How to Set Up a Target Portfolio!

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“I m gonna be talking about the target portfolio today and an efficient way to to outperform the market. The target portfolio. Very simply is a portfolio that s outperforming current portfolio. How you set the target portfolio within self wealth is a very unique way so you can click on change target mode.

And then you ve got a few options here so first of all you ve got a couple of auto targets. The south wealth top ten. Which contains the top 20 stocks held by the top two top 10 performing members and the self wealth etf s this contains the ten most popular exchange traded funds. If you click on one of these.

There s some stats on the auto target. And then it gives you the performance of the auto target versus the market over the last 12 months keep in mind that the self wealth auto targets are rebalanced our quarterly. So what you re able to do is simply click on one of these and you will be choosing this target. But a most popular way of choosing a target is the custom so if you click on custom and click on select what i ve done previously i ve gone through the self wealth community and option up to ten people to put into my target.


So you can choose less than ten. But it is a maximum of ten people to put into my target. What the smarts under the hood has done is taken the top 20 stocks of these ten people and created a target portfolio and here are those top 20 stocks all equally weighted now if you what you re able to do is you re able to follow top performing members and if you re happy with what you see you can then use the portfolio alignment tool to realign your portfolio. So how this works is this is telling me that my current portfolio is 70 aligned to my target.

Now if i m really happy with my target. And i d like to realign to it i d obviously like to be 100 aligned. So if you move the slider up it says that for me to be 100 aligned. I need to execute.

21 trades and here those 21 trades so by some of these cells. Some of these for example. But i may decide you know today i only want to do 10 trades. So i ll move the slider down to 10.


And it ll tell me that i ll be 84 percent aligned. If i do 10 trades. And that may be good enough for me so it s taken off the bottom 11 trades. And it kept the bigger than ten biggest trades here for me to make.

But we are about giving the subject that investor total control. So you can change these in any way you like so i might decide i want to do this one i want to do this one i want to do that one i don t want to do this i don t want to do this. And you ll see that the alignment will change accordingly. When you ve decided that you ve got it all correcting you ve you ve decided which ones you d like to do you can generate in review orders.

And it ll put all of those trades into the market together so it s a really really efficient tool in in putting all your trades into the market. You also get notifications up here of when everyone in your target. Portfolio your target members that you ve chosen when they do make a trade a buy or a sell you ll receive a notification and they ll be a little if there was one trade made there ll be a one that ll appear here. And i ll really be able to track these top performing members that i ve chosen that s about all for the target portfolio.


So it s a it s a basic understanding of the target portfolio in the alignment keep track of the videos. And we ll be a more advanced video on the target portfolio coming soon thanks very much for viewing. or four years one two three four so and it s annual pay so we re going to do a hundred is our future value our payment is four point five. We know that and our iya.

Why now we re going to use that. Frig we re gonna use that average 315. 2 5. As our ioi and as i said.

It s for. N and we re going to compute the present value 104. 099. Rounding to 1.


So it s c sorry. It s closest to be 104 point nine nine one one oh four point nine nine. So the matrix i see isn t all that bad step. 1.

Calculate the yield of the two bonds step. 2 hover to them step. 3 use that yield to calculate the price or present value based on the information on the liquid bond that you re given okay. And that s it for this ls.

Thank you ” ..

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Designed to help you outperform the market, the SelfWealth target portfolio creates a portfolio based on the highest performing (and safest!) SelfWealth community members.

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