Horizon Zero Dawn Merchandise GIVEAWAY + Channel update! THANK YOU

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“Guys your reps are here with horizon zero dawn merchandise giveaway and i also want want to do a quick channel update want to combine that a bit so first channel. Yeah. It s growing really fast you probably already saw this last week at was i was at 3000 and now i m approaching the 5000. Subscribers.

So thanks a lot for that glad you enjoy a lot of the horizon zero dawn content. Really diffuse have been great as well. It s really awesome to see this yeah coming together to see a lot of people enjoying the content so normally i respond to like every comment. But that has been very hard so if i didn t respond to you i m sorry.

But i will still do my best and it s also like youtube doesn t really help it s like when someone responds. I don t really see it like on the top of my notification bar. Like i only see the new comments. So if i didn t respond sorry about that.

But yeah that just how stuff goes when you get a lot of comments. But i will try my best to make sure that i yeah comment on everyone so again thanks a lot almost 5000 at the time of this recording yeah. It s insane..


It s really insane i will keep going with the horizon series on content. Glad you enjoy it if you have any ideas for horizon served on content that i should do let me know of course in the comments below then more awesome stuff horizon zero dawn merchandise giveaway. So yeah. I reached out to sony to ask them if they had some horrid zero down merchandise that i could give away to you fine folks of course you enjoy the game.

So i thought and it makes sense. So i got three pieces of merchandise want to put them all together in one box and send them to you i m from the netherlands. So if i have to send something to the us doesn t matter. I will do it it depends on the winner of course.

But how will i choose the winner let s first take a look at the merchandise. So we got this amazing gap. Here. We don t rise and zeroed on a gold sticker.

Here and also the playstation logo. So this is like really legit stuff. This is not some yeah knockoff now this is the real deal..


This is really awesome. And it s also merchandise that i don t know you can buy so it s pretty exclusive then we have this york it s medium. So yeah of course that is something that yeah. That s always with giveaways have to be lucky that it s in your size.

But this one is medium it s pretty awesome it s pretty awesome. But the most important thing and i m super jealous. I don t want to give this away. But it s the back it s like so good it s like amazing quality.

It s yeah. It has horizon. I think it s letter or something like that i don t really have a lot of knowledge about that but i just know that i want to pack my my laptop and my other stuff in this back so it s it s really amazing. It s it s great quality.

I don t know i can really show you i will just do some v rolls over this so you can look at the at the amazing back. I m jealous if you win this it s it s amazing. Though what do you have to do to win this amazing horizon zero dawn exclusive merchandise super simple just subscribe to the channel..


You probably already are a subscriber so thanks love for that find me on twitter. If you have twitter just follow me there as well and let me know in the comments down below. What your favorite machine in horizon zero. Dawn.

Is and why so. What is your favorite machine in alright zero down. There are 25 different machines including the variants. But what is your favorite and why i really want to know that and the best answer wins you have to be subscribed.

You have to follow me on twitter. Instagram just just see there and i put a link down in the description below. If you can find it there so then i will just choose the best one or the ones with the most votes just yeah. Think of something awesome.

And you will win this amazing packet like i said doesn t matter where you live. I will send it to you i will do that so again thanks a lot for the support like i said we ve grown very very fast. And i will keep ya providing you with horizon zero dawn..


The contest also looking at some sony content. You already saw the sony iii floor plans video. So we ll do that as well discussion with sex shops of course iii is coming up so. We ll have some content about that.

And there s a new game coming up that i also want to cover a lot. And yeah. You will see what game that is really soon. We want to keep that a secret a little bit anyway like i said thanks again for the support.

If you want to win all rise merchandise. Let me know when it comes time allow what for machine and also what for content you would like to see i do for horizons. Here. We re done thanks a lot for watching again good bye.

” ..

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Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise giveaway + channel update :)!
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Thanks to Sony for providing this amazing Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise!

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