Joining a Networking Group for Insurance Agents

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” s up good morning. Guys say. This is cody with secure agent mentor and secure secure agent mentor calm. The new training website.

That is being built and is focused six figure success. This is another episode of our podcast six figure focus where when you put focus on six figures and we help you put focus on six figures. You make six figures. We guarantee at secure agent mentor.

We guarantee and myself as the ceo and the owner of secure agent mentor. We guarantee if you implement all the things that we teach in our podcast. And you take little tidbits from each one. And if you have the right contracts.

The right compensation. The right support team the right training whether it be us at secure agent mentor. Someone else you can and will make six figures in this business and can and will succeed. Now.

Today s topic is going to be a little different. But i want to give you an idea of ways to get in front of more people and we always talk about hey. Let s let s have multiple different prospecting avenues. Working let s be getting in front of people in different ways whether it be hey i m going to work my warm market.

I m going to work turning 65 for medicare. I m going to work life insurance leads. Whatever it is you ve got to have some different prospecting avenue. Some different systems and processes.

Some different focuses that get you what you want well today. I m going to talk about joining a networking group. And what to expect from a group. How those networking groups work and kind of what you can do to get involved and make money in networking groups.

Networking groups are something that nowadays are really booming are really doing well. I know agents that are doing really really well this is a very low cost sometimes free option for you to get in front of people and make money long term long term in this business..

Referrals networking. Your own clients those are what s going to keep what those are the things that are going to make you more money than anything else in this business. So i don t want you to overlook those and there s some of you out there that will say hey i tried the networking group scene. It didn t work for me.

And here s why well feel free to you know reach out and have a have a discussion with us on facebook. You can you can message us through our secure agent mint or facebook. And please go like our facebook. Or you can also email.

Me at cody askins at secure ig. Com. Also if you ever have any ideas for different podcast episodes that you would like for us to touch on or train on submit those ideas. We ve had two submitted over the last week.

And we ve already done those and focused on those and the individuals were very pleased and very happy that we did focus on those in do podcast episode on on those topics. So today s joining a networking group. So. What is a networking group.

A networking group is a group of individuals that meet typically once a week at a specific location in a specific time each and every week and their focus is getting referrals for people in the group and passing business around in the group. Whether it be internal business external business. Doesn t matter. The goal is to network for each other give each other referrals and so how do you join a networking group the way so join a networking group are two there s a lot of them out there there s the there s be and i they re all is and be and i is typically about 4 45.

Hundred bucks a year there s also the mob which i think is about a hundred bucks a year mob can sometimes be a little bigger than the bni groups being i gurps can be a little more individual a little more a little more sociable. But there s also you can also start your and that know there s a few others that i m not mentioning but you can also start your own group. We ve we ve got two agents in our office. Right now here in springfield missouri.

That have started their own networking groups that have actually found biz like minded business professionals. Just like themselves and have brought them together and they both grown their groups 15 20 business owners that meet once a week one of them does it i believe it s thursday early am like 7 730. In the morning and one of them does thursday s for lunch and those groups are focused on making money and passing referrals and so those agents. One of the agents that that started his own networking group and gave other agents.

The idea of certain their own networking group or at least being in one one of them s probably made i don t know i won t get into specifics. But i d say 50 to 100 grand..

If not more from his group and the other other agents probably made 10 20 30 grand from his group. So i don t i don t get in specific money. But that lets you know that that s probably just this year. Alone those figures so that lets you know the opportunity that is available.

But i want to focus on how to make a networking group work. Because there s a lot of agents. Thick that have tried networking groups keyword tried and weren t successful for various reasons. Well first of all a networking group you have to give referrals to get referrals to get referrals at all number one you have to give referrals.

If you have the mindset that i m going to walk in people are going to give me referral people are going to buy from me. I m going to make money within the first few months. The networking groups are not for you they will not work they will quote. Unquote fell for you so to speak you get out what you put in sometimes you don t even get out as much as you put in.

But that s okay because you gotta give referrals to get referrals you should you shouldn t expect to get a referral. If you haven t given 5 10. 15. 20 referrals.

You ve got to you ve got to be thinking about everybody in your group. And how you can give them referrals. How can i pass referrals to them how can i find people that are interested in what they have some some people they keep a to get really specific some individuals. They pass they get everybody has business cards for everyone in the group and they keep up like a book like a little business card booklet where they have everyone s business card.

Some of them do like a sheet. Where they ve got all the business cards printed on the front and back of a piece of paper. Some of them have i know one group here does it does the whole cam card thing. I think cam card.

It s in it s an iphone app. And it s 99 cents well they all upload the front and back of their business card electronically into an app called cam card and it s just a camera of a business card and so there s lots different ways to to keep track. But you ve got to be have the referral mindset. You ve got to be thinking how can i get in front of people how can i give them referrals.

But even more than that you ve got to do one on ones with these people you ve got to do one on ones with everyone in the group. You ve got to present to the group at least once a quarter once every six months absolute minimum you ve got to and by by communicating with these people hanging out with these people doing one on ones with these put these with these people..

Giving them. Referrals adding them all in social media. And just engaging and interacting and trying trying trying to do all you can to help the group people will like you they will start to thank you they will start to think i need to get them referral and when you start think i need to get them are i want to get this personal referral. You typically can get them one and just just good things start to happen.

We also want to be consistent you need to be early and mingle you need to be stay. Late and mingle you need to show up every single week forever. And if you don t show up and it s only one hour a week. So it s like who can t who can t show up one hour.

We ll put one hour a week into this and you know and make some money well really you need to be putting more than an hour into it because you ve got to be thinking okay i need to be all i need to do a one on one. I need a pass referrals to this person i need to go early i need to stay late i need to hang out with people i need to interact so but but you ve got to be consistent and if you don t show up if you can t show up send a guest. So that they at least get a representative from your company or from another company that you know. But they re at least hearing your name they are seeing hey this person is extremely invested.

Because they didn t show up and they sent a friend to show up to the group for them. Which shows that you re consistent and that you re serious also when you re working networking group. You got to be patient you got to be extremely extremely patient you ve got to think through the fact that uh. Hey.

I may not get a referral for three months or six months or maybe not even a year well the chances of getting one at six months or a year is extremely likely but most individuals in referral groups or networking groups do not get referrals for at least 30 days 60 days 90 days six months. These take time. But long term nothing and i mean nothing can be better for your business than referral groups and networking groups. If you want to build your business off referrals and getting referrals and walking in and having p.

Prospects. Come to you or being passed to you then this is the absolute best thing for you long term. These are absolutely remarkable and absolutely extremely important to an agent success also even outside of being patient. When you go to these groups.

You ve got to be talking about and thinking about a specific product you need to become the man in this space. So that instead of just the insurance guy they sort of think of you as this type of guy now you can talk about different products. But that s one thing you need to do most of the time a lot of referral groups. They start out by saying go around the room.

Tell us what you tell us who you are what you do what you did this week. And so a lot of our agents will say hey i m cody..

I m with secure insurance group. I had an excellent week. I ve been able to help several several of my senior clients with medicare as we re coming up on medicare season. And as medicare is extremely important in this time of the year.

If you have medicare. Everyone knows someone some medicare. If you run across someone i want you to think of me as the medicare dude. The medicare man whatever the case is also a lot of a lot of referral networking groups at the end of the meeting.

They ll say again tell us who you are what you do and what you what your ideal referral is or who you want to meet this week. Again my name is cody with secure insurance. Group. And i would like to meet.

A young family that is looking for some life insurance or that needs some life insurance or they just had a kid or they just bought a house or someone that you know that it does not have life insurance. So or someone that you know that s life insurance that you can shop so think through a networking group or referral group. It can be extremely beneficial. It can be really positive it can be one of the best ways to make money in this business.

Long term and to make this business. Really easy on you if you have questions about networking groups. Please reach out. I don t mind to help.

Again. This is cody with secure agent. Mentor and secure. A gym intercom.

This is another at podcast episode of the six figure focus. This was about joining a networking group. And how important and beneficial that can be thanks for listening talk to you tomorrow. ” .


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