Mass Effect 2 – Infinite Points Glitch

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“And welcome to my mass effect. 2. Tips tricks and general larkin about i m m here today to show you a little glitch. I found.

Which would should help out a lot during insanity mode has helped me out so far just load up the game. And i ll soon get to it as long as the control pad. Still works. I ve been having trouble with it today load it up i ve already completed this game on normal mode.

And i was only messing about one night after i ve done most of the missions and i found this little trick that i could do what you can do you can level up your character. So much and then basically lever up a skill. Think make the game..


Think that you ve leveled it up to the full. But keep the points. And you can keep doing this over and over until you basically max out your character. I will show you exactly what i mean now as soon as i load up good old norman dsr.

Too right first of all i need first of all i will say what you need is you need at least three blocks fall on one skill. And one character i ll start that again first of all you need free vox full and at least four skill points. You ll see what i mean now when i finally lit it up before i do show this trick. I just want to say what a great game as well boiled by where s finally bloody.

They ve made another decent game. And i think they could do with make it making sure that mass effect. 3..


Is better than this one because this is going to take them be in this is a very good game right when i got a few this is a new playthrough. So i m going to a lot more than. He s cool and garris by far. The coolest video game character ever so quickly show you ok we go if i select garish you can see i ve got 28 skill points.

Now if i was to say level up this one skill here all the way up to 3 blocks. Actually let me do that again on my setup. What was it level up these three skills in if i go into. 4 skill points and press x.

And a at the same time. Oh. I ve got a message press..


X. And a at the same time it will level up the skill to or so. I ll get to choose to evolve the ability say heavy concussive blast. And but i still keep all my points.

Would you believe it it s basically the games and took the points off me. But still leveled up so if i was just say do it again one two three then xna together together at the same time obviously xna took the points away. I ve still get the ability to evolve. One of my skills and keep the points.

And i can do this over and over and over done it again look at that i think that s a pretty big glitch that bioware missed out on the obviously i can t do this one because i haven t done the loyalty mission. But i think that s a pretty big glitch or trick that boy where is completely not noticed all i don t know is they re all ages can be able to fix it anyway. I would do it show you again..


But i haven t got enough point for the other characters. But you can do this very character and i ve got a fully powered garris which is cool sweet okay. Then well now you know the secrets be my guest go and try it yourself i mean i didn t do this on sunny modes. I didn t want to ruin my experience.

But i just found out so maybe if i m messing about one del mar again anyway enjoy yourselves with it and hope you kick. Some galaxy ass. ” ..


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Here is a glitch I noticed when using my skill points to better my characters! I think Bioware missed a pretty important game mechanic here! P.S Garrus Rules!

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