazing.

And it s the first quest mana covered in new vegas. And it s better than probably 95 of quest mods. I ve covered in skyrim and that s all i have for you guys in this episode of fallout new vegas mods weekly. If you want to see more fallout mods.

Then click the like ones. Please tell me what you thought about this episode. In the comments below any comments. Appreciated i try my best to produce as much content as i can.

But there are no promises be sure to subscribe for more videos. And i ll see you in the next episode peace comes judge and jury. They all agree it loves the crime. ” .


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FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting by Sal203
DYNAMO ENB by Courier
Type 6 Modification Body NV by Izumiko
Bonds Christmas in Goodsprings by Bond
Fallout New Vegas Christmas Special by Dylan Hollis
Griss Super V Vector – WIP by MRRadioactiv
Mojave Delight for Type3 by Glosshouse
Mojave Delight Coolhair Replacer by Xazomn

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