How I Became a Mortgage Loan Officer + Loan Officer Salary, Training, & What It s REALLY Like!

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“Guys welcome back to my channel or if you re new my name is sierra. Sierra. I do videos on beauty and lifestyle. One thing that everyone has been asking to talk about is one how i became a mortgage loan officer how they can become a mortgage loan officer how to become a real estate agent how to get into real estate the real estate industry also just about buying a house like what you need to know what my secrets and tips are how being a mortgage loan officer is how it s going for me so all that stuff is gonna be in this video.

So i m gonna start by telling you guys a little bit about what i do exactly i am a mortgage loan officer and to be a loan officer you do have to pass a licensing test. But the text is really hard just gonna put that out there. But i pass it on the my first try and a lot of people pass it on their first try and if you don t pass. It then you can take it over again mortgage industry is definitely not constant.

So. That s one thing you have to be prepared for rates go up and down. They re based on the stock in the bond market that means how much you make can go up and down. And so it s very inconsistent.

It requires a lot of hard work in the beginning especially like if you re gonna be working with a broker versus debate with a broker you only make commission. So that first like six months to a year. Really is like grind time and grind mode. It s hard as hard as hard as they and that s why i have been spending so much time pouring into it really just trying to develop my business as a loan officer.

It s intense becoming officer insane. It it is more intense just know that but it s a really cool job. I m enjoying it actually because i m a numbers person and i m a nerd. It is technically sales.

Oh i guess i ve sharpened some of my sales skills. But ultimately. It s just taught me so much about the mortgage industry. People also ask me a lot about becoming a real estate agent.


I interviewed some real estate agents i m not a real estate agent i m a mortgage loan officer but i interviewed some real estate agent and asked them how to become a real estate agent and they gave some great answers. I ll insert those in this video. Today. I have a special guest with me highsmith.

She is a real estate agent. You guys have been asking me. So many questions about real estate in being an agent in the industry. That i thought i would bring in an expert to kind of answer.

So many boxes questions. And hopefully. Give you some knowledge that you didn t have before hi. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry.

Highsmith realtor. I got started about four and a half years ago in real estate and went straight into full time real estate. I am now reo. Which is means slate foreclosure and short sales certified.

My first year in real estate. I sold over 4 million dollars worth of real estate and i work with a lot of investors on flip properties and rental properties income producing properties. I ve had over 80 listings and 100 homes sold in the last four and a half years. So i really went out with a bang.

How do you become a real estate agent. What advice you have for someone who wants to break into the industry and how do you become successful louisiana real estate commission and greater baton rouge association of realtors or whatever area you re from no if you re from new orleans. They have no more there are several different boards. So you re gonna have to pick a board that you belong to so getting to know what fees to get started those two websites and then pick your school and then just learn it up and down.


That s just gonna help you kind of get stay out of jail. Honestly as learning all the rules and regulations once you ve passed your exam. You re gonna just tell everybody that you know that your real estate agent getting all the contacts that you possibly can to get started. How do you pass a real estate exam go into a school that you re comfortable with and there s online and in person school.

Oh. You know classes learning it back and forth when it talks about deed restrictions. If you don t understand what that means google. It until you understand all those terms because the real estate exam itself plays on words.

So you really have to understand what you re reading in order to pass the exam. Sometimes that s why it takes people a couple of times to have it i have kidney bronze. A real estate agent and she s going to give us some insight on some of the most popular questions you guys have been asking me. There s a lot of people who want to break into the industry.

So what advice you have for those people. And how can they become successful online courses and face to face in the classroom. I chose classroom because they weren t there for my lifestyle. But you do whatever suits you best and as far as being successful the key to being successful in anything is consistency what s the key to passing the real estate exam.

I hear it s hard i guess it could be harder either depending on your level of test taking skills. However memorization. It s just a bunch of facts coming at you. And you have to memorize and also paying attention to what the teacher or the instructor says is important there s a wealth of knowledge and you only need a very little bit to pass the test.

So what the instructor focuses on is what you need to focus on thank you guys so much for watching today if you are interested in buying a home. If you re wanting to get pre approved or you have questions about the finance side you can come to me. I ll have my information below. Thank you guys so much for watching leave any other questions you have below that i ll put in the next video.


And i ll see you then okay so you want to become a mortgage. So you re gonna come a real estate agent. That s kind of what that looks like now in terms of like secrets of a mortgage loan officer in terms of like behind a house i definitely feel like i have some tips that can help those of you who are wanting to buy the first thing i m going to tell you is to go follow my loan officer instagram it s sierra foster loan officer on instagram i post a lot of my tips on there and it s also a great way to get in contact with me. If you have any question about buying.

I m just gonna read to you some of like the things that i ve posted on my secrets of a mortgage loan officer series so one secret or one big thing their debt to income ratio or your dti is one of the most important factors in getting a proof or home take your monthly debt. Then divide that by it by your income to get your dti. Now whatever. This number is keeping this number at or below forty three forty three percent will allow you to qualify for most homes.

So the key is to keep your debt to income ratio low. Basically you don t have a lot of debt compared to how much you make another one of my secrets of a mortgage loan officer is to go to a broker a lot of times people will get denied by the bank. So go to a broker because a broker can do a myriad of things the biggest thing that a broker can do is shop around to find you the best deal much like expedia. If you were to go to directly to the airline site you re probably gonna pay more for a ticket versus going to expedia xp is going to search all of the airline s to find you the cheapest so that s what a broker does that s what we do if you re just ready to buy i suggest going to broker.

It s just a better more hands on way to buy your house. You re gonna get a better deal you re gonna close quick. There s so many benefits to using a broker. I don t even know if people realize so here it for me also another secret of a mortgage loan officer is you don t have to have a down payment to buy a house or to build a house.

I don t know if everybody realizes that but what i will say is if you are not going to have a down payment. Then just make sure that you have some kind of money save in case. You need to cover your closing costs and then of course once you move in you re gonna want to buy furniture. And there s moving costs.

And so many things so can buy a house with no money down. But it s always smart to have money save for any other fees that come up or expenses okay so my last secrets of a mortgage loan officer is to use your loan officer as your financial adviser credit repair and your mortgage guide part of what we do is really just like coach you on everything you need to do to get approved. If you re not already approved that means we can t pull credit. We can see your bureaus we can well i don t know about all the companies.


But was my company. We do have access to a credit company and we will go through credit to give you action plan all my client before they do anything like once i start the process from the process to closing. I tell them all i am your financial advisor don t do anything without telling. Me is a loan officer.

I know exactly what pitfalls to avoid what things are gonna help what things are gonna hurt. And so. I m really there to coach you and guide you along the way so there are so many things that a loan officer. Does that are all for you and i don t think people realize like how hard a job.

It is it s a really intense job. But it s one that i enjoy so i about answering your questions about the mortgage loan industry and a few tips on home buying if you are seriously interested in getting a home you can visit my link down below and complete the application. I only do loans in louisiana texas mississippi and alabama. So here outside of those states unfortunately.

I can t help you. But if you are in louisiana texas. Mississippi. Or alabama click the link below to go apply.

And i m happy to help. However i can so you can email me with any questions. I definitely want to do another mortgage monday or money did monday. So comment below and tell me what you want me to talk about next.

Thank you guys for watching so much please subscribe. If you want to see the next money tip monday and i will see you in my next one music. ” ..


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