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“This video. I m gonna show you the location of four pipe. Number 79 found found within under kate so make sure to leave a like and subscribe you support crater code. Nobody for to the item shop guys and i ll see you in the little bit let s go alright guys so welcome back to another video today.

We re headed to mega mall to find the four byte number 79. Which is hidden inside of an arcade. So how do you do that a lot of people thought this location would be dedicated in paradise bounce. But you re actually wrong.

And this location has proven to be inside of the mega mall location. Because there is a brand new arcade..

And it should be right below us. So let s go and check it out okay. That s not the kid you hold us like five nights at freddy s what do you mean dude alright. So we were looking for their cat.

Which is okay. It s actually right down here there we go arcade. It s a circuit over here guys and as you can see once you get inside. There is currently a dynamite over here.

But exactly on this exact location. We re gonna have the brand new fault bite..

Which is gonna be number 79. And as you can see these are not released. Yet if you go to the for bites. You can see that we have a bunch of four bites.

But that one is not released yet by the time you re watching this video. This four bite should be released. So please guys do leave a like a subscribe and yeah. This is kind of a tricky location and if you guys want to find it a bit easier you can just drop on the front entrance.

So we re gonna go around and i ll show you how to get to this location and it ll fast. But i mean you should be able to get get here anyways..

This is the mega mall location. And most people dropped either on top or in the front. And it was a little bit confusing to find this the first time so we re going through the front entrance. Which is over here.

And what you gotta do is just go straight forward and then take this escalator left so it will you take the stairs. Which don t move sadly. And you would be other k location and the cheap at least whoa. Hello.

What happens to be the best mates over here. Ah there we go absolutely nothing that densely..

I have ensured it via the the chip should be right over here behind the counter next to the vending machine. Oh yeah. That s it for today s video guys if you enjoyed it please do leave a like if this video was helpful subscribe channa. Because i do these videos every single day.

As soon as the four buds drop is called not bottom 40 on the item shop guys and i ll see you in the next video thank you so much bye bye. ” ..

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Fortbyte #79 location is Found within an Aracade in Fortnite (MEGA MALL)!

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