Modern Warfare: GOLD, Platinum, and DAMASCUS CAMOS How to Unlock Completionist (COD MW PS4 Gameplay)

completionist camo This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Modern Warfare: GOLD, Platinum, and DAMASCUS CAMOS How to Unlock Completionist (COD MW PS4 Gameplay) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Like this like this like this. I just liked it so uh. What s up up guys its you re here by dino or quater g. At a today s where i show my boy.

Tasties account gotta show off the new camos. The new basically quote. Unquote diamond camo and the new dark matter camos in the game. But they re actually known as platinum camel and the masses camel shot.

Some of that tasty. He s one of the best legends in the world. He s been grinding camos on this game. He actually has gold on his m4a1 and one other gun that i can t remember the name of it exactly right now.

But make sure you check him out on twitch. He freaking streams like crazy this man streaming for like maybe. 24 hours. I don t know this man.

I ll freak it android. But anyways. We re gonna go over to his loadouts and look at it he has it for the kilo 141 and i believe the m4a1 you could see the gold camel right there how clean it looks man looks. So freakin beautiful anyways.

You guys could see the max level for the m4a1 is level 71..

I believe for the kilo one for one the maximum was 69 that s what she said. Yeah so there isn t a set max level fir d you know this is there s no like quota. All the different guns will have different max levels depending on how many attachments they have some guns can go up to 80 some guns can probably go go up to 50 disciplines. I m not good that you re dealing this.

But that s sort of the max levels to the m4a1 in the aquila one for one as you guys can see here you go over to customize we see camouflage in the bottom left. So once you choose camouflage you ll see that you have to work through spray paint woodland digital dragon splinter topo tiger stripes reptiles goals and once you get all the challenges done from all of these camels which in groups involves headshots different amount of kills getting to a certain level and other challenges you actually get to complete camera. Which is trying to be the gold camel in the game once you click on completion is you ll see the other camos that are locked behind certain requirements here is platinum camel in order to a lot platinum you have to get the gold camo for every weapon of this class. Which means i have to get or tasty has to get a gold camo on every a yard to get the platinum camo for the m4a1.

The kilo one for one and the other assault rifles like a ak 47. Once he does that there is another requirement to get the damascus camel look how beautiful it looks. What it thought is really weird here is that it says unlock. The diamond camo for all weapon classes.

And i m pretty sure that s not the case because we have platinum here so i m not sure if there s like like maybe you unlock platinum you to do something else for diamond. But i m pretty sure diamond is meant like instead of diamond being there it s supposed to be platinum. So i don t know why they say diamond camo. But this is a damascus camel.

This is the dark matter the max camo in the game so how many of you guys in the game are gonna be earning oh 103. Camo this cuz it s separate camos for each camo in this game. It s a hundred and three camels for each gun totalling to be about like over 4000 camels to grind for it just to get the damascus camel a nobody got time for this in the comment section below like i said in my previous video. I will be giving away a free copy of modern warfare.

Make sure you comment in the comment section down below like up the video charles falsifications and subscribe..

If you knew if you want to have a chance to have that modern warfare and also do it for the next three videos. I believe at this point include and including this one which we made for so yeah. This is the gold camo on the m4a1 in private match. Let s oh.

My god it looks so beautiful. When you put it against the sun with the reload look at it it looks so good. I can t imagine how the mask is and paul adam looks like planet reminds me of got chrome camo and damascus is just so unique camel pi on so yeah let me know how do you guys feel about a gold cowboy and kaguya model first i m gonna leave a nice little gameplay right here at the end. I m gonna be playing on tasties account cuz.

I don t have a gold gun on my account just yet. But just know you re gonna have to grind for these gold camos. These completionist camos and then grind little platinum and then grind for damascus if you get platinum camel or damascus camel. Very very quickly let me know in the comment section below because i would love to do a video on your account.

If you get it even before tasty does so yeah i don t know let me know what you guys think of the dividuals here on modern warfare. And yeah. I ll see you guys in that gameplay right now. But you guys drop the like subscribe you do turtle so some cases you guys enjoy my energy.

If you enjoy modern warfare somehow and if you want to learn more tips and tricks funny videos or just little things like like secret things that you probably didn t know about monomorphic. Which you probably didn t know about this so yep. I ll leave it to it you guys are freaking amazing keepin big ballers and enjoy the gameplay okay look at this beautiful gun. I like it i like it i just wish i couldn t expect on this kind.

How many you guys want to see a weapon inspection on begin mana warfare..

They are daddy fee for all day song playing a quick game. Here just to show you the gold camo and the m4a1 in all its glory. Tasty is actually past level 55. Oh.

My goodness. Gracious. I m level 65 on tacy s account in this man this one s been grinding. So definitely check him out once again got to him where allow me hunters account not sure we re gonna do anything crazy.

With this gun. Right now. But like free for all legit. Never ends at 30 kills.

Come through hey balls. Gotcha high five you lower his stats of anything. He s got to know how to play this game. You know take your time.

I m praying anyways gotcha. I just feel like one thing they do that changes a mini map i don t want to wait till. I have a uav you re doing oh my gosh to actually know where everybody is that i will admit that s like one thing they have to change they can t change the maps we re cursed with these kind of trash maps for a while i guess so let s see the least they can do what this is what i got it with what was he waiting wrong how did you feel like i d have to go to squat down and pray for the best. I guess i don t want to be too boring.

But i might have to be boring cuz the way these guys are playing it s camping the way cuz if it is oh i can t do it..

And if i do i feel bad for doing it like right now gotcha. Yo d. By the way. We re right here for a second another one almost had him i was damaged though almost adam.

I don t know why but i ve always got it feel like i do behind me. Oh. My god well then i mean hey yeah. I got a victory right third place is a dump even for me hope you guys.

Enjoyed the video slow mo. I don t know jump alive sky video specifications follow me on twitch as well to shout to be in such a mark of your hero and gift tastier. Follow us phone cuz. He s a king are you gonna be getting the damascus camel in college.

Ad. Modern warfare or not we just got tasted a little 67. You already know we out here keep being big ballers guys. And i ll see you guys later bye.

I love you music. ” ..

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In this video of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer, I show people how to unlock Damascus Camo Modern Warfare Style. I also show how to unlock Gold Camo Modern Warfare and how to unlock Platinum Camo Modern Warfare. The Modern Warfare Damascus Camo is the rarest camo in Call of Duty. You have to get the Modern Warfare Platinum Camo on all weapons in Modern Warfare.There is no Modern Warfare Diamond Camo. The Modern Warfare Platinum Camo is unlocked by unlocking Modern Warfare Gold Camo on a weapon class in the game. I hope you all enjoy my video on how to unlock completionist camos in Modern warfare, I love you all!

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