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“It s alistair from lazarus training here and we did a short video to talk talk to you about our first person on scene training. Something that we re getting more into in this year. We ve been a first person on scene or fpos centre for a few years now direct with btec. So we re not one of these people that we sell it.

But many of you will know about a year and a half ago. There were some changes to the course and so we ve sat back and had a look at the training for how do we do this the way that we have to for the btec qualification also how do we do it the way that we want to with our scenarios. Etc. And the brilliant news is for 2018.


Is that we ve got that all sorted out and we are running the courses in fact. There s some of us off overseas on sunday to provide the course in the middle east area. And then we re running the course here at our center in essex in march. As well the one of the great things about our venue in essex.

Is we ve actually got two very close to each other so here you can hear cars in the background you can see the wrecked cars. We can get you in amongst those and do a kind of like an urban type of first person on the scene course. We still cover the scene safety. We still cover catastrophic bleeding all the airway management such as nasopharyngeal or oral pharyngeal airways oxygen therapy dealing with trauma to the chest dealing with other injuries.


We re going quite big on pelvic injuries. Nowadays and we can look at pelvic splinting as well but just a mile or so down the road. We ve got a rural venue as well so depending on the nature of the delegates and the courses. We can adapt the training to either case.

So i ve started to mention to you there. The topics that are covered. But one of the big changes that came in with the new fpos training was a bigger reliance on scenarios actually doing the skills gone are the days being in a classroom for four or five days on end and then having one day of scenarios. And that s the way we like the training to be anyway no none of that sitting in the classroom just out scenarios scenarios scenarios.


You might see the steam in front of my face there because it s all cold today doesn t matter we re out we worry about your welfare. Obviously. But it s real world stuff out here in the car park people moving around the facility s also got like a factory style setting as well people in our kind of industry of that nature. We can get you in there.

And like i ve already said for those of you that are going further afield. We could take you into the remote earlier woodlands grasslands. Confined spaces etc. So i m really excited about what we re going to be doing with the first person on scene training course this year building on our experience of delivering it since 2014.


And our experience of scenario based training. We look forward to hopefully. Seeing you on one of our courses. Soon so if it sounds of interest.

If you need to do your fpos course from the security industry maritime security maybe private ambulance service or maybe just interested in advancing your skills further than the standard first aid at work well grab the details further down on this page give us a shout and we d love to hear from you ” ..

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