Forza Horizon 4 TREASURE MAP

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” s up guys. Because i can gaming and welcome back to forza horizon for ooh ooh here. We go shouldn t be talking and driving at the same time what have today is i m gonna show you where all your speed signs are and your fast travel signs everything that you need for the people don t have the unlimited edition forza. We know where they are so i figured i would share it so once we re done this race.


I will show you on my map. Where everything is if you re having a hard time trying to locate something this is a video you want to check out make sure you check out the other videos tonight. I think we have like 20 or 30 super spins or spins. We re gonna see what kind of free cars.


We have i have the horizon edition. Lamborghini right now that i m in thanks to one of my free spins that they made me take so here we go here s the end of it first place and let s see where we re at make sure if you guys are new to the channel you hit that subscribe button turn on post notifications and if you re into as some other racing games need for speed. We do have a wonderful money glitch on the channel make sure you check that out if you re into different games grand theft auto or state of decay or leave a comment what games are into and we ll see if we can find a glitch for you guys so here we go here s my upgrade level 16 as of right now i m not even bought or modified a car. I m still using all my free car so that i have and actually i m banking.


Some serious cash that way so oh i got free spin here let s see what do i get what do i get free car free car. Oh ferrari and i ve had two free cars and a gold blazer. I think i ll take that so leave a comment. Let me know what the best vehicle you got from your free spin is so far now i m gonna show you on my map where the speed signs and stuff are so we re gonna start top left of the map right here and we re gonna work our way down slowly that way you guys can see any signs that you re looking for makes life so much easier to know that are at dude god you can tell i haven t driven much over here yet hopefully this helps when you guys out if you re having trouble finding your signs kind of a easy way to hit your influence boards or if you re looking for your your money.


So as you see here where they re all at you guys have any questions comments make sure you leave them in the chat and we ll try to get back to them as soon as possible till next time guys you ” ..

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Here we go guy s, Forza Horizon 4. We drop the treasure map, easy way to find your boards all over the map.

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