For Honor – 5 Tips That Will Make You a BETTER Player

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“I know what s with the click by title freeze. Oh i guess. I can can sneak one in there. Now and then right well let s start the usual how s it going everybody the last few videos have been here all the short and i was talking about little things that have a big impact on the game.

But there are also other little things that can be useful in certain situations. The title of the video might be a little deceptive. But i actually think that the stuff. I m going to show you will make you a better player like i said.

It s little things. But let s start with a big one every single time you count a guard break you get a free back dot. Lately. I ve talked a lot about distance and how to escape from mixer.


How to get your stamina back so here s another tip that will help you do exactly that on top of all that everyone will probably agree that this is as legit as it gets now unlocking no rolling no dishonorable stuff right lads. The cool thing is that it also works when you re out of stamina. The recovery in having your guard break counted is long enough no matter wha. This is also safe against the forward dodge car breaks that can say uh valkyrie off next up.

We ve been talking so much about out of luck stuff lately. So i thought this video needs to add to it most people will have realized that every time you lock on your guard is in a predefined position this differs from character to character zurka for example hazard on the right warlord on the left and roachie of course as top as a standard guard direction. What this also means is that when you throw an attack from out of lock. This is the direction the attack will come from so.

If you unlock for a split second and throw an attack you can mix up your opponent. Well a little bit at least this works. Because of the way you ll be soft fixed unlocked tech over the cause of multiple punches. If one opponent is close you re out of lock attacks.


We ve always homed in on the a tax thrown that way will look weird to the guy you re facing most people will adapt quickly. But if you re facing someone who does nothing but block this might be a way to make it a little more uncomfortable for him. And don t forget you can also throw your zone. So don t limit yourself for the third tip.

We re looking at external blocking you can see almost is exclusively throwing top heavies. Now keep an eye on my god you can externally block. Both the direction. The opponent is standing up and the type of attack that is throwing alan arkin made a whole video touching on all the intricacies of external blocking.

Who you should be locked onto. What character you want to externally block. And many many more details. I advise everyone to check out the video.


You will definitely learn something from it the link will be in the description. So do yourself a favor and check it out for the fourth tip. We re staying with outnumbered scenarios. Everyone probably has experienced the damage reduction that comes with both counter guard breaks as well as when being thrown normal damage gets mitigated as you can see but top heavies that keep london on me.

But this isn t the case for bleed damage. An attack that applies bleed is not mitigated at all the full stack is applied this can mean. One of two things for you either you should be the one god breaking the opponent or you should be the one throwing the bleed attacks. There are obviously more things that can be confirmed when counter god breaking complete requires the least amount of timing and is really easy to apply.

So next time you re ganking keep that in mind and for the final tip. We re going to talk about trap placement. Know not where to place traps. As that is a whole different topic.


Whether you place them in the minion line to help clear faster or whether you place them in choke points or maybe you enjoy putting them in weird random places. I don t really care. But what i do care about is how you place them. Everyone has run into traps that were completely invisible and the reason for that is that the game always places the trap directly in front of you at the same exact level.

As your feet are it doesn t care whether there s an object b. That is some random rubble a wall or something completely different that is where the trap will be placed for that very reason you can see traps semi float in it stairs because people were placing them while running down stairs. So now you know where you need to face when placing them down. That s it for today.

I hope at least a couple of these tips were new and helpful so thanks for watching wait does everybody ” ..

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Well, I still hope you learned something.

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