Fastest Squad Wipe EVER – 52 Kills ($50,000 WARZONE TOURNAMENT)

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“There shop over here come set up with movies today gus okay okay. I can can climb up let s go let me go you play the music still when play tournaments by now yeah. I can always turn it off whoa. Let s go.

Oh. I just did the picture back. Here. This is a lot superstore by the way this shop is like right over super say.

I m done sensitive load of really hectic real fast and then after this fall. I m gonna go back and i ll do the shopper. Thing like we were doing yesterday bc you get a get a cell for us and then i ll buy these scary. So here s my money.

I m looking for these kills on the scene him ruth is clear. I can t see anything i m 240 southwest. Nice yeah. That s a white yes.

There s a truck somewhere rolling up on my side bread section on roadies on grass. There s a full team in there i disabled the vehicle tractor guy on the left you solo people over here. I m gonna run back just put me up actually got a tv. I m going back to the trapper joy.

Yeah. I ll be there first. I see people down by the shop to player music. Be advised.

Gravy is bingo. Sometimes over. Here. My my green too.

So keep that in mind. Okay. Oh. I m not gonna read stop.

Here. Oh. No they re out. There.

They are okay. Three a whole team down. Why done one that was a promotion yep. I think i could push up here.

They re pretty distracted well. They just fries yeah looks like i m able to get up..

I might better get up here all right here we go up. I m rushing up to you right now. I m off on the other guy let s rock i m going for the blue truck yes i m normal however my thing driving this truck once perishing above me he would be in this building. Now.

I think they re just doing the objective right now three players go to the right side one up top on this roof. And it closes to me and then tomorrow you guys dude. This guy s name plays right up a spot wipe on me well. There s still two more than my guy thirsted here s one more i don t see on heartbeat one or two more oh right nick smith.

I m here in here. Speaking well done yugi. Oh. My god this fight is fine all right we go chop the triple.

Yeah. Let s let s try this try it and then i ll get the body up here okay. There was one guy. I like your markets.

Stop rosano so frozen. Oh yeah. I m gonna get that right now the money s on the gun program. Yeah.

I m getting the pony. Though i m getting the money so go to your truck here baby s up north side a lot north side. They re gonna have to cut. We have to go like stadium over here after these first guys on our bonnie here.

Okay. I get the fuck out here be advised baby is bingo fuel our gp for resupply by their big penis. One shot on one there said this more inside. I think inside one more roll roll roll team are you here on our red blood on my blue are your green actually really close by like warehouses goodbye.

Goodbye. I could get another advance stuff just go hi. I m jeff i don t even know i mean i would probably just need one. I think you re real close okay.

What s the shop. There you go cracked. One done one done one come help me i cry together enjoy i think i m driving. I m driving yeah we should get advanced up when the zone comes close.

I m gonna go down everything. It s like a this long one else i got yelling those place big time. I wanna. See if i can get any marks on another northside go like green.

We did win as the baseline. Yeah..

I m a live back here and get advance stopping bones advance on the zone. Close is gonna be big if we go a northeast there all right i didn t get any red marks. Though on this side this side of the sun is like that now we needed if we need about here now there s gonna be like 14. So yeah yeah well the greek building building.

We can yeah we can just hold storm that it s gonna be a little while to close. Though. But it s probably safer is it green building. It s like running through open field on me poems.

In this little street. Right is down temple temple. 14. 8.

Over so i can climb up right. Here. Does matter. I can climb out here and get them good one.

I see that there and the storm barely in the storm right there you guys around i think they re gasps and coughing coughing yeah thurston that s that i think i said i think that s it i stadium those two grades. We re sitting i m good i m good playing if i get to try station. He s dead then you got a big truck. I got immunity okay with me i ll pop mine to buy one yeah i think it was the team of the guys flying police station for sure i send it send it let s send it yeah.

There you are your car be far off we can t use that armored car. We re gonna have litters frag out downtown once i marry funds that are ones that you second floor. I m in the back of the original back home bc. Let s go mean you done nicer wait yo someone get that someone get that oh they re shooting.

Me from the top building right yeah and we get bounty. It s gonna be on them okay got a shop here i m thinking about you go shop for more uavs and show us enjoy. I saw one car uav okay. We could go this way down tom.

There s more people on this side is only rotating from bad to go. Then back that bonnie team not even word storm. Like yeah. Yeah.

Okay sounds good. Let s do it. I think he kills. Here.

That s where they were like it when we popped less advanced. Be advised. Uav is being hope you are tv for resupply watch me up on my a b now. I just broken into the back.

I hid my eyes. He ran to the left of this building..

My playing in it now right here. I think it might be get a guy okay and then that cross across the road are the fucking bitch or whatever they re in here. Okay. I keep crossing in here in here got him impound have another i don t know okay across.

Though i cross. I kind of want to on port right let me out then over here. Yeah. Port.

They ve also see the res that s in like the bar building in the oakland park off my a v. Oh. Let s play together here. What s on the right on the right corner.

My name i need my name i need all day. We have a shop right here drop. My money for you mitt okay. There you go shawn the other swiping at me at me.

I go go go. There s it on the on the white container. There s one right on the container. I m setting up so i can climb over the wall.

Okay you read about me the guy that i was not just got down nice i feel i feel we got to push that right now we re gonna get browsing. I m here smelling sudden oh watch out i tell ya what s the question pussy riding in the bus time adding. The bus one more we kill these guys so they all dead easy push. It s a it s a one floor building okay i m looking oh that s firehouse fuck.

I can park outside we can still get to the i guess i get the truck over we can climb the balcony alright. I ll push there i think i can get it over here. Yeah yeah. We did we re good like i can finesse.

It in here we see playoffs mendel okay. I m gonna push first all right come on one s really low flush inside have to heal. I flashed him oh. He s pretty for me.

I m gonna get down outside outside. I finish one mortar cement. Oh yeah hold the balcony. Yeah okay.

I m gonna rest. Men. Don t don t push that got it i mean good luck right now okay. What you might be stuck waiting for an opponent for super long.

Okay. Where i push the sun..

Does he have a teammate be seen. Uh iii full killed you re down. I don t think he was i don t think it a teammate all right. He s peeking.

Me found him i released free jalan okay. I m coming down can i just land on my shit. I told him it wasn t even something he wasn t surfing on this he just got pissed. Okay.

I mean. He s one of me one on me one on me one army. No pillow right on the truck. Nice.

I m on your head. People shooting on my grave not fitting in migraine popping it to your ear yo hold this so clark have a mind okay. What you re locking in i think once you re sucking in a mini fuck. I ve got a shot fuck.

I m getting slapped voice green okay we need to get into cars ready to go really cool. I can he s running this fucking car suck bj drop your money right there so i can get it in then by a surprise. Dropping the guys westside two teams westside just out in the open right here dude in this building right next to me come back the fuck down them pull them. This is full team here full team here on this building first floor.

I don t know no above me about me. I m going go to the shop. Quick healing. The burnout could be out of fight.

These guys forgot to leave them in there s this guy. There s this guy. I m looking right here this red. One i think i heard one parachute just now well i done one yeah could we go back.

They raised their heads alright here. We all this literally sniper hold. Yeah. There s a guy in here.

Who s got in here first one i got him i got him i do all right let s night. A good time vixx vixx times list yep over building building. Time you suppose these first okay here still in that first floor. I m.

He s brennan coming now he s went into the stairwell just group up. I m going i can if you want to chill man. I m telling i m sure your plays live tv cheats play wait together guys not going outside one up to be one group up. I m coming top with you let s go let s go baby add it up screenshot and baby let s go massive 75252 music.

” ..

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