Mass Effect: Andromeda Merchandise Haul (ish)

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“Music oh music like thank you joining me today is another video. Unboxing. This. One one is a little different as it s not collected with the shared a blind or funko pop on steelbook.

A warner father son. Mass. Effect s goodies that are picked up from game couple of t shirts a jacket and a hood nothing spectacular. But i know it s a jacket in particular a launch a diamond.

Very civil web sources for topanga wallet. It but as big as it s been that kind of money anyway at game early this week. With much all that stuff as half price of a jacket was twenty quiz hoodie. I quit t shirts.

I quitters in there i can t regret not picking up a wallet next up that stock that would have cost about seven right good as well. But i m not people what i ve gotten. This is awesome seemingly of arrived today and i thought to do something a little bit different i ll unbox this and show you what i picked up so i see kappa price fantastic value certainly bet in paying for..


Wax i mean what the t shirts were. 1499 i believe and i picked up 799. As i said with the beanie hat and boy hoodie check. It says.

The yet receipts so here we go straight on top as here beanie now. I ve always wanted to wear caps. But or cranium is way too large so mob dog beam is fit comfortably and they suit me unlike caps especially snapback caps look what this wear em. Was the first t shirt got to move this camera back my hat sorry t shirts are from shutter an abbreviation for leather law excellency andromeda t shirt explore all over and understand see here would have seen that artwork on many of you marketing and whatnot prior to release and normally i get t shirts are far more subtle not the t shirts in here but right quid.

I thought sod it probably worth it so just going to take a look what s funny material. Quite a sleek agent material. That s going to be a tight fit on tallien a. But i m on a diet.

I m using white. I ve lost bets down and a half since january so even if it s a bit this is a bit of a tight fit so i ll be fitting it soon. So that s called the time that is fantastic..


I ll give it back. I was expected to be quite cheap. Your kim book. Now that s a that s a good quality.

Oh. It s far better and what force it was this is back very intergalactic good start. What would be a lot about t shirt. This is me a more subtle with it t shirt would be a cn7 logo on the front be gone yeah this is the different material this is a standard t shirt material that feels or you can tell that s going to be a figure hugging t shirt.

But if you ve got six pack you gonna look great i got a six pack good famously okay luckily enough i wasn t damaged. Yet logo. There you go you go nice and simple n7 on the front. I think outs on there over there which i m very much into standard t shirts and finally.

But i did jacket and so this cost 20 pound into the 40 pay. And i think at 20 pain. This is this is what i bought all this stuff for my needn t t shirt to the beanie..


Was now added bonus for 20 quid can t comply probably going to be able to teach jacket book. So i m using white depart. The stone 1 2. Since january.

That s not a tracksuit shattered style. Let s be fair look quite loose. You know you ve got that long sweaty subs or material. Onion.

Solid. Yeah treinen everyone set here we go. There s a jacket well a we enter the logo to slip box at once. So.

This is the song into here. I m standing over okay. Contact focus here you guys my pathfinder..


Some stuff on explore see andromeda back looking on the bat also apply simple inside material and zip plastic castle. And we ve got and 7i now as well think about auto auto focus. Glad sir see if spit there go so that my friends concludes yes colin box in so see recap. We ve got the n7 tracksuit style jacket in the seven black t shirt.

The explorer t shirt with year and seven andromeda arm on the front. Which is or something like that fit and a beanie and even for my large cranium. I know that s going to fit any sources. Let go that concludes my call unboxing the really appreciate you watching this one.

Especially. It s a little getting to what normandy. The only one of this kind of done prior who was my boat load of already seven merge so and so joining me and they forget to hit log shared squad. All that malarkey because it helps me and mentally and until next time more friends thank you and pieces.

” ..

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Merchandise Haul (ish)

I picked up some half-price Mass Effect: Andromeda merchandise from Game. Though word of warning, if you get these t-shirts, get at least one size up from your usual size, as they are small sizes, especially the Galaxy/Star Allover t-shirt.

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