METAL GEAR SURVIVE! Unlimited Food! Early, Easy & Fast Farm

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“Guys lemon eating kalia and today starts a series of guides that i will be be doing on metal gear survive and i m gonna start with probably the most guide. I m gonna show you where to get food easy early on and in an infinite supply as well so if you like me you noticed pretty early on that food is very hard to come by in this game. I can believe the whole thing that we re in a different dimension or whatever and that there s zombie alien things marching around but how quickly your hunger goes down is completely unbelievable. But luckily there is a trick very very early on in the game that will get you if you ve got enough patience pretty much an unlimited supply of food.

So during the tutorial you re tasked with killing three sheep that are near the base camp. This is pretty easy it points it out to you on the map. Where it is but it is just the left or the west of the base camp by a little body of water once you get to this body of water..


You should see the three sheep. There you can take them out fairly easily with the spear or the machete. But it will get easier later on as you get a bow and arrow as well if you ve got good eyes for it there should be two gerbils running around here. Too you can actually capture them and use them as food as well once you ve grabbed those food items just head back to the base camp and come over and talk to virgil 18 9.

And select the options save and exit. This will put you back into the title screen and once here you have to click on your save game and reload it again you ll be put back into base camp. But you ll be able to go back over to that little pond..


Where those sheep were and they will be respawn as well as a two little gerbil as well so this is the basics of the trick you re gonna kill those sheep and the gerbils and then come back here go out to the menu and then come back in the game. And just keep on repeating that over and over and over again. I don t believe that this was intended. I do believe it s a bug or a slight exploit.

So i would try and get in and do this as soon as you can and as much as you can possibly do before it gets patched out so another trick when you re doing this farm is not to eat any of the food or drinking in water. While you re actually doing the farm once you get below 25 hunger or thirst every time you exit the game it ll actually boost you back up to that 25. So if you re drinking water and even that food that you ve been collecting to grease yourself up while you re actually farming..


It s gonna be a bit of a waste. Because you can just let it drop down as low as you want and then come to virgil exit out to the main screen. And you ll see that your first and your hunger. Should go back up to 25.

So do as much farming as you like. But your thirst and your hunger will always bounce back up to that 25 now. This isn t enough to go out and tackle the game well..


But it is enough to do this trick also make sure you cook up that food on the campfire before you eat it to get more nutrition out of loads of lovely gerbils anyway guys get in early and get this done before it gets fixed or patched. If this video did help you out please leave a thumbs up if you re gonna comments or suggestions and leave them down below. And if you haven t subscribed already then please do so this has been lemon eating cow music. ” .


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Metal Gear Survive single player is great, but trying to keep your self well fed is a chore! Luckily there is a farm right at the start of the game which can give you as much food as you want! It is close to camp and requires nearly nothing to get started! Even more you don t need to use food or drink while doing it. I HIGHLY recommend you do this before starting your adventure. It will make the game far more enjoyable!

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