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“Hi guys into the video. I m going to show you how to buy etf etf on then gap platform and zall vanguard. Book cacao. So the first step is to the vanguard cow at the address is investor vanguard.

Calm. And when you are here go to my accounts. And then selects balance and holdings and select. My and sell feature and select shape then gap etf and then when that ets menu.

This is the screen for you to buy the vanguard etf. The first step is select a transaction type understand it by because i want to buy new etf in the symbol type in the ticker or the symbol at the etf and they want to buy and you can die. None then got etf on the vanguard platform as well but it costs use a commission fee so in today s video. I m gonna show you how to buy the vanguard etf and then they re gonna free all the commission fee for you so i m gonna type in v.


And q either symbol at the vanguard etf that i want to buy and you can select get quark to see the latest price up cc. More today price of the v. And q symbol is 85. And the toriel pleiades and the beast or the buying power.

I have is two hundred and thirty five dollar so roughly. I can buy two v. And q etf so in the shares i type in true and in all the time i m gonna select limit and the unit price that i want to buy is say 30 for that 60 the current price up to vn q. Etf is 85.

But surprise cannot fluctuate so. I said when we meet is a 4 60. Cent. So whenever the price is going down to the play of 84 or 60 nitrones us.


I m gonna be executed the device is never gonna sell for about 60 day from now and under the estimate transaction details. They re gonna tell you the pre people that you re gonna spend is 169 20 cent. The commission is free because this is etf by then gap serves a free or the commission for you sells now that he spent gonna be the same with the principle. Which is 169 20 cent.

So after reviewing those transaction details in select continue and then you need to submit an order because if you re doing submit the order so turns us. And he s not going to schedule. So submit the order and then then that gonna send a order summary via email to you and basically in just summary email you re gonna have the order summary. We all the information in the order.

Like what the symbol of the etf that you bought in my case is free and q. Which is a vanguard lien is this etf. The number of shares for example. We choose the other type.


The limit price for the other type and the duration and today is prison day. So the market is closed. But whenever the market open tomorrow and price at the vanguard. Etf the v q is going down to 84.

060. My order gonna be execute and they re gonna own true share of the vnq so i m gonna wait until tomorrow to see whether my order is exterior. And then i m gonna make a follow up video to show you the completed transaction on the vanguard website and i m going to show you the confirmation email form band gap. When the transition has been executed as well so into the video.

I show you how to buy so then got etf basically you re going to go into my accounts. Menu and selects. The balance and holdings from here. You re going to select the buy and sell menu and then select rate then got etf and then vanguard etfs you re gonna select transit and east by and even want to sell the etf that he already own you can sell excel as a transition type you type in the symbol in my scenario is v.


Q. You can select get court to get the latest price the biddings ask at the symbol. The number of share that you own so all the time if you select the other type easily meet in certainly mid price. And then the duration.

You also have added all the time like a market stop or stop limit and then you review the transition details and there select continue and they submit the order. So that it can be scheduled and execute. When the market is open so that s it that s how you can eyes etf on the bandgap broker account thank you for the watching like subscribe don t. Know who visited collab yeah come on caballo music.

” ..

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In today Video I share with you guys how to buy ETF through your Vanguard Brokerage Account ( .
ETFs are very low basic costs in compare with mutual funds (and even Robo-advisor), technically less risky than individual stock.

Those Vanguard investment products have low expense ratio as well, it costs you about $10 for each $10,000 invest to manage annual ETFs fund. That said, the expense ratio on ETF is very low in compare with other funds investment.

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An ETF can add flexibility to your portfolio. Investing in ETFs combines the flexibility of trading individual stocks with the built-in diversification and low costs of mutual funds.

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