Luxerion [Side Quest Whither Faith Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII With Comms

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“And welcome to a rebus gaming. Some final fantasy fit in here for eunice s s with a faith and this is the first side quest that you will have do and it also correlates with the first part of the main quest now this is basically to get you familiar with the game. What you have to do and to get you familiar with talking researching investigating etc. So let s get started you want to start with talking to the inquisitor you need to solve this case quickly look they re in it s the city of divine light.

Yet it has seen the murder of three girls in three days. But people seem to be growing fearful if you find out anything at all i d be anxious to hear it there are similarities among the victims they have all been young women and all of them had rose colored hair yes just the same shade as yours you may also become a target of the killer s i urge you to be careful right so this is basically playing detective. The latest victim you want to talk to around five or six different people you ll know if he talks to somebody first one that i found in london. This is my favorite spot hang out here long enough.

And you get to see all kinds of things like those white garb loonies for example the children. The metro are heretics and they don t believe in the oldest teachings those etro fanatics used to keep a low profile. But recently i see them everywhere. The orders authority isn t what it was people wander the streets like they own the place.

Do you think they know something we don t maybe they have a date for the end of the world who knows there you go that s one the next ones here you have to jump and when you do press circle. You ll grab onto the ledge and by the way. I m playing on came up it s important evidence don t touch it the victim had rose colored hair and the wig on that dummy was of the same color. The killer s appear to believe that the evil savior will take the form of a young woman with rose colored hair everything points to this being the work of those heretics children of etro.

But why are they so sure the savior will look like slide down that ball if you want i can jump off right that guy there that is another bit if you do that quest and last on another video you get information from horns. We need to tell you exactly what i saw it was the children of that room they tossed the dummy off the tower. I really wanted to tell the inquisitors but i saw honestly i did but i was afraid those air attacks might find out and make me their next victim..


Alright sauce. Free next person well. I say person. The next.

Clue is this glowing object on the floor. So far if you talk to the inquisitor. And you haven t obtained all the information a little bit of a senior. This guy appears after you ve got a bit who is he don t tell me you don t know about the shadowhunter lord of luxurious shadow world hero to the little folk king of the warren.

Although. It s not like i ve actually met him myself. Yeah sure so i told everyone the hunter and i heard close but come on it was just talk. I never thought anything like this would happen.

Damn it i know i should have been bragging about how me and the shadow hunter were best pals. What if the elders believed i m in tight with a savior murdering nutjob. I saw you coming and i got scared. I figured you were with them you know the inquisitors that s quite interested in that one because it says.

I wouldn t have bragged about it if i knew if i knew what they were in the pill. Well the inquisitor said. Three days three girls have been killed..


Yes. So what can i do this time they taking him three days to realist well. It isn t easy to gather all evidence and your information supports our theory hmm the only question is how long on five pieces of information. There and as you can see that s still not enough for the inquisitor now i m looking around i don t see anybody.

But if you go to the north station arrive you talk to this girl here no one absolutely no one down cellar ik. The order is conducting its inquisitions based on that assumption the etro fanatics. Who worship the goddess of death are all over the place. Just look for the sinister groups huddled together dressed head to toe in white.

It may mean nothing. But some people have witnessed the etro heretics using the public phone near the graveyard furtive conversations in the streets prowling the city at night. It makes you wonder what they re up to so there we go and then this person here that is after you ve spoken to her. I always said those people would cause trouble and i was right every night.

I can see them those weirdos in their white cloaks sneaking around the streets whenever i see white. I think a heretic if there s one thing i know that wicked shadowhunter. He s the ringleader of the heretics those fanatics are growing bold. Nowadays.

There s always a gang of them in the plaza in front of the station. It s as if they are meaning to go someplace else speaking of which it s usually around this time they start to show up as a big crucial part of information. I taught one person this theorized..


Everyone could be going up in recent days. The etro fanatics those unspeakable heretics. Who reject the order have been gathering brazenly on street corners. There a sinister bunch clad in stark white cloaks.

I just overheard one of them say something very interesting it went something like if we kill the saviour. The prophecy will come true now all the victims to date. Have been women could there be a connection are they trying to hunt the savior. I wonder if i should tell the inquisitor this information.

It might be important right now seven or eight pieces. Maybe guess. I might be glad to hear talks. Inquisitor goddesses.

Disciples are beginning to gather if you lift the blockades around this area. There s a good chance they ll start to move out you re suggesting. I let them go hmm. It s not a bad idea.

Yes. Yes. I ll give the order..


And we ll see whether heretics lead us. We ve managed to find some eyewitnesses and we think we know who it was that strung the dummy from the tower. Let me guess the children of vetro right ah you have your own sources. I see in recent weeks.

The heretics have become more visible on the streets of our holy city. The poor benighted fools don t believe in god s salvation clearly their despair has led them to carry out these wanton acts. If only they would open their eyes embrace god and they could bathe in the pure light of his almighty grace. Can t they see that their souls would be liberated in the new world.

The irony of it all is that their fanatical rejection of the saviour is all made my own faith that much stronger. Although perhaps that is the work of the savior herself. If you think your faith will save you then go ahead. Believe all you want there we go quest complete so just getting you familiar with the controls etc.

You get a nice bit of gil and some nice stats. But it s just a nice little bring you in to the overall game. So hope you all enjoyed and i ll see you on the next one ” ..


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Hello and welcome to another ErebosGamingHD video series. This is a side quest within Luxerion and this is the Whither Faith. Each quest will be detailed with a clear commentation on how to complete them efficiency and with all the required items.

Whither Faith
The body of a young woman has been found in the plaza in front of Luxerion North Station. It is just the latest in a string of murders in which the victim was a woman with the same color hair as Lightning. Could someone be going after the savior herself?
Lightning needs to question witnesses in the area and report whatever she finds to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation.

How I tackled it
As the area is locked down it makes the quest a lot easier. Find everyone with ??? above their head and talk to them to unveil clues towards the murder. I obtained information from 7 people including Holmes (Side Quest Where are you Holmes ) and the notes on the floor.

Once all information has been obtained report back to the Inquisitor and the quest will be complete.

Game Details
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a console action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was released on November 2013 in Japan and February 2014 in Europe and North America.

The game is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, concludes the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII, and forms part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. Lightning Returns employs a highly revamped version of the gameplay system from the previous two games, with an action-oriented battle system, the ability to customize the player character s outfits, and a time limit the player must extend by completing story missions and sidequests.

The story takes place five hundred years after the previous game s ending. Lightning, the main protagonist of the first game and a key character in the second, awakes from a self-imposed hibernation thirteen days before the world s end, and is given the task of saving the people of the dying world, including former friends and allies.

Development of the game started in May 2012, shortly after the release of XIII-2 s final piece of DLC, and was unveiled at a special 25th Anniversary Event for the Final Fantasy series in September that year. Most of the previous games key creative minds and developers returned, and it was developed by Square Enix s First Production Department, with developer tri-Ace helping with the graphics. The development team wanted the game to bring a conclusive end to the story of both Lightning and the XIII universe, and to address criticisms leveled against the last two games. Lightning Returns built upon the gameplay basics of the previous games, while adding new content such as a more action-based combat system, an open world that players could freely navigate, and a mechanic wherein the game s events took place within a certain period of time.

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