How To Decide Degree: Computer Information Systems (or) Information Technology

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“Hello. My friend your girl here miss natural is bringing to you another video. Now now i want to do this for you right here right now i want to with you on how to know the different and really making the right choices. Whether you want to choose computer information system or information technology.

I remember when i was trying to narrow things down and a lot of times people say oh they are the same thing. But to be honest with you it s not go do some homework now you got to do no homework right now. Because what i m gonna do for you right here right now is to explain to you the difference between both cuz. I got the fully knowledge and i understand it but not everyone does and here s what i don t want you to do i don t want you to make that mistake.

Whereas you started information technology. But pretty much it wasn t your interest. It s not what you want to do and then you know two things you lost the money you drop or you end up finishing out. And then you aren t happy like sometimes that happen so what i want to do for you is just simplify.

It and what i m gonna do at the end of this video. I m gonna suggest to school that you can really think of that i don t know if you re in the state or if you want to do it online. But i can suggest to school to colleges. That i believe would fit your need whichever way you choose to go i will lay it out for you.

But i m gonna do it at the end of this video music so how to choose right so you gotta really understand yourself understand what you like to do and the reason why i m saying that is because sometimes we don t get it we don t know what we want to do but you probably know that you want to get into it because i like to do programming. I like to fix computer. I like to do this i like to do that but what i m gonna say to you is that information technology is more of like developing programming you know a little bit of ui user interface and more designing programming let s say for example c python javascript or you can do something html. You know if you want to build a website.

Thing of that nature..

And just be like that back in person. Then maybe information technology is really for you because you ve learned you will learn more of those things. But on the other hand. If you are a person that loves business like me very attracted to it i understand the concept of it and for some reason.

When you talk about business. It s like everything opened up for me. I just love it i love networking so my thing was when i was starting college. I didn t know what i wanted to do and i switch majors twice until i figure it out and got into computer information system.

But there was a dilemma because i really didn t know how to differentiate so it took me weeks of research and trying to figure out the difference between both now. There are some common curriculum. Where as you know our computer formation system they do learn of python. I want to say much of c.

But more of html and javascript also a little of developing. But it s just a fundamental. It s not deep like information technology. You know.

But the plus for me in computer information system is that i get to understand more about business. It s a lot of business scenario. A lot of database system management such as access such as sell you know learning how to to structure the database. You know thing of that nature coded behind it and all of that also what i meant about the business aspect is like if you want to start your own business like you can do both you can build your website or e commerce.

You know whether you want to start something like that and you be the developer where you could program..

It you know and as well you get to understand when it comes down to accounting or business management economics learning about supply and demand. You know learn about the economy of where to start that business. Where to go. Where is the the resources of how to it s just a lot of information that i learned also arm.

You know whether you want to do an llc or if you want a corporation. If you want to it s so much information that i learned in computer information systems. So it helps me to balance both whether you don t want to be an it or business. I can do both and that is what i love about computer information system.

Whereas on the other hand information. Technology is more on the developing side. So. If you just want to be that front end or back end developer you you can just fall wherever.

But you don t get that business scenario. You don t get that business background. You know and so that s what attracts me about computer formation system in which why i end up just decided to just do that degree and i love it you know um so from educational standpoint. That is a difference you really want to know because you don t want to make those mistakes take it from me.

It could hurt you in the long run not now but in a long run and so because of that you want to be able to make sure you know what you re doing so. Here. My today you know after i completed. My associate in computer information system now.

I m end up doing my bachelor s in it management..

I thank god for that because right now in it management. It s a lot of business scenario management learning. How to control approach. You know learning the scope.

You know learning how to initiate planning. You know execute and closing. You know it s a lot of that. But it does tie into computer information system.

Because the information was not new to my ears. Every scenario. They gave i could relate because what i have learned in computer information system. So it kind of gave me that that that that s support you know not sure even if your income information technology.

I m not sure how that part will work and i m not saying anything is wrong with it because we can always change from degrees to degree for example like if you have your associate and information technology. You can go ahead and do your bachelor s in information. Technology management. But you do lose some information.

You know when you could have just do computer information system. And i m not saying this one is wrong. And this one is right or i m not saying this one is right and this one is wrong. I am just trying to differentiate the difference between both so then you understand what to choose you know if your college or from it so make sure you have that in mind now that being said let me suggest to school to you that you can go ahead and whether you want to do information technology or computer information system.

I m not sure but just check first cause..

I m going to announce to you is rasmussen college and that s because i m doing my it management degree. There you know and secondly queensboro community college. I did my associate degree there in computer information system now the reason why i m gonna say i m not sure where you located because that school is located in new york city. And you know i m in florida.

Now and i m taking it management online at residence in college. So you know those are the colleges. That i can say the reason what i m gonna say or suggest those colleges because i m living proof. I ve went to one and i know what is it consist of amazing professor queensboro community college great college that you can associate yourself with trust me nice.

The advisors the up to the professors amazing i m also rasmussen amazing college. I can say their online portal fully developed i really love these colleges and so you know i wanted you to know. So. Then you have a choice alright.

So um thank you for watching this video. And don t forget. If you do like the video give your girl a thumbs up and if you re brand new to this channel here don t forget to subscribe click the notification bell so you ll be able to get more of my videos as i ve produced them now thank you for watching my friend. And don t forget no matter.

The situation you re going through don t forget now that jesus always love you bye. ” ..

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