How To Get Specter Mask….Guaranteed Specter Mask Hunter Spawn Every Time

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“What is going on it s your boy d boy. Three five two and i i wanted to bring you a division to gameplay and this is going to be obtaining the masks that are within the division two so there are twelve masts that you can get and each one requires a different special activator. I guess you can say it s a special thing that you have to do to get the hunter to spawn in and then you kill the hunter and that s how you obtain the mask. I m sure that most year to know that if you play the division or if you ve looked into it.

But this one that i wanted to bring you is specifically about the specter mask and i m sorry if you guys are here and everyone else talked in the background. I recorded this last night and i m just showing you this it s just me getting one of the mass. I think this is the wraith mask. But i want to talk to you today about the specter mask.

The specter mask is for me anyways. It was by far. The hardest mask to get to activate and the reason being is that because the world s can actually be glitched. So the specter mask.

It requires you to go to the department of agriculture building. Which is a contaminated zone. Once you get there there is 13 windows. There are 13 windows.

That you have to actually shoot out one at a time and you can t miss a single round and i did this i like seven or eight times and just would not spawn the hunter..

So i ended up finding out that the worlds are glitched and i want to show you today how to actually go through and do it without having the glitched worlds. So i m going to switch over to live gameplay. Now and show you all right so. As you can see here.

I have all 12 masks. This one right here that i have on is actually the specter mask and here s what i suggest hold on about to sneeze. Oh okay sorry. That s suggest having a single a single fire rifle either a marksman rifle.

A sniper anything like that and it needs to have at least 13 rounds in the magazine. So i m gonna put this socom on this is the building you have to go to so. If you don t have this control point unlocked. I suggest going through and doing it so you can fast travel to it now.

When i did this there was actually an event. There was a i believe a hostage situation that was actually in the parking lot of the building. And i don t know if it affects it but for mine. It didn t and all i did was just make sure that i didn t shoot towards the building at all um.

I actually put the building to my back..

And killed everyone to the first round and then shot out these windows. So what you got to do is these windows right here these are the windows you have to shoot. So what i suggest you do is this truck that s right here in front of you when you start shooting. The windows.

Those lights will start flashing on that truck it delights do not flash that means that your world is bugged. And you re gonna have to go to a new world in order to get them to flash. So that it will activate so what you do you have to shoot the top pane of the bottom row of windows. And then you have to shoot the bottom panes of the top row of windows.

But you re skipping this window right here. And you have to do it. In that order. So.

This is window 1 2. 3. 4. 5.

Seven eight nine ten eleven..

Twelve thirteen. Now you see how these truck lights aren t flashing that means that i m in a bug world. So. What i have to do you over here to matchmake open world start matchmaking and join this person the world now they don t have that control point unlocked you re not going to be able to fast travel.

There because you re now in their world. But you can get the hunter to spawn in in somebody else s world so see they don t have it unlocked. And there s actually a territory control event going on there. But we can fast travel to this main mission.

Oh. And as well it also has to be dark. If it s not dark out this one won t spawn. There are some that you can do in the daytime.

The one that spawns for hunters you get the for mass out of it i actually did that one in the daytime. And it worked just fine all right so there s people out there let me just shoot a window and see if it s gonna work i can t even hardly seal yeah there we go i don t see the lights aren t flashing so again. I must be group leader. Let me leave the group this one actually looks like it would be perfect.

I don t know if it will activate for me and doing it..

But yeah see the lights are flashing that s what you want you want those lights to flash. No engineer. He is he actually spawned hmm now if i didn t have the mask already the mask would have just dropped their but i already have it so it s not gonna drop for me. But it should have dropped from my buddy.

Which means that he will not have it and he actually didn t have to do anything because i just did a form so i hope this video was helpful. That s how you get the specter mask to drop guaranteed every single time just make sure that when you shoot these windows. You have something single shot. You re not missing a shot.

I m not sure if reloads count i use a gun with at least 13 rounds in it so that i don t have to worry about reloading and just make sure that these lights on the truck are flashing when you start shooting. The windows. He spawns right over here to kill them real quick and you ll get your mask. So i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did don t forget to like leave.

A comment subscribe to the channel and let me know what else you guys want to see in the division. And until next time d boy out ” ..

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