How To Install Skyrim Together *UPDATED 2020*

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“Would you like to play skyrim with your friends. That s what we ve all all wanted for years. But with has decided to make fallout 76. Instead anyways.

I making this video because it s pretty straightforward how you install this but there s not really an updated version and there s a lot of things that i discovered that will help a lot of people out especially to installing this it s kind of funky. The way it works first there s a few mandatory things you re gonna need you re gonna need ask arm special edition for some reason skyrim together does not work with normal skyrim. I cannot join a server no matter how hard i tried with normal skyrim. I don t know why so just to play safe download.

Skyrim special edition for 100 guarantee to work so once you have skyrim special edition. Download. It you re gonna need a run at once just once the reason for that before we install anything skyrim installs like default files for like the first time launching. I do recommend installing this skyrim together on a clean install like with nothing no mods or anything.

But if you have a couple of mods. I m sure it won t mess it up but just for safety. I would do a clean install before installing sigar them together so just won t run it through once you just have to get to the main menu screen of skyrim so go ahead and load it up okay here it is so this is the only screen you need to get to okay also do not worry about mods. Right here.

You don t need a mess with mods creation club add on any of this a lot of people in my other videos seem to get all this stuff like where don t install it do i just go to mons or like what i do you don t need a mess with any of this stuff just listen what i m gonna tell you and you ll be fine. Okay. Once you re on the main menu quit out you ve got the files you need okay so back to the computer. I will link all this stuff in the description of this video by the way.


The first thing you want to need to download is of course. The scarm together mod you ll only need to download this this harbour 1 06 exe. You don t have to worry about any of this other stuff so click on this and then it s gone down a little real quick you should only take a couple seconds. It might take a little bit longer.

I ll just say. Oh yeah okay. It s about time okay so once it just downloaded you want to click on the click on the exe that you just downloaded it ll bring up this make sure everything is installing in the right path this seems like an obvious thing you know you think about but a lot of people don t think about it and then they come in saying. Why doesn t this work well just make sure everything is the right this is fine.

It s installing it here so it s gonna install real quick no there we go now you can either go ahead and run harbor. But what i suggest well yeah whatever go and run harbor. So here it is that s what it looks like recommend skyrim special editions. So that s what we downloaded if you follow my instructions so you want to click install.

And it will install the scarb together mod now a few things while this is downloading. This isn t a perfect mod. The developers of this mod kind of abandoned this project midway through and even to get this mod. You would have to subscribe to the patreon normally.

But since they abandoned it they ve just opened it it s like freeware for everyone. The mod is kind of like since it was a banded midway in development. It s kind of buggy a little bit you know playing with your friends and multiplayer when it s not a multiplayer game. You know it s kind of iffy sometimes you ll have to reconnect and disconnect in order to see your your friends.


But overall it works surprisingly well surprisingly this certainly enough to go and do adventures with your friends. And all that stuff right here. We re succeeding when i first downloaded this i got confused why does it say seeding. But that s just you don t need to worry about anything so you should have a play button.

But just in case you want to go on this little browse thing. This little magnifying glass and this basically points the installer to where where your skyrim special edition directory. Is so we want it installing all the files in here. The sky.

Our special edition. If you have a through steam so to find this you ll need to go to program files x86 steam steamapps common skyrim special edition and select the folder and i ll do an integrity check well it takes a minute to do this just. I think is just making. Sure you have everything up to date and stuff.

But once it s done that going to hit play and see if it works you ll know that you installed it correctly when the skyrim logo is two dragons instead of one implying that they ll be two people playing together skyrim. Together. So if you see that double dragons. Doing a little kiss.

You ll know you install it right okay. So you can either go ahead. And start a new game or you can it ll actually work with previous saves. So if you have a character that you want to play online.


You can go ahead and do that but i m gonna show you guys what the what the interface actually looks like when you get in game. Because a few things have changed since then now. It s you won t get this message. Because i don t you won t have to have any other mods downloaded.

But this is basically just saying that it can t find these mods because i just did a fresh install so i m just gonna go ahead and load. It shouldn t be too big of a deal. Okay we re in winter hold. It s a little bit laggy kill em recording.

But that s fine you ll see a new interface a little bit has changed up in the top right corner. Skyrim. Together nightly. Oh oh my gosh and then over there some details about your ping server lofts and packages and your upload and download technical stuff but all you need to worry about you need to hit the right can this is how you join servers by the way and if you have set up a private server which i might make a video you know later on this is how you connect basically you hit the right control button right there.

And you see this little thing pop up connect you want to hit that there s gonna be public servers listed. If you click on this see. This is where if you have it installed. If you installed it with the regular skyrim every time you try to join a server.

It won t let you connect some reason. A regular skyrim doesn t like that but with a special edition. It works fine so we can just connect one i m in the united states. I m going to join one in the united states.


But there we go we re in we re in a server. I know it s hard to believe because because you can t see anyone. But um. I promise we re actually in a server right now.

But this is al you play with your friends and a private server or probably kid doesn t matter your friends can join a public server. You can see their names on the top left over there bart and thapa whatever you name your character in game. That will show up over there and you can party up with people and play you can do to make a private server with your friends like i said if you guys want me to do that i ll do it in a separate video or your friends can find a private why not a private but a public server. I ll show i ll show you really quick so just go to public servers and join a server that has no one in it and you and your friends can just play that way and just join a public server nobody in it.

But you and your buddies and just go did tree. But that s about it that s how you install skyrim together. I hope you enjoyed i ll make a separate video on how to install private servers. Maybe later i don t know if i get enough outcry.

But until next time i ll see you guys later also if you want to join my live streams. I stream. Almost every day links in the description ok and thank you see you guys later ” ..


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