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“Peck. Frosted. Haters and fuckers welcome back to head faction. Governor.

Ela. Today. Uh. We we are gonna have a bit of a cheat run standalone challenge estar.

You do you ve seen the series to know what s going on i am just gonna dick around with all the cheats on now i have finished the game. If we go to the options menu and then to cheats. We can turn on super and then say we don t care achievements. Super debris.

Which is like the debris does more damage to itself. It s super tough and they re super sprinting not to itself to the building. It s collapsing through super jetpack limited ammo. The tires cool down quicker maximum around maximum technology and i m leaving no green alert off because that means that the you just never lose you wanted level right.

I m also gonna change my current loadout and i m having for them. I m gonna bring the nana rifle along and this new toy. The reconstructor. Which was previously only available in the in the multiplayer they never actually put that in the single player until the update.

Steam version just came out now you have the reconstructor which means. If you have a thing you ve destroyed you ve got to go wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble and it rebuilds. It. Which is really fun cool this was in the second game as well.

I think that s why i kept out like to make a big feature of it in the game. Afterwards. You know the pull one shut up right. So.

Let s have a bit of a jaunt off here. We yes how i sort of finish off the the finale. And so many people like okay. Now you have to make an episode that i like you know what you re right i m like batman.

I think with the glass in my face let s blow this building up let s get let s put as many explosives on the schooling as we can up on that yeah. The faction isn t a. Joke we did kill at somebody did work out and it was like 200000. People were on that ship that we killed in the finale.

Hooray spoilers. We didn t see the finale ah semi genocide ah. Let s go inside. As well coming home again.

Oh sorry ha ha ha ha. Now i m gonna feel. Bad. Alright.

Little cheaper cuts about there and then we ll get back up to the roof cuz. We are gonna ride this motherfucker down let s have it collapses from my strategically positioned explosives and boom boom boom. Boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom.

Didn t seem to collapse. I. Recommend. That it s a course of action.

Yes. Oh. Way nice. Oh zap it fell down.

Oh. There was more supports by the stairs oops my face. It s fine. You re on that bit there we go someone s there.

I d be a great demolition guide start demolition lysing. The building and ever like yeah. No one s there what was that ikea right week actually go and search for some of the real big stuff. It s karl real big stuff around here.

Hey you oh. So i forgot they have the super have run for a second then that was fun dang. I do like the super hammer. I like the sprinting as well oh.

It s more big ones over there. Oh what s happening. Oh my god pick the edf aback piss off fit that go explode. It okay well that was the edf coming back for our though a raw.

Please see any more edf. No we caught they destroy this building or i destroy this coding in the game brush look at that one swipe to get all of that i was beautiful cuz. All the debris girl for that direction..


Then finish it off for you no. No. Oh. There he goes.

Oh no come on propaganda destroy this building. Was just propaganda. You can have a nice time on mars. That s probably it oh come on foe.

Something lovely gigs. Let s top down a rifling it yeah. Full damnit. Which support is keeping you up stupid structurally sound buildings.

That one what are you guys flying it out i get done by miracle. I will reconstruct your faces reconstructs really cool because if you re like oh. No i m being shot. And you re inside a building you could just reconstruct the building in front of them.

I wish. It was wrong with the windows here which case they want some reason the actual windows themselves would never reconstruct the glass no trick. But you can t reconstruct glass. We learn that today go away.

Where do we go look at that holy together fit. All the bridge go away. Oh yeah. He s gone.

He s gonna ice go pick up some singularity bombs as well loving. Why you never blow the singularity bums. I know they re just really expensive oh. So it pop you didn t fit in it it fit in it.

It s nice to not have to be super careful about where i m placing things as well so yeah. I m planning enough the battle that will be fun hey you guys. Although there s friendlies sorry they re fine. There.

Oh oh a little bit squish. Then oh hey by bridge. Ow ice. It right out broke down.

Oh. I set them. I set the road is out i don t fuck you that s it i m gonna get you for this with my super speed agenda. 10.

Did it it it it it. And did it it you better break. Her. I m gonna get you why i ever lie.

Ah ah. There we go population demoralized. Why i m on their side. Sort of support there we go support support okie dokie.

No well let s actually put the edf on out let s put the cheat on so we have permanent edf coming after us. I think that s more fun if they re just more people in the pot for us to blow up okay and here we go damnit. Why does he never fall like i wanted to fall for a video by edf. We something quite fun about just fooling down with a building hang on a strike.

Yeah. You re right yeah yeah. Go on. Yeah go yeah.

That s great that s wrong. Oh danny makes it blow them all off ow all right like an iron man s after me now hey i get out turbo boost your car say that steak. Though stop it i m adding turbo boost to your car bastards well. I taught this lesson for now oh i just take color.

I looked like you took cover you take cover in this game. Why can you take over this game. That seems more than unnecessary a little bit building man take these ones out yet. I always like these skyscrapers don t fun to balance.

If i you know uh let s not destroy the skyscrapers. Just yet. I mean we ll set up the destruction of the skyscraper like this we won t quite destroy them. Yet nano rifle.

These two there we go yeah we weren t quite destroy them what we re gonna do is i m gonna defend this from the edf and then i don t know do you really think it beyond. All the feathers in the idea. Two more good for this two interior bits. Everyone drop that one and then that one nice okay.

And one love went down by finger went straight back up again or it went up again. Then went down or something you defend. It with my nana rifle..


Look. Good. Yeah. Nice all right.

We are out of here. Okay. Where s all the edf they re around me. I m already knows come on edf get some vaporizing people over here give me a wallet level reloading grab it oops that s a roadblock now we can do charlotte guys car wheelies twelve right off i realize why i did that was i should delete blonde.

The only way cdf actually get to me but then dan exploded good swerving slow faster. But faster your car is too ugly nice oh ah come off my building on my building. Fell off. My building.

Actually go get actually let s go back to base let s go backspace and get some singularity bombs make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make and make it onto this yeah. Okay. I don t know why there s all these platforms everywhere. These little potatoes trying to get up here kenya.

Okay. That s a big jump got a do you ready go my friend hmm. Nice character finally getting back here they don t actually have the thing i would so i m gonna bomb them i m gonna bomb all of these people i thought they all my friends. But no no no one they don t give me the things that i want hello.

That s for you i turn what fing around all the the battles. Yeah can we turn around again yeah cuz. I have now do you guys really not care. I ve strapped a bomb to her how about now kill a friend ever now can i blow your i literally blew.

Your ass off. Wow. They don t care about me anymore. Oh well right ah where s the edf yet.

I m coming after me. I feel like they just like i was just ignore him. He s thought we ll just leave him be i want the avengers to come and get me. That s what i want right now ah okay.

Yeah. Oh. No that was that probably me probably me movie trying to get that big one. I don t think you can really just right.

Oh hang on we ll get to that big old later. I found the jackpot nice and ice hello. I bet. He had you let the muscle at its function.

What did you say i don t know hey did you just charge me did you just put don t give me a cash register ah ah ah i m not paying for that window oh there s a cop why is that letter to the floor. You don t you re done being a prince team about carmen s family yes have a chair no. Oh i did we put it away i work in out whoops hang on it s my first day with these chairs shit. Damn it what the world s over one who really there we go alright.

I ll put the chairs away for you mate right ah. That big guy big guy big guy big guy big guy big guy go go go go go the big guys are hot. You can t really destroy them entirely. But you can take down massive amounts of them if i m riley well as i did to that one let s do the secret.

Awesome super technique of death i missed it shouldn t i ll miss that by quite some way gift smooth. Oh. It s beautiful. Oh yeah actually done in here.

Okay. The secret. The secret taken at leas is going up to the top and then aiming it see these a little like these darker ones here. There are an angle destroy them destroy thou on now on and his friends and hoops.

Oh daisies that one just fell on to the top spiral. A bit. But a slightly weird angle. Like that look like and like oh missed it i sure that s gone off and destroy the fucking planet mars right now we destroyed all of those things now just throw the little supports there left holding it onto the pipes for that one whoops daisies that one and then it comes crashing down.

Oh god i pick up and kale and yeah. That s how you destroy those if you ever got stuck on that one boom that s how you do it look at this i want to write this somewhere. It s the statue of liberty s head you blow it up i did i did blow it up just try some stuff on me that s me it s an attack. We re friendly who does the stuff smooth it s now safe for citizens to return to the streets.

How little they know right hey. You well don t return to the streets. Oh. You re not a citizen.

You re like the police or a taxi or something go over there get signed destruction. I m gonna blow. This statue up is this the this is a victoria cdf isn t it oh a living tourist. It here hang around go away piss off let s just say to the man.

Little. Eyes. Together..


Things. Also. Uprising. Blah.

Blah. Blah. Da. Da.

Da. Da. Da. Da.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Disrespect.

Love. Love. Love. The.

Lamb. Trying to stalk in. Oh. Ho.

Hey. Yo. O. Double.

Down spanky s ass. Spanky s heavy metal. Ass. And his friend right don t go fell over blair.

I m glad it did okay so that s my gone to the martian council to literally do look miss fuck save me ow save not renault. It s sex get him to virgin did it didn t did it did it did it. And did it then piss off. Oh come back come back.

Oh go vaporize him nice and again and again there we go you don t get away from me. When i get a good vaporization you vaporize the ball. You can i m sorry. The ball.

Are you shooting at oh me ha okay. I was kind of just wondering. I m you re going. Here.

It was nothing who can i be mush and leader. Now. I am. The martian leader.

I own mars fuck you in the knee iron mask. If you want to fly me bring it bring into my domain. I am. The leader of mars oh.

No miles left. I ve been beamed up good judge me there we go um now i send reinforcements now i send reinforcements i won t have it fall over there we go right i want to go up there and destroy that thing hang on that s the news tower. I can considerably fuck. The news by doing this okay go go go go go go yes.

Yes come on yes. Fantastic right. How do i have to hit this to make it fall over in that direction. Let s take out that support like that apps that support gone is it going to fall now there s the thing hang on i m gonna shoot something out this guy oh no bit too little for me off now in collapse.

I wanted to fuck you the nose you got the last laugh. Oh yeah this is the building with the news thing in israel dun dun dun wow. We can destroy seing the other game. But i can now did it did it did it did it did it did it dip.

Once i got aiming at me stop it you moron okay. We re going to consider lee fuck. The nose here for the final time less yellow mon fuck videos. Yeah.

I think it s gone. Yeah hang on what if i can hit that thing with my hammer. No come on come on down a platform get a plate that s why god oh. I ve got to take one of these out with my hammer cuz.

They bugged. Me through my entire. Goddamn playthrough..


Go go go go go. Ah dammit. They re always. So far away.

You have explosives strapped. Like all. Over your face. And your face and are you carrying in fear.

You re supposed to be the elite. Awesome dudes never cower in fear oh god i ve been vaporized god okay whether this one i m gonna fire. Then hammer hammer hammer go to the odd door open that hole in that ceiling goddamn ventilation ruiner of dreams. Ah ah i don t know why i m just i m possibly taking over miles now cowards come back and fight down here with hammers like real men oh right oh hey hey the double shops it s rare to say.

But it s effective whoops from bobbin men to five days. Don t please i m going to do oh. I see you yes explosives strapped to one yeah. So hate did you shoot me i feel no shame in that there s some shooting going on over.

There. My security detail will deal with that i can hear a flying thing that s great do do that i ll click the robot. I m just reading the plan ass you just checked me and i destroyed my plinth. I want my revenge i left by next whoa hey i don t know why i m just defending this debris that i ve got left overhead.

You and your pals are friendly. Oh. Yes death no. Oh my god i got screwed over by its exhaust.

Damn it piss off piss off oh there we go piss off hey. I ve done glued your tank. Up mate a bum glued your tank up anybody more want to fight huh. There s always gonna fight oh finally it s my time no don t you deaf by the way through me don t you dare you bastard you utter bastard.

I hope you construct you where you stand. Sir oh are you friendlies thanks and thanks to the battering ram. You should have got out faster. That s all i m saying well what will that someone just exploded here big time.

It was one of them one of these got super close crap get out of my way. I m landmine in this area. Oh. My god if you get caught while i m mining that s not my problem yeah don t mess shields gonna save you from my mind field mate hahahaha.

I was right oh hang on ease lung call him panic look at this look at this wait. Oh cool. Oh. He s still quite low oh.

He s crashed. He s. Very low. Why are you so low.

Oh. Oh. My good god a gopro peace out a crash. Hahaha yes finally hit it with a hammer god no don t get him we re smoking.

I need explode though i wanted to get you i want to hit you in a hammer. Ah. So hard to do oh. I love it suck to a black hole scott brown.

I m fine oh. I m not fine no no will the unkillable possibly killed possibly okay gone. Regenerate. Which every gem gem.

Regenerate. Regenerate. Regenerate. Oh.

I can t regenerate. Oh. Oh. I finally fell.

And that s the end of my reign. As king of miles thank. You very much watching tara to the main. The nad cue videos popping from above like there too and to live the mane of the neck.

You mini. Oh stop it from above like bird poop. ” ..


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