My 3 Fund Vanguard Portfolio

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“Today i want to show you my vanguard portfolio. I want to show you everything everything i have planned for financial independence with this money now what we re gonna is actually go into the actual vanguard account and i m gonna show you everything i m invested in how much it has as far as shares and then how much the total is all together. Now i actually did a video about this about ten months ago. Where i kind of shared with you guys my journey on what i have in my retirement account because this is an ira account.

But it is of course going to give me financial independence for the future. So i don t even so worried about retirement. I don t to worry what their social security s gonna be around or not because to be honest. It s gonna be a little rough for some of us at once we get older.

So i m just planning for the future and getting things ready so. What i m gonna do is talk a little bit about this we re gonna go show you what my vanguard portfolio looks like now before we actually get into showing you my mangar portfolio. It s really important to note that you know it s not something that you want to actually copy and paste for your own retirement or any other type of investing that you do you know as great as it is to see other people s success when it comes to their portfolios. You have to always take in consideration their risk tolerance and their personal finances.

Because every single person is going to be so different. So you can t really do just a carbon copy of what they re doing now getting some ideas and doing some research. That is a great way to go so hopefully this video helps you get some ideas of what you can do when it comes to getting prepped for your retirement account or even for your actual you know taxable investing account if you have vanguard or have access to similar funds like these ones now this is actually from the video that i posted and you can see here from the screenshot that i have is actually my portfolio now of course. I ve blurred out the things that are private.

So you can t see that stuff. But i have my three funds. So i have the ve xpx fund. Which is the vanguard explorer fund investor shares.


So that one had a fifty six point one. Two shares at a total value of five thousand two hundred and seventy nine dollars. Then i had v f. Ix.

That one had a total of one hundred nine point two one shares at twenty seven thousand three hundred and fifty eight dollars and then i also have v w us. X. Which is the vanguard us growth fund investor shares that one was a hundred and forty five shares and then that one comes out to about five thousand three hundred. 9700.

So this is where i was sitting around february timeframe of 2019 give or take. But i wanted to show you guys that so you can see where i meant now and see that i actually didn t change anything when it comes to the actual funds that i have but just obviously the growth that has happened over this given time with these exact funds now real quick before we continue on with the video. If you are getting some value out of this content do me a favor and go ahead and hit that like button alright now let s go ahead and get back into the content all right so now here. We are on today s portfolio.

So right now. I m recording this like quite literally at the end of the year it s sometime in december 2019 and we have those exact same three funds the ve xpx we have vf ix and then we have v w. Us x. So all three funds exactly the same but the very first one which was the explorer fund.

Now i have 59 shares or 597. 7. And that s a total of an additional 6266 dollars in total value one thing before continuing on here is the fact that i actually didn t really add a ton of money extra into these funds myself. This was a lot of just growth over time.


And i ll show you guys that here in just a second so you can believe me i did start adding back into this retirement account here towards the latter half of the year because i m now able to actually invest more into the retirement account next off after this was the vf ia x. Which is the vanguard index fund. This is actually the same exact fund that is the title or ticker number vo o. Which a lot of people might know but for whatever reason in this rollover account.

I have to go with the the symbol for it so it s the exact same fund. This one i have one hundred and twelve point two nine eight shares. But now it s totaling thirty three thousand five hundred and seventy dollars. Which is a huge improvement and then the last one which is the growth fund right now.

It is a hundred and fifty three shares and it s sitting at six thousand six hundred and fifty dollars so in total for my personal retirement account. I am sitting at forty six thousand four hundred eighty seven dollars. We re just a couple of months ago. Though i was sitting at thirty eight thousand and thirty four dollars.

So that s a huge growth increase right there in just the last ten months. So i was being very consistent in making sure i kept the funds that i felt that we re going to be great for me to have when to this account to be aggressive to help me grow as quickly as possible and also to so that way eventually once i did start putting in more money. I can feel more comfortable with the idea of having that stuff in the account to continue to make me more money so overall. Yeah.

That is a huge increase over the last couple of months like i mentioned i m gonna show you guys that it was pretty much all growth here all right so here we are looking at the performance. But this is a little skewed. Because we also did roll over my wife s ira accounts into vanguard as well and we connected them all so you ll see that 5600 add on right there that was from transferring her stuff over. But pretty much everything else as you can see was just us putting a little bit of money every single month.


But it was all growth at this point everything right here you know obviously we have ups and downs. But that was all market gains over the last ten months that caused my account to grow so much. But it was me honestly just keeping those funds that i knew and did research for and i wanted to hold on to you for a long term that are aggressive like i mentioned because i am at a younger age and i feel like my money can just keep working for me. Since i won t even need that money for such a long time.

And that allowed me to have that now of course one full thing to really understand about this is that you know of course. This is what the market going up when the market goes down. I will continue to hold on to these funds. Because that s how i kind of play the game is buy and hold so for me.

I m not gonna be selling these even when the market is going down. If anything i might even buy more into it because as you can see we slowly started adding more money every single month. So that way we are investing in here and having our money continue to work for us for retirement on top of all the things that we re doing outside of retirement. So that way we have money for financial independence for freedom to do whatever we want we don t have to stress with you know paying bills on a daily basis.

Because we have the money to be able to pay for all that stuff that we need and then here on this performance page as well like i mentioned. I have all of my wife s accounts. Recently rolled over into this vanguard overall portfolio. So it shows mine and hers.

All together. So we have investment returns of over fourteen thousand. Dollars so we re at 137. Percent.


Returns. It says as of november 30th. Even though i m recording this at the end of december. And then of course.

The ending balance right here shows 50 3035 dollars. Because again my wife s money that is also included in the fall total you could just see overall here on this chart down. Here. All you know all the ups and a little bit of the islands right here.

But overall that market is moving up even when the market is gonna go down you know i still plan on staying consistent with it because i don t need this money for a long time. But again it will give me the financial freedom that i need once i do hit retirement now. If you want to keep on learning. More with vanguard check out my video right over here.

Thank you so much for watching. And i ll see you in the next video. ” ..


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