How Interest Rates Are Set: The Fed s New Tools Explained

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“Rates they ve been near zero since the financial crisis that s made it cheaper cheaper for everyone to borrow from banks to homeowners to car buyers. But as the improves. The fed will want to raise interest rates to keep it from overheating. Some of the tools.

The central bank used in previous decades to control rates. Don t work the way they used to so. The fed has devised a new toolkit to push up rates and keep them in a desired range to set the scene for these tools. Let s tell a tale of three banks.

The first is the fed this is of course the federal reserve next is big bank these are your city banks your jp morgan s etc and finally home loan. These are the federal home loan banks that lend to places like big bank. So now let s think of the world of interest rates as a skyscraper with an elevator in it that naturally goes up and down at the higher end is 025..


Percent at the bottom point 0. So let s say this higher level is where the fed keeps bank reserves big bank can put some of its money here and earn 025. Percent interest from the fed. This rate is called the ioe our interest on excess reserves setting this rate is the feds primary new tool.

It sits at the top of its range now home loan is a different kind of man. It can t earn interest from the fed by putting it here. But it can loan money to big. Bank it is willing to accept less than the 025.

Percent. The fed pays because doing so is a way for it to still earn money so it loans money to big bank in this range. That s good news for big bank..


Because it can borrow from home loan. And then turn around and park that money at the fed earning interest and pocketing the difference these loans that home loan makes. The big bank for most of the activity that occurs here in this range. This is a market that determines.

The feds benchmark known as the fed funds rate. Think of this as the elevator. When the fed funds rate moves. Up or down borrowing costs for you.

And me tend to follow along so let s. Say the feds knew ioa are is 05. The idea is that this whole range moves up with it now under this scenario big bank earns 05..


On reserves and the fed funds rate is ideally supposed to sit in this new range of. 025 to 05. Here s the problem because home loan is willing to earn interest at a rate below 025. Percent.

The fed funds rate might not always rise up into this new range so enter tool number. 2. It s called the reverse repo program. This is still part of the fed toolkit.

But it s separate from io er. So let s think of it as another building reverse repos give home loan. Another place to put its money and earn interest on it at a rate set by the..


Fed so let s. Say the fed sets this rate at 025. Percent since any borrower. That isn t the fed is considered a riskier bet.

The fed expects that home loan will loan to big bank at a rate that s higher that s how the fed sets the floor it s a mix of market forces and fed monetary management. Coming together in an attempt to deal with a new economic era. ” ..


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