Let's Play Risk Of Rain 2 [Scorched Acres Update – Part 43 – Scorched Acres Is Gorgeous!

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” s easy so i never got an answer does anybody know if you can check check your score mid. Run or is it only wait hold up the hell new whoa look at this this is pretty. I think already this is my favorite of the levels. It looks great it s got a lot of wild verticality.

Which is actually a bit of an issue for me. Because how the hell. Oh no no there s some ramps up. There.

So you can t check your score mid run ah. Well. That presents interesting issues. Wait dude.

Strider right off the bat. Dango is it just me or is this level like freaking huge too cuz yeah. I can go over there. But i m pretty sure i can go on to that set of bluffs maybe i can maybe.

It s not easy to go up. There you don t scare. Me. Bubbleman might be able to get up over there wow oh no okay.

It s not nearly that many treasure chests. I thought for a second every single thing up here was a treasure chest and i was going to be a little perturbed look an infusion is a nice change of pace and another wax quail. Don t really care too much for that i m not gonna be like too grumpy about it because. Its speed probe.

Tender. Oh okay you re a cool looking sucker. He s also almost dead. But that s kind of besides the point yeah you did alright i get a bandolier.

I was really hoping i get the idol it bothers me a little bit how like half. The enemy drops are just like nothing. But bandoliers. I don t dislike bandoliers.

But they re not nearly as interesting as like fuel cells for example man if i could get fuel cells. I d be a happy camper boom. Golem has a unique boss job now cool perls can i do be within range pretty much nowhere. Unfortunately wonder if you try conquer is blade.

Don t think so i m assuming it s a i m assuming it s a game not an item in this be a cool item if it was in risk of rain let s eat. But no there s there s a massive number of games that i haven t played yet okay so we have a celestial portal. I m not sure what that red indicator signifies let s ramp down as well i m thinking to keep in mind i d do that but i don t want to lose any of my topaz bits. What else do we have here a lot of 3d printers.

See is this your favorite character to play as currently yeah. I i m a pretty large fan of the the engineer as well. I think he is set up is pretty good the only thing. The engineer lacks now we re gonna we gotta go fast the only thing.

The engineer lacks is like i don t like his main attack mode. Because it s kind of uncomfortable. Let s see is you have to like charge up the attacks and then let them loose and then rinse repeat forever and it gets kind of tiring and like engineers can be absolutely busted. I ll grant that i just don t enjoy playing as human as much oh hey lockbox more goat hooves really is some jump jump bonus this year.

Stun grenade. Okay so i think this is the last to music was electric and red whip perfect okay so we are really motoring now. But yeah if i m playing multiplayer. I will absolutely consider being the engineer.

So i can be i can be the healbot. The mushroom answer okay so we want to go through the celestial portal..

I still don t know what that red indicator means huh engineer turns got nerfed whoops no i think it broke it usually no there we go. This is the beginning again looks like it is okay you know i kind of wished with this celestial portal. You could actually sacrifice yourself. And get a boost on the next run or something like that that d be kind of fun.

No let s you fall for so long now ah interesting our portal that pops up and you change your minds. There it is does give you 5 lunar coins and i guess. That s a boost okay pop that where is the telework out of here. Never mind that mountain shrine.

Probably keep my eyes up for mountain shrines. Before i before i just pop this and go is this that s the portal itself and we absolutely want to we absolutely want to load up a bunch of mountain shrines. Here whoops okay whatever well that s just a that s just a monster shrine. I guess i ll pop it now and fortunately.

I m not getting a whole lot of kills here. So i don t i don t have my super shield. But like but mostly just fighting the big goon errs have a lot of hp. There we go now.

I m feeling hale and hearty huh. Wow. There s a lot of immediate muddy is it just me or our enemies like more forthcoming. Financially.

Now like it feels like i m not having money issues. Nearly as bad maybe maybe those more of a maudie issue than anything else okay. So let s check. The red chest.

Oh. That s immediately an amazingly achievable especially with the shrine of the mountain going okay so i m gonna pop these three chests open then we ll turn around and probably hit the teleporter a lot of movement speed related stuff playing on drizzle. Some money isn t much of an issue at some time as it is oh good magma worms well everything got kind of loud. I think they re really synced up to okay there are their speed hacks this characters movin.

Awful fast now i ve just got six poles goat hooves. Two red whips and three soda. Which usually amounts to a fair bit of movement speed. I don t know how i managed to make it so high.

But that was cool okay. Hopefully. We re gonna have enough money here guess i m just gonna go hunt. These guys down for a smidge waiting for a couple a little bit more money to spawn.

Okay. Now we definitely definitively have enough okay so far so good. Let s see oh it says stage. Eight okay so i got to do 12 more stages.

If i want to get the oh hit a rut gollum somewhere else oh who s the guy who s like way up above wasn t it probably fine yeah. Not really what i m looking for and i got it well. The extra jump is kind of nice you re open. Yeah you re open.

I get that got that my missile. Drone is having issues that ll have to do music and back to the beginning. It gets faster from here. I love others a gollum just up there harassing me slowly okay we re just gonna pop the thing whenever and wherever we find it because i d like to have farm four items.

But i would ideally like to get to 20 stages. That s probably up there and this might be the run for it i realize we re still uneasy easier difficulty. But that really is kind of the best time for it even if it s the least interesting way to do it we i mean honestly like it s still fun. It s just way less threatening.

It might still be i don t know i m looking forward to dumping myself up about shrine and miss those that i am bouncing off of everything well. What do we have here..

Honestly you desist. I d like to buy more of these turtles. It s turtles. All the way down anything else here new oh and there s the teleporter right there well i was wondering this like a gooden spotted.

But i can see the organ for particles in the answers as just hidden we glacial stone titan. I m unsure if i ve seen that before i must ve holy crap. Did they change how cooldowns worker or maybe. It s the all the bandoliers.

But yeah i can just keep chucking my my discs non stop so they re supposed to be i thought i d shrine to the mountains. I guess he is mountain enough supposedly okay well we got several infusions that s gonna be nice. Oh. That s the brain stocks that would explain things wow brain stocks is doing work.

Then okay. So get some gasoline you get a crowbar. But they don t actually pick it up of this awkward lemurian is not not prepared. I really do feel like it get a lot more money now maybe.

It s because i am under knees easier difficulty. But i don t remember it being this much on on easier difficulties last couple times. I played hello now did they change naca not kahana s opinion or is it still kind of bad because last. I remember it was it was a really double edged sword.

We there s probably more but i don t care sometimes turn into the mountain summons. One much harder boss cool dang. I am very fast. I am uncomfortably fast.

Probably should have looked for mountain shrines. But like i m only at the halfway point for where i want to be and it takes a while to get there so huh okay. That s wake of vultures and yes. It s fixed okay.

That s good is it no no no no no way cultures was the one that occasionally said your health to hap. I thought nah kahana s opinion was the one that would actually like cut your reach in a little bit. Did we neural weiner old it s been an honor. We ve knurled.

We three man brain stocks is making this run because marla. I actually have to like stress. I m like stressing out my middle middle finger a little bit here. Oh.

I guess i could switch to a controller might be a little too late for that though. But i can just chuck my by throwing bingham to do constantly as long as i m killing. Like a lot of basic enemies. Here.

It s gonna take like nothing yah mobb new with basic enemies in kaboom corpse bloom is the bad regen item okay but here to get this one no i didn t oh actually we re just out of okay so do i want leeching seed. I can do with that leeching seed another wax quail. I m not actually convinced that this was a good choice. But i m doing it anyway.

Because i would i wouldn t even say memes. I guess the real answer is just shock. It shot getting myself into the future with the power of wait quails. Why how did the snap alright that actually hurt fair bit well.

I m really shocked. I haven t found a single habu feather. But i found three wax quails this feels unfair only mildly unfair. Most part i don t care what do we have well considering these things are saving my but i might as well stack as many of them as i can okay i already got that one open that s another than i meant to press that s okay we fireworks.

I love it when you get to the point risk of rain run. Where we have so many fireworks that you can pretty much just..

You convert just perpetually farm everything to death just by launching fireworks at them are to sustain. Though if you don t have the money now. I i wish to leave stone guardian. Wish to leave and drink my smoothie for once.

I actually made a good smoothie. How about that normally when i make smoothies. They re a little bit on the tart side this one s still tart. But is still drinkable subshell.

There s not much left. But you should go get yourself something. It s pretty good someone s playing drums in their garage. Oh no well it s not getting.

It s not loud enough in here. That my mic would pick it up so i m not terribly bothered by it no it s it s audible in the back room. Well you could always pop. We re not used to having neighbors.

Yet. It s a weird and uncomfortable experience. We re not used to large quantities of neighbors like you really think it an apartment would have way more issues with like proximity and so on and so forth. But now we re finding living in a house in a rather tight neighborhood actually is way worse.

I think it s because in an apartment everybody kind of knows that like they can hear each other and in a neighborhood. Nobody cares at least not not this neighborhood. I was expecting the smoothie to be chunky. I ve made chunky.

I ve made some shocker smoothies. They re okay i mean usually they re very thick. I don t i definitely don t water might smoothies down nearly enough history is a sleeve that s it probably starts just wiping people out based on fireworks and fireworks alone. Yeah.

My smoothies are thick. If only because like i don t know a fuel cell. Yes. I remember having a fuel like not an all fuel cell run at some point.

But i had like a stupid amount of them and it was satisfying right i m supposed to be going for teleporters not these chess. I just had so much money from the double boss. Kill help myself oh i think this is this is where my drum man falls. We also have not found the that s us have not found the teleporter yet i bet.

If i actually went looking it would be joseph s and death. I like these specialized chess. There. Oh here it is wow okay.

That was actually a little bit harder to spot than i was expecting honestly i m probably gonna just waste most of my money on teleporter cheese for not teleporting to cheese shop shrines like i really have much else i can do for people in your neighborhood are smart enough to care. I think part of it is it s just such a dense neighborhood around here that nobody knows each other like usually with like suburban neighborhoods. You really do kind of get to know your neighbors. And like i ve spoken to one neighbor once and i ve reported two of them to animal control.

Like there s a bit of a bad precedent. There for me being a good neighbor ish or them get being a good neighbor. I don t know it s a place to say dogs barking for like six hours straight was not what i was expecting when i moved to here at least it s like over and done with but now we have kids practicing drums. But at least they only do that for like a little while and i m not sharing a wall with that i think it would be much more of an issue a photo sharing wall.

Oh god please desist you please. Deceased fireworks everywhere i guess i can just head to the teleporter. There s no reason for me to stick around let s see how many people here like the new passive on the artificer. Oh is there ooh abyssal depths.

Oh wait no no i ve been here before i m just inside the the tunnel system. I think i was about to say it s like is this a new level..

But no this is just old place have been here before i m just going to ignore him maybe that guy s guess it can kill him. But sticking around inside this area it might not be great. Even if there are items in here. Okay is there new level to go with the new character yeah.

It s a forest. We were there earlier it looks great okay so how much money money do i need to farm for this thing sixteen. Thousand probably doable and it s stage 12. My missile drone is still alive miraculously as expecting less survival.

Honestly i m just unsure if i m gonna be able to make enough money. Oh. Yeah. We definitely have enough wow.

It really does feel like they uptick to the amount of cash. Then you get from things another will o wisp note to self do not stand next to that guy holy shit. Ow shields shield saved me i m eminently killable apparently more eminently killable than i was expecting hey i give brave cuz. I think yeah i ve got a shit ton of shields going on and the answer is no well i got to admit the the willow is stacking and certainly.

Helping ivan magnum or him up there wait i never hit the teleporters son of a but i figured since we were fighting and bosses and stuff. We were well on the plus side. I can get this early must get rekt in here. Enough.

Oh hi on the plus side numbers on the negative side also bad numbers. But they re all like sickened. I love the death tornado. Just going on here like the magma worms.

Got way cooler from last batch to this one. Well that was fast betsy can you open chest during tele. Now. No you can t i wish you could i that would be a mod that i would look for is actually something that just increases.

The the the red circle range. So you can just open all chests cuz. I don t get why it s all localized to the teleporter. I guess apart from keeping you in one place.

You can t just kite them around too much okay well. I have a whole bunch of treasure chests that i got to open up and yes. I realize i m not picking up a single thing here yeah a lot of friendos won t leave me alone. Let s see he s done.

I didn t actually get some fun open anything else yeah cuz that emitted li. The monster necklace is not the most monster tooth necklace is not the most useful i ll take what i can get want to equipment. I have an equipment drone. Oh took my missile launcher.

I am. You know what i m fine with that that s a neat thing. Well she knows we might find another one or we might find something ibly useless okay. It s not completely useless.

But i m probably not gonna use it how s that now another missile drone. I could but chances are they re just gonna keep dying regardless of what i do how dang. There s a lot of chess anymore over there i totally forgot i don t have my missile. Launcher anymore.

So don t turn on the crowdfunder. Okay. What else we got last one oh there s a mess right here whoops that would have been nice. But i will be fine wow they were dumping junk on me right there then in there.

” ..

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