Kingdom Come: Deliverance: 7 Tips To Help You Survive

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“Kingdom come deliverance. There are a multitude of mechanics to understand and master at times times the game alludes to them. But the majority of the time you re left figure them out on your own through experimentation with so many veiled. Intricacies and secrets.

We ve compiled tips to help you on your journey through the medieval kingdom of bohemia. As you expect food is an essential resource to have on your all times. But like real food it can go stale and eventually become rotten with the exception of dried meats and fruits. But otherwise every crust of bread and stray apple.

You collects will turn rotten if you re not paying attention. So keep an eye on the appropriate meter. When browsing your inventory for a bite to eat if you slip up and eat some bad eggs. You can develop food poisoning and the last thing you need when you re wearing full plate armour is a dippy tummy saving.


Often may seem like a trivial thing to point out for a guide like this but during our first few hours of the game. We were shocked with how paramount is to do so. Kingdom come is prone to occasional quest breaking bugs so saving at regular intervals. Ensures.

You ll only have to backtrack a few minutes should something force you to read oh to save. If you re wealthy enough to afford them or you re adept alchemy you can get some savior snaps. Drinking these means you should have no problem saving. Whenever you re feeling satisfied with your progress.

But otherwise keep a mental map of nearby beds. So you can easily save for free. Whenever you feel the time is just right. Although don t overdo the save by sleep method henri is only allowed so many hours of sleep per day and you may need those hours for healing purposes just pc players if savings getting you down you guys can just download this mod that allows infinite saves sorry console players when battling foes kitted out in play armor you ll notice that sharp blades are generally ineffective.


That is unless you re strategically targeting. The unprotected areas like for arms legs and faces that just won t work when there are times. When you re facing enemies that are decked out in plate from head to toe in these moments. You ll be better off using a blunt weapon instead like a mace or a warhammer against a plated out knight.

It will deal far more damage than any sharp blade. If you re approaching an enemy try peppering them with arrows before they notice you if you re lucky or just a skilled. I ll show you could take one with a shot to the eye. Especially if they don t have helmet.

While his friends run up on you also you can quickly damage foot soldiers with handheld weapons. While on horseback for example you can fire an arrow. An enemy while continually keeping your distance from them these tactics might not be the most flashy. But they can be effective during the beginning when you lack the equipment needed to stand a chance if you want to increase your odds of survival and battle.


Keeping your sword sharp is essential to sharpen your blade head to any blacksmith and look for nearby grindstone. The directions will vary depending on the control scheme you re using. But you need to keep the angle and pressure on the sweet spot. You re looking to make sparks to keep your weapon sharp if you re seeing smoke slowdown.

You re doing more damage to your blade. Once it s clean and shiny well head out and make it dirty all over again. If you want to ender acumen or a bandit camp. Without being attacked try stealing the armor and posing as one of them.

However be careful they don t get suspicious if they ask you what s going on and you haven t learned their language. They ll easily see through your disguise keep your interactions. Few and far between while in disguise. And only commit to the crime.


When no one else is watching throughout your adventure in the kingdom of bohemia. You ll sometimes run into scholars. While they don t have much to offer you in terms of advancing your skills on their own they can teach you how to read if you ve got a bunch of books accumulating in your inventory. Now you can read them to acquire bonuses to your various skills like combat and alchemy just head to a bed or a reading spot sit yourself down pick up a good book and study away those are some brief tips that should help you get by a bit easier in bohemia .

We have a video covering the combat focus tip so make sure you check that out if you re struggling in fights. And if you have any tips of your own be sure to share them in the comments thanks so much for watching and for any more kingdom. Come. Deliverance coverage stay tuned to gamescom you ” .


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From books to blunt weapons, we ve put together some tips to help you become the best knight you can be in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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