How to beat the Minotaur in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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“Would be a match for any mortal. But wasn t it the slain by the the selves. No miss dios it s very much alive and well what is hidden said. The labyrinth was beneath us.

Yeah. There is a creepy looking doctor beneath the temple. Take me there and i will slay the minor toad and find your pattern. You you don t do that the minitor will die.

And i will find her father in order to find all four mythical beasts and defeat them in assassin s creed odyssey..

You re going to need to level up and prepare yourself for a big fight. Finding the minotaur is actually the most complex of all four in that you actually have to do quite a lot of groundwork before you can get anywhere near him. However it all takes place in massara. So you ll need to be at least level 35.

Before you start trying to track him down once you re hitting that sort of level here s how to find and beat him in massara you leads ahead to the region of minuses legacy to an area called nozzles palace. The mission that you need is called myths and monitors. Which definitely gives you a clue as to what exactly you ll be exploring with this one you ll meet a young boy called our dose whose father has gone into the monitors. Labyrinth and hasn t come back.

Yet in order to get the key to get into the labyrinth..

Though and eventually to the monitor himself you ll have to do a number of side quests in and around massara. Which will sit in your quest screen under the header of monitors and men you ll have to deal with the collector free our doses caretaker and kill an evil man called the swordfish who also happens to be a cultist bonus and that s all before returning to our dos to finally enter. The labyrinth turns out he had the key the entire time the little mischief as soon as you enter. The labyrinth cassandra or alexios will alert.

You to a glowing string that artist his father used to navigate the labyrinth. Follow this and it ll take you to him. Although unfortunately he didn t make it. But it won t actually take you all the way through the labyrinth from alice s father s body turn back on yourself.

And then leap across the gaps from where the glowing rope kind of comes to a stop from here you ll need to keep following the path around turning every time..

You see some skulls on sticks. Nice thankfully is not too. Long. And you ll find some treasure along the way.

Too just keep on the path slide under and jump over some obvious obstacles and you ll be facing the monitor in no time when it comes to feeding him there s nothing special that you need to do but i would try and keep your distance. If you can because of his ridiculous. Axe swing. And the ground pound arrows work well particularly fire arrows and dodging lots of dodging when his health gets to halfway down.

He will smash up the arena somewhat to make it much much smaller thankfully..

Though his attack patterns don t change so just keep doing you were doing before with the arrows and the dodging sneaking in some direct attacks when his back is turned easy right the nicias. A case of tearing off his horn and grabbing that hidden piece of eden. That s how to find and beat. The monitor in assassin s creed.

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Here s how to beat the Minotaur in Assassin s Creed Odyssey!
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