How To Lay Block Fast and Easy!

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“Today. We re gonna be showing you guys how to lay block the fast and and easy way using speed lead polls and we ve got homemade speed lead polls re gonna show you how we set them up and how to use them and how to get your block work done perfect perfect. Normally when you re laying block. You have to kind of free hand lay up the corners.

And then once you do that and you ve plumbed them and leveled them you can pull a string line between the two corners to fill in the middle part this works really well for short walls. But when you want to go up to 8 feet or higher you can tend to get out of plumb with your corners. That means it ll be leaning in or out. And when you get to the top your foundation won t be square.

Now one great alternative to that is the speed lead corners. Which are basically metal poles that are brace plumb on the corners once they re braced and marked you can run a string line between them pull it tight and you can lay your block work without having to freehand corners. Giving you a perfectly level foundation. All the way up basically.

This is going to save us from having to lay any block corners to pull our string lines off of it will also save us time because we will set the elevations of each of our block rows with a mark on each pole. So we don t have to spend time shooting grade this method is most helpful on a tall foundation like a basement..

We re gonna be setting up for 14 courses of block on the job. Today materials you re gonna need here is some 2×4 16 footers for bracing and then we ve got a 2 inch by 3 16 steel square tubing and that ll be our actual pole that stands vertical and those are about 50 bucks. Each and we re going to be using some small c clamps to attach the braces to the top of that pole first thing. We ve done here is established our corner of our foundation with the string line right here.

Then we ve attached this block to the foundation with some ramsett nails two of them. And that s going to hold these two these two blocks that we ve had are gonna hold the corner of this pole right on the corner of where our foundation is right on this string line it s gonna stain. Which it in there and then we re gonna go up top here and brace the top now. I m gonna take these little seat clamps right here and we re gonna clamp a brace to the outside edge of this pole right here make sure it doesn t run past you if we re going to put another brace in this direction.

Okay. It feels good there s a better look at what i ve got here. I ve got it clamped to the inside and to the outside of two before now we re gonna drive a stake in the ground to secure the other end of this now that we ve got a stake down that and i m gonna level this pole this direction okay right there good now i m gonna clamp this brace on going the opposite direction okay and we ll drive another stake and level. The polls hole looks palm okay.

We ve got all of our polls. Set here it looks kind of crazy..

But that ll get us somewhere to hook our string lines on next step is to establish a reference mark of elevation using our laser level. So we re gonna go ahead. And do that we have our laser level setup here and i ve got my reader. We re gonna go around to each poll and make a reference mark exactly level on every poll.

All right there s the spot and right there we ve got our red reference. Mark and i m gonna go around and make that on all the poles just walk over here our mark reference mark. So each of those marks is exactly level. All the way around this foundation.

See that this reference marks about 48 1 2. Inches off of the concrete footer now we re going to drop down and make the actual marks that we re gonna hook our string line to that was 48 and 1 2. Off the footer and 48 inches. Would be block work so i m drop down a half inch from that and then if i go to that mark i m gonna mark 8 inch increments up and down this whole pole on each pole now i know that on all my poles all of my marks.

At 8 inch. Increments will be exactly level with one another across this whole foundation..

Now that we have our marks. We re just gonna hook. These string blocks right on each line and that ll give us the exact location of the height of each row of block. And also a straight line to lay the block super easy and there s the other end of this and you can see how we ve hooked it on the inside edge of this pole.

Which will be the outside edge of the block. And that s all the way down through here hold tight very tight and now we re ready to lay our first royal block to that string line no corners required now we got our string lines up. We re ready to start laying block. We re going to move our string line up an 8 inch increment on each row that we already have marked on each pole.

So it s going to be super easy to keep this whole foundation level. And even and straight as it goes up you can actually just wrap this string around and set up using the string block as long as you keep it tight enough right now. We re just gonna lay this block to the string line and tap level music. These are bubble.

Here block level music alright. Here s the real beauty of this system..

Here. I ve got the full boat with the same time their time for new row. All we re gonna do is just pull these up our next mark right there and we re ready to lay again so in previous foundations. We ve come out with in 1 32.

Of an inch of level across the entire foundation. Which is awesome. Because now we can build a house on a nice level square foundation. Which is faster and easier.

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