Let's Play Katamari Forever Part 31: The King of All Cosmos

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“Everyone good morning and welcome back to let s play katamari forever. Today. We ve ve got wake up the king roll up powerful things and the king to make super giant and as you can see in the bottom left. There.

We ve got a new graphical filter. The comic book. So let s get started the main difference will be seeing between the comic book and what we re used to is that rather than being grayscale. The king s memories are in a bit of a sepia tone.

But fortunately. This is actually the last time we ll be seeing the greyscale slash sepia version of the king s cosmos because if everything goes right this time we re going to be regaining the king s memories. Waking up the king and that means any time from now on that we play any of the stages here in the king s cosmos. They will be in full glorious color as they should have been all along no more putting up with this.

But we ve got one more stage like this before that happens. And so what are we doing this time. Well. I said we re waking up the king.

We re rolling up powerful things also the king. But what does that entail exactly well let s find out what are we doing here king of all cosmos there we go the goal is to reach 10000. Kilometers and we have 12 minutes to do it but as you ll soon discover both of those are actually just bold faced lies reaching 10000 kilometers is not actually sufficient to complete this stage if you get to 10000. Kilometers.

And then just stop playing you will actually game over on this stage. Because that is not all you have to do you also have to wake up the king and we actually have more than 12 minutes to do that because once we reach a certain point specifically that the 10000. Kilometer point. We re going to be receiving two additional minutes of time to complete that goal so really these are just sort of benchmarks.

I guess you could think of it as like phased objectives objective one is to within 12 minutes reach 10000. Kilometers and then you have an additional two minutes plus whatever time you have left to wake up the king. So i guess. It s not a total lie let s get that ah i missed.

The royal present that royal presents on the back of a bird. It s really hard to get because the bird flies away. But i m not terribly worried about getting cousins and royal presents this because they re just so many of them that i m just pulling to focus on completing the stage right now and then i ll go back and get whatever i missed as you can see we re in a sort of tv studio area. It s actually pretty easy to overlook this building.

Even existing or rather to like even notice that it s possible to go inside of this building. But if you do you can get a lot of objects in here. Including some that don t appear anywhere else in the game. So don t overlook it it s a good place to get up to three meters and i m trying to find my way out now and i m having a little bit of trouble with that where is the exit to this building.

Oh. There is okay kind of hard to see with everything so colorless and the king alerts us. That because we reach three meters. We can now go in that direction.

But i m not going directly. There first getting this broken heart and then making as many quick rolls as i can before that goes out much like the make of the moon stage. The ongoing version of the brick and hart is extremely powerful here it used directly and it can actually jump you from one size category. All the way to the next you see there we went from three meters to twelve meters.

Very quickly so the king s alerting us that we can already move on to the next area. So let s do that yeah. This stage is the last of the make make the moon type stages. The last of the large scale ones in which we ll be seeing lots of different areas.

But there are two more stages left after this one. This is also the first of the two sort of like final boss stages. Because this one is all about rolling up the king of all cosmos and as you ll soon. See the next stage is all about the rebel king of course.

There s one more final stage after those two. So..

This is the third the last episode of this series. I believe. But no need to worry we ve got plenty left to do particularly today. We have a lot left to do because we.

re only at 26. 27 now meters and the goal is 10000. Kilometers. Plus.

Some so a lot left to do 9 minutes to do it and also i ve got all those cousins and presents of course. But not a lot to talk about right now just rolling up things seeing a little bit of lag. There as we get up to a new size category. Yes.

370 powerful points. This is another one of those secondary objectives. That is best kind of ignored. Because it s a there s no point in going out of your way in order to try to discern which objects are powerful just focus on getting larger.

Though. It is definitely possible to get a larger katamari with our score on this stage. If you just happen to not get any powerful objects. But that mostly comes down to randomness here s the second broken heart not too far from the first one really.

But it s the instantaneous friday. And that brings us up to our next size category 60. Meters. Which means we can head over to america.

So let s go ahead and do that grab these american cones. Which are really just gray cones right now a little bit faded. But as you can see once i roll them up they are american themed that i guess this isn t really america we re going to it s probably america we came from i don t remember the great wall of china being in america. Though maybe they moved it there recently.

But i think it would have heard about that if they did so where else can we go. I guess. I shouldn t have followed the great wall in the ocean. Because the pyramids are over this way also also recently moved to america.

It would seem so going to roll those up yeah. We ve got a lot of rolling left to do before we make it to space. Which is where we are ultimately headed for the first time really we got the space once on a previous stage. But we were pretty much well grounded to the earth whereas this time around we re going to be rolling outside of the earth and getting much much larger than the earth.

As you can probably guess from the fact that we re going to be rolling at the king of all cosmos who is as large as the universe itself when he needs today besides a a little bit consistent since he also sometimes appears on earth as a smaller size. But no need to worry about that let s get this royal present over here. There s plenty of time to get royal presents because if you see them in any way. Because there s no shooting star on this stage.

Oddly enough. It s kind of confusing. I mean why there s not a comment on this stage. Because i mean that they re actually two ways in which the comet could potentially be given out on this stage they could make it for reaching 10000.

Kilometers. Within a certain period of time or for rolling up the in a certain period of time probably. The former because um. They don t really want to encourage you to get the king at the earliest possible opportunity.

Because once you get the king. The stage ends and so like the the final goal of this stage is actually to get as large as you possibly can and then get the king making it sort of like that the sumo and campfire stages. In that respect. So i guess making uh making.

The comment based on the the king would be a little bit counterintuitive in that respect. But anyway..

I m not complaining that there s no shootings to her because there are plenty of other collectibles here more than i d like so one fewer to have to worry about here on the video is perfectly fine with me. But does seem a little bit odd in any case. I don t know whether i would actually be able to get it i get the shooting star. I tend to finish this stage with plenty of time left to just roll around picking up things.

But um. I i have a bit of a history of taking longer than usual once it comes around actually recording the episodes. Anyway also it would be a little bit counterintuitive devastating start given that the time allotted increases at a certain point that could be another reason. Why why it s not done it would be a little bit confusing to say that you have to finish the stage put in a certain period of time when that period of time might actually be the same as the starting time like it might just be twelve minutes.

But any case enough talk about the shooting star. I m rolling around here in this grey grey ocean trying to get up to three kilometres because at three kilometres. I m going to be moving beyond this area of the earth to the larger earth. And this is sort of the slowest part of the stage because once you re this big you re moving at a glacial rate.

Even the quick roll as i can demonstrate here barely boost your speed at all but as you may remember from the previous largest stage. We ve been once you reach a certain size the curvature of the earth becomes visible and you can go anywhere on the planet. And at that point we ll be moving much much faster than we are right now. But right now we re on the upper bounds of this section of the stage.

So everything s a little bit sluggish. But as soon as i reached three kilometers right about now everything fades to white and i have the freedom to go as fast as i want for as long as my quick rolls will last and the quick roll here which i just exhausted as i say that is absolutely essential because we re going to be wanting to explore as many continents as we can on our goal well on our way to our goal of 10000. Kilometers from our current size of 300 or so kilometers. But it s not that hard.

This is actually kind of a break after the last section in terms of difficulty. Though there is a cousin walking around here somewhere so i should probably make a point of finding him mmm maggie. The cousin who hangs around on top of some city or another. I m not sure which one exactly.

But he s around here somewhere i m sure we ll see him before we reach 10000. Kilometers yeah. I m just using quick rolls right now to go from continent to continent. Picking up these like conical sections of ground wherever possible in this case jungles.

But they re also mountains and things just whatever sort of landscape is available to me is what i want to be rolling up also that the clouds here are a pretty nice lot of interesting ly shaped clouds bananas and templates and things and those are quite large as well so i ll be getting as many of those as i can and as you can see since i ve been here i ve gone from 300 kilometers almost to 3000. Already. But no stopping there there s mag. I guess he s on top of los angeles.

So an american cousin. I wonder if he s familiar with the great wall of china. I m wonderful that s greatest in case. We ve got maxo rolling around now trying to get to the point.

Where i can pick up larger land masses. The king says mag put the e in digital. I don t i don t understand that reference anyway. Oh i missed a.

I missed a great line of dialogue from the king of all cosmos earlier. I must have not been paying attention to his dialogue. He refers to himself as the demander in chief. Which is a fantastic title for him because not only is he sort of the commander in chief of space.

And he s very very demanding. They basically of everything you do in these games comes down to. Satisfying the demands of the king of all cosmos okay now at over 5000. Kilometers meaning.

I m half the size i need to be your space. But i m picking up larger and larger things now that entire continents are joining the katamari you can see what looks like the united states. There got some of the largest things just picked up antarctica palau. Which is obviously much smaller all right what else have i got left what is left on the earth.

I need just like a little over 100 more kilometers there it is thanks a lot canada and i m often space look at this and when you reach. Space you immediately increase your size by nearly tenfold like i went from 10000..

Kilometers to like 60 almost instantly and i think the game sort of just boosts that artificially when it puts you into space. I don t think i was actually rolling up anything to reach that size similar to how i m not actually rolling up this royal present despite being right on top of it come on royal present. What are you doing to me okay well in any case. Now that we re in space instead of rolling on the outside of a spherical object.

We re actually rolling on the inside of a spherical object this sort of firmament here. It s kind of hard to tell. But i m actually rolling up an incline at all times. Because i am on the inside of the sphere.

And if i continue in one direction for long enough like i just did i ll end up back. Where i started see i m on top of the earth once again and so. While we re here. We can not only roll up a ton of stars and star dust.

But i m actually rolling up the celestial bodies that i ve created on other stages in this game. If you pay attention the names of the objects. I m rolling up you ll see the exact names a planet right down to the titles that i gave them based on the types of objects. I rolled up like that no cfcs floating continent.

There that i just rolled up. I made on the academy sprinkler stage as you can see the king of all cosmos is to the left and when i stop you can see that he is not actually stationary in that hammock of his but he follows a circular orbit around the stage. And you ll actually want to look out for him because like i was saying at this point in this stage. You re just trying to get as large as possible because i could probably get yeah especially now that i ve gotten this black hole.

Which is the next largest object on the stage. I can just get the king of all cosmos whenever i feel like it i can go roll him over wake him up. But there s no need to do that just yet because there s still two minutes remaining on the clock during which i can get larger simply by rolling around in space. And the stars here almost like the snow on the snowman s stage.

Where it doesn t feel like you re rolling up anything. But your size is increasing. But they are actually finite you will eventually actually run out of stardust and tiny stars and things. But it ll take a while i just rolled up the planet prints look at that object in the bottom left.

There. It s it s the planet from the original katamari damacy that s such a fantastic conclusion. It has an object in this game. Because you can see like the tree and the house like the little objects that you would use like if you didn t play cut a married amish.

Eat the princes planet filled the role of the storybook in this game like the village square. And there were different objects on that planet that did different things like saving their game or whatever. But in any case. I just woke up the king of all cosmos.

I didn t mean to just yet. But i didn t have a lot left to do anyway. We just blew his mind scaped his mind. It s so clean you could eat off of it royal yeah and with that only two stages remain katamari forever.

But before we move along. I still have all those cousins and presents to get oh and speaking of which i didn t even mention this but i m currently playing by request dip and i ve got the lollipop and peacock royal presence that i picked up last time on the hot stage. The hot stuff stage that is but yes. Let s move along and see what cousins and presents.

We got this time. Along with how well we did waking up the king and making that supergiant katamari. Mostly cosmos things has to be expected also a lot of nature in clouds as you can see over 21000. Objects in total hopefully.

Some powerful ones in there yeah. Only a c and powerful. But in a in terms of size 92 points. And all i m pretty satisfied with that i feel that that s a pretty typical score for this stage.

And there s our first royal present. Guess what it is looks like a purse and moving along..

We also have looks like a bunch of stars or something alright well welcome aboard royal present and anything else yep. We got some dingaling cousins. There there s a hsihu is a the cousin on eternal 3 in the original game also mag who is hanging out in los angeles. And now the stars earn plenty of cousins and presents left to pick up we got the gigantic supergiant worth 92 points.

17. Million kilometers in size nox. The avocado right out of california rolls the king says not sure that that s a good thing. They re kind of the best part actually no the best part of the california rolls to seaweed.

But the avocado is pretty important anyway at last. The king is back in the building. The royals rejoice. But robo king is redundant his unsound hearts goes bitter batter baddie with cosmic grievance robo king swells.

Once again with cosmic grievance robo king. Swells. That s the same line twice in a row. Did it really disappear and then reappear the same line okay well anyway.

But there goes the prince off to stop the row go rebel king from destroying the cosmos that he just worked so hard to rebuild and interesting thing happens here if you go actually i ll just show you once the game finishes saving okay here we go if you return to the kings. Cosmos and then select a stage to replay. It it doesn t have to be wake up the king. But any stage in particular the king will try to stop you i ll say well he ll say various things.

But this is how papa must have felt hello. The cosmos wacky. But ultimately unamusing doom coming yes to a theater near whoever made that bot oh wow. He s that s you go and fix.

It yeah. So he ll he ll say various things to try to remind you that there s a cosmos to save. And that you need to go to play the next stage. But it doesn t actually stop you begin the game.

Doesn t require that you go do the next stage immediately just because the plot demands it. But it s kind of funny that the king of all cosmos who s now finally after all this time awake actually has some things to say to you. But anyway. Now that i played the stage.

Once let s go back and pick up those four remaining cousins and those three make remaining loyal presence first we ve got the goggles. Which despite doing nothing are probably still worth getting there on top of that pesky bird near the start. So you re gonna have to use a quick roll to catch up to him before he gets the chance to fly away the candy. Which makes a cousin s head look like a wrapped piece of candy is on top of a mountain near the rocket launch site.

The royal mask. Which is the mask from the original katamari damacy is on this snowy island here. But good luck being able to make up from this video. Where exactly it is it s actually inside the mountain.

If you follow the river near the start of the stage. You ll find lucha. The first cousin who s a bit naked kenta. The senta is in the part of the stage that we skip over by getting the ongoing broken heart at the 3 meter point.

But he s up on a bridge with some elephants havana circles. The amusement park part of the stage. I m not really sure how i managed to miss this cousin previously and finally macho is in the european styled part of the stage inside a sports stadium it only took me two additional roles on this stage to find all of these remaining cousins and presents so like all in all not too bad. But that s all i have for today thanks a lot for watching.

And i will see you next time for the penultimate episode. ” ..

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In this episode:
Wake Up the King! – Gigantic Supergiant – 92 Pts.
New Cousin: Ace
New Cousin: Mag
New Cousin: Lucha
New Cousin: Kenta
New Cousin: Macho
New Cousin: Havana
New Royal Present: Pochette
New Royal Present: Lights
New Royal Present: Goggles
New Royal Present: Candy
New Royal Present: Royal Mask

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