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“Is it going than everybody i hope you re all doing very well welcome back back to a nother video here on our channel. I m the fifa analyst today m gonna be talking to you about my favorite skill moves in feed for twenty something the hopefully you guys can add into your locker. If you don t have them already if you do enjoy the video please let me know by smashing that like button you can also subscribe to the. Channel we do upload every single day at 5 pm.

And the best place for you to come over ask any questions get any help is over on the twitter. Stream where we are also streaming every single. Day which is twitchtv v. For alice.

A link is in the description. If you wanna head over onto. There you guys have been heavily requesting. This video skill was obviously something that people need to add into the game to create that unpredictability and hopefully grab a few more goals from it this year.

I think skill moves as a whole a relatively simple. I don t pull up there s too many ones that you need in your locker. That you can t already do so let s go ahead and jump into them i m gonna start off with the most simple one which is the ball roll right you might not have it you might have it either way let s go over the most simplest and go through them. The first one is gonna be the ball roll.

Where you simply use the right stick you hold it for into the direction. That you want to go for about a second or so half a second really just hold it leave it there and then bring it back into the middle on the right stick. And that will do look at the controller to know just how to do it some of the mistakes that you can make while doing. It is flicking.

The stick in which will cause that little flick up which was happening there in the arena. Make sure you don t do that just literally hold it the direction that you want to go the half a second or so. And it will do it brilliant for you this sort of situation when should you be using the ball. Well here is perfect.

It s when an attacker and the defender come one on one with each other and you want to go either way. It s a battle of 50 50. The defender needs to think which way is he gonna go and try to cover it he thinks in this situation. I m gonna play the pass across you could ball wall upwards or you can play the pass across.

Which is why i go for the ball roll downwards to always look for that near post. The reason. Why the ball roll is so effective is because inside the middle of the park it can get you that little bit of extra room and also inside the box. It can perfectly line you up to have that near post shot.


So if you re unlike say just a bit of a bad angle. You can use the ball well to reposition where you are to make sure you put it into the back of the net. It s brilliant also in a one on one situation comes rushing out you don t really have the room to finesse. It tip to a little bit hit or miss so we go for a simple ball roll downwards to take it past the keeper.

It is honestly the skill move that you need to have just just there because it s so so simple. It s just right stick. But all you need to do is just hold it down in the direction that you want to go so. If you re running from right to left.

And you want to go up you hold the right stick up for half a second it does a ball well you re running from right to left. And you want to go down. And you just do put it down. It s really really that simple guys moving over onto the next skill moves for us as well to see what else works really really well and next up.

We re gonna have the drag back now again a very very crucial one you can say what you want with a drag back. It s not used that much in real life football sound for quite a few of these skill moves to be honest with you they re not not really that you know popular. But on fifa. You have to use a drag back right this is where you hold r 1 or r b.

Depending on what console you re on and then you use the left stick to put it where you want to go so. If you want to go backwards you go back. If you want to go backwards in them right you go down and right on the stick and all that sort of thing situation here we ve set maximum. We looked at this on this site maximum play review.

This is where you know we could go for that shot just there. But we want to use the drag back to get into space. That s the key thing with the drag back so we hold our one here. We re going to push up on the left stick.

And then right to have that exit in the direction that we want to go using that little bit of way to find it into the space. Which is what the drug bat will do really really well for you again. It s one of them ones. It s not a difficult skill move to do it s very simple and easy to use just keep an eye on my controller to get an understanding of how you input the commands and do it going to the practice arena practice practice practice have a go with it and then translate it into game in terms of spaces.

Where you want to use it just like this situation here coming up you can just see that the near post may be the option. However one of the things that i m a little bit concerned with about this particular point is the vandyke that comes running in i don t really want to go for the near post cuz. I have a feeling that he s gonna intercept it and block the shot so i use a drag back to go into that space where he is going he dives in been yetta finds it unfortunately doesn t find the back of the net. But that s where it s so crucial again finding that nearest post facebook near post space for me one of the best skill moves.


I absolutely love it myself and yes. It is overused. I can know that but just is at the end of the day moving on to the next. One is gonna be a fake shot.

This is gonna be a more of a first time fake shot that i really really preach about so this is where you do square and x or x. And ay. You can also do circle an x or b. An a there s no difference they re all the same on that front.

I love the first time fight shot this situation here again touched on at the same maximum review. It s just where you want to try and beat that defender when they re one on one you know what when you ve got your back to the defender. And you need to have that quick turn that s what it can do sometimes it does like it did there the little bit of the scoop. It gives you a speed boost.

So you can break away from defenders. So well from doing that a lot of you guys struggle with this actual skill to a degree because you say that you end up booting it into the stands. The best way to explain this for you as soon as you press the pass button follow it up with the fake shot command. If you press pass white half a second or a second and then you do the fake shot command.

It s over there boot it into the stand implicit straight away okay next. I m gonna look at is going to be the maguey d spin. It s something that i really love and this is gonna be a 5 star skill move you can do this with four starts killers. And i think you can even do it with three.

But it s a different variant. But it s not as effective. So this is gonna be a five star school move for me these are the ones that do it to the best degree. That s just how it tends to tends to work for us this situation here you can just see we ve got our back to goal.

We ve not really got too much on what a lot of people are going to think here is i m gonna look for this little space to go ahead at the near post make sense right because i tell you guys to look for near post. All the time this is where i m being unpredictable. This guy didn t expect this little bit of the stop and turn to do it exactly for us again the way that you want to do this. If you are running from left to right and you want to go you know upwards into it you would do left and then up if you ve got your back face to goal.

And you re kicking from right to left like i was in that situation. I did right and up the best way to do it. Though is when you are facing upwards towards the byline. The goals here you would do up and left to get onto the goal again look at the controller for that as well moving on to the next one a very very simple skill move this year for us.


It s just gonna be a fake shot stop okay the way i like to do this is you can run and just do a fake shot and let go of the left analog stick just let go you don t anything nice and simple you can also press r1 and rb. I believe to do that fake shot. But it s not the one which i do i prefer letting go of the analog stick just because it s muscle memory. It s what i ve done throughout many many years of playing fifa.

But there is no difference on which way you want to do that when is it crucial. It s very good in areas. Where you ve got someone around you and you just need to basically shut them off because you re not going to have the pace or the strength to get past that player that is how you should look at doing it so this situation here you can just see again. We ve got the defender coming in he s probably gonna make a tackle if i go for that near post.

All i want to do is try and get him to commit to carry on running in the direction. That i am going into that is the best way to explain it you want the defender to think that you are gonna carry on going. The fake shot stop is very quick and effective. It means that they can send them to the shops.

Now some people will stop will realize. This is a skill move pro players for example can defend this quite well. But against your average. Joe it can work really really well for you moving on to the next skill move.

Which is going to be the heel to heel this can start from a three star skilar again. It is best as you go up the up the skills flight five star do it much much better than a three star will it execute a little bit better and a little bit smoother st. Maximun is gonna put the ball up this is a good time to do it. When the opponent has just switched from defending with someone else and they switch to their center.

Back or their right back and they ve literally just switched. If you can execute that heel to heel straightaway. It almost glitches them out a little bit. They don t seem to defend.

It that well you can just see there he never actually locks on to the player at all how do you do it again running in that direction we re gonna click we re gonna flick left on the right analog stick and then right in that direction. If you were kicking left to right the way we re kicking. Now i would go right and i would go left make sure you don t spam this because what can happen is you end up doing like a half rainbow flick because you get it wrong. And yes.

Sometimes the heel to heel won t work there is something in this game in the in the code. I don t understand why that sometimes you execute a heel to heel and it does not come just it doesn t do it just doesn t come up to put the input in don t ask me why i don t if it s to do with servers or anything like that again running from that way just see on the analog. We re gonna go left to right to get that in for us moving on to a couple now just as kind of a. I ll use them every now and then but on a massive amount of roulette.


Again you can do this with a three style skillet and better with the four and the five style guys. And it s not the most effective this year. If i am honest. But there are situations where i will use the ruler and it will just get past that defender.

I would say nine times out of ten. It s better to do a heel to heel than it is to do a roulette. But in that situation like the agent you see it got past the defender. Fairly well.

But it isn t something that i m saying yes go and add that into your locker every single game. Because it s not going to be used that often similar situation if you wanted to use the roulette you re gonna be doing it. When you are coming up against someone the same as what you are with the heel to heel where they just switched. They just come in one on one with the offender and that s a good point for you to use it just gonna go through.

Now and kind of have some gameplay in the background move some skill moves in just to show you how i use them in game. What to look for and all of that thing indeed so to kind of recap over do the ones you need to definitely have in your locker ball roll drag back first time fake shot. I think those are the three like key ones and then the hill to heel can be added very well the big easy spin. Which we just did there it s a very very good skill move do you need it probably not i will do it once again maybe just to try and catch the opponent out so you know maybe you can add that into your locker.

Another one that s kind of a usable. But it s very hard to execute for a lot of people is the elastico. I don t use it all that often but pro players will use it quite a lot in certain situations. And you got the reverse elastic low as well with the elastic.

Oh cool. Because you can chain like school moves with it fairly well that can be quite effective. But it s not something that i do and massive amounts. It s just a little bit too complicated to me in certain situations.

If you get it wrong they end up doing something else so that s why i don t tend to do it goes. If you have enjoyed this video. Please do let me know by smashing that like button. I hope you all have enjoyed anyway.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section and we are also gonna be streaming like we re on this evening at 8 pm. Uk time so make sure you come on over say hi and see how we re getting on thank you all for watching this video and i will see you later bye bye. ” ..


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Today I talk to you guys about my best skill moves in FIFA 20, how to do skill moves and how they may get you more wins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team!

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