NEW Assassin's Creed Layered Armor And Item! Monster Hunter World Event Armor

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“Hello glorious people of the interwebs and welcome back to monster hunter world. It feels feels really good to be back in this wonderful game and today. We ve got i m really excited about i had no idea. It was even available until somebody message like left a comment on one of my antlers videos saying that this was available and this is the street or not the street fighter.

The assassin s creed event collaboration. It is live right now on the playstation. 4. And i believe the xbox as well and we re gonna be getting this done today.

I hope you guys all enjoy the episode. This is gonna be a crazy fight. I am gonna go ahead and go actually know what i m gonna use elemental resistance. Today now it s been a hot minute since i have had to since i played monster hunter world it s been it s been crazy two months and i m sorry the monster hunter community for not being as active.

But i have been playing the game solidly every day for a year. But it s great to finally be back hope you guys all enjoy this episode. Now the quest that you need to do is going to be an event quest. So let s go ahead and go to the quest handler here and we need to join a quests and the specific one that we need to join la respond to sos actually you know what let s go ahead and post.

One and see if we can get people to join with us. So we need to do the sdf silent deadly and fierce is gonna put us up against an oda gar on a pickle and a loon astra. Pretty crazy. I don t think it s gonna be all at the same time.

But let s go ahead and get this a baby role in not 100 sure why i decided to do this with the insect glaive cuz. I m not very good with the insect glaive to be to begin with and two months away from the game probably not the best then we have looks like we have to take on a pickle and a note. Oh garen at the same time. So.

This is gonna be a little interesting. Let s go ahead and get our colors here oh good old pickles at least. It s not a spicy pickle. A regular pickle ai.

N t so bad spicy pickle on the other hand slightly different. I think we might even be able to to get these without actually having to backseat your little nubs there we go perfect. I was hoping to maybe do this without getting odo garn involved. But technically.

I believe spicy pickles will pick up odo garen. And like murder its face. Anyway to begin with so let s go ahead and get auto. Garen ag.

Road and hopefully they ll fight each other they should because there s as far as i know from all the modding experimenting. I ve done. There s nothing that can prevent monsters from fighting each other so if that remains true for this. But it should pickles will most likely do most of the damage to oregon.


And these guys aren t like temperate or anything. They are just your high ranked variant or versions cause variants wouldn t that be cool. If we had variants. I m flopping around with the wet lymph noodles cuz.

I ain t played for a hot minute. And i feel like i m gonna not do myself good service. Using those the wet limp noodle to be coming back to my first episode. God.

Only knows how i there we go just don t get pimp slap with agar on and everything will be just fine. If we can get our rotation. Actually going here oh yep no bueno at least. I remember all the movements of the creatures.

I would like to get a mouse then we can just ride. Oh yeah give me that mouse. I don t think we can actually mount them. Now.

The reason. I m letting it deviljho do this is because then we only have to play one other time and while double dude does a lot of damage. If you get hit with that it s still less of a nightmare than you know having to deal with these two bastards at the same time there we go. That s what i was hoping for yeah.

Baby of course. My stamina was already pretty depleted when i started this oh no what a horrible horrible waste of a mouse it s a crime against the monster hunter community i believe oh man hey. I would definitely like to get back in to creating some monster hunter content. I don t know if it s gonna be daily.

Because we don t have a lot does that mean if you have new stuff coming out we ve got the witcher. 3. Collaboration and ice born obviously once ice born comes out we re gonna be back playing monster hunter world every single day because i absolutely love this game. But i got really sick of the arch.

Tempered content. And i feel like that s the the same feeling around the community right now is just seems very lazily done. But if they ve been working on this expansion. This whole time that really explains why we haven t been getting the best content ever as far as arch tempered stuff.

It is all free content. So we can t really hate on it. But i just don t find it fun anymore because all it is is just the damaged sponge and it s not that s not fun. I have to take a little bit of a break now.

I also know you guys want to see more monster hunter world fight club stuff and now that monsters have been added to the pc. I feel like they can finally start doing that i don t know if you ll be able to get big emic in there. But there is mods. But i still want to cover and stuff like that so keep an eye on the channel for new content coming out as far as monster hunter world.


But the stupid prickles is taking forever to die come on spicy pickles pretty not spicy pickles. I know we re help maybe plan whoa don t dine that s for sure not dying is always beneficial oh poor pickle just getting rickety rickety rax yeah i m gonna hit us back i know it s not the best place to hit them but we will survive baby right in the toes. I got hit in the breasticles. The most vulnerable spot.

The dragon. A derp can be used the best. What s the time about. Oh wow.

Fifty. Minutes jesus the hell of a lot of time. How deadly. These guys have like boost in health.

Just take my coat. Oh garen should have definitely been down. He s not even uh. He s with the high ranked go to gaara.

I m hit you in the tail bits. Please. The bug has plenty of stamina i thought i ve switched back to the to the other bucks. I always feel like this dragon bug is just a tad bit broke.

I can get the yellow bits. The orange bits. Hello pickles. What i have to hit you in the subby arms or something there we go perfectly fine everything is fine.

But i m definitely excited about the ice for an expansion. Oh my god having narga cuda. We know narga cougars pretty much confirmed already but i wonder what other monster is going to be be bringing back and they said. The expansion is going to be the same the size of what a typical g ranked expansion would be so it s going to be massive.

I m super excited for that i mean what you guys think in the comments below what monsters do you think they re going to reintroduce. What would you like to see i m really excited for unfortunately still like a year away. Oh. My god the first time i have to keel.

I am missing this oh my god oh doug are on down does that mean soon astra s coming out next is typically that s the case. When you kill one the next. One is able to come out after a minute and the train cut off stupid tail. That s right pickles.

You re gonna be a tailless pickle. How do you feel about that if i could hit you applause maybe one day final just hit you in the taint with my bugs. How do you feel about that whoa like i m gonna pimp slap you with my tail then oh and a wit oh you the dragon a derp maybe we ll save the dragon. A turtle ashura bug.


What you do in their home skillet bugs just doing its own thing took the face rickett lunch from no it s not the tail fairness. I ve not actually used the insect glaive against pickles. Before believe it or not oh. Rickety rickety rax.

Nice now just for loon ostra all year can t want to just put her to sleep. And then hit her with the the dragon ater of doom. No man. I like trying to use red dead redemption to controls right now oh.

She hath arrived no no no no no their homegirl just doing her own thing alright. Let me hit you in the face. Yeah. Baby time to slap around like the wet left noodle.

I always wanted to be that doesn t make any sense. But i don t like fire. And if i can ask a wolf later normally i have a quat loon ostra and god only knows how long i pretty much stopped fighting her after i got everything from her obviously we did some live streams and stuff like that but beyond that i didn t really plate her anymore. Yeah.

What s the fireworks. Do like 10 billion damage just instant ko need to really hit her in the soft bits. So i can not lose my sharpness hey. There looney so i really need to get liu nostril in the monster.

Hunter fight club. I have a feeling sense the hemanth is so scripted that i won t actually be able to get him inside or basically outside of his arena. I m just gonna hit this just gonna hit her in the taint is the most vulnerable spot. But it s not only need to be getting cred silent losing my stupid white sharpness.

A pretty doody now this comes with i believe there s choose separate layered armors that you can get from this. And then assassins hood item. Oh don t be a dick. She s like oh you have low health.

I m going after you first what is dick move lean ostra guy said it you re a dick leave me alone for like a second whoo nice got the mouth. I think i ve actually done missions with eileen before it s a very familiar name. I think it plates that the majority of the playstation. 4 community at this point.

But we just need to get her down and then we can finally check out this layered armor. We highly have to do this quite a few times to get it. But some have a problem with that i haven t gotten to play monster hunter world in a long time it would definitely help if i actually use my bug appropriately like i keep forgetting to target. It i don t use insect glaive.

Very often the only time i actually use in sick leave is for cool tariffs and that s just like cheating. Oh. My poor temporal mantle gun. I didn t even get to use it sweet baby jesus we did it took just 15 minutes.


They like definitely could have done better especially if i was using a more ab weapon. I was a little bit more proficient with but all in all definitely still love monster hunter world so the materials were looking for is right here. The senna s feather loyal to an assassin who stands against injustice and oppression. Show it to the smithy.

Oh yeah. Now we re probably gonna need a metric buttload of those by metric buttload. Probably like five. I m hoping for since we only got one per fight.

So i ve got a couple quests here. I wonder. What is this gonna give me ah you managed to complete the sdf silent deadly in fierce. The old swab told.

Me you got a strange reward from it something a gun from the fellow in a way to robe. So about that man. I heard something else lay it on his feet and meticulous with his movements hearing about it inspired me design a new specialized tool. If he can bring me the materials.

I ll get to work. I sent a request over to the resource center. When you ever have time to help me out i d appreciate it nice so we need to centers feather for the specialized tool. The assassins hood.

We need two of those and then how much or any of this stuff that we re gonna get here was it that s quite a mouthful anyway. While you re around a captain was telling me about his slick men in the white road looked. So i thought i d do something up. I was just about to send out a delivery request to the boys and girls at the resource center.

Actually take care of it whenever you re robbing the monsters. Okay cool. So the byuk layered armor now i did see it squeaks from the monster hunter of the japan twitter and it showed two separate layered armors. So i wonder if there s gonna be another event where there s a second layered armor.

I didn t see a time and date for that one it actually it might be in january. Well. We ve got this one right now and then i believe the ezio layered armor is going to be the next one so. Let s see what we got going on here.

Oh. My god turn all these babies in and complete deliveries can we so we got the original origin origin layered armor blossom layered armor so i ve already got all the stuff for that but becoming an assassin. So the byuk layered armor. So we need two for that and two for that so a total of four that s not too bad.

Oh. I hope you guys all enjoyed the episode. Though thank you so much for watching i ll definitely be covering a new content as it comes out from now on as i was before we ve got arch tempered naga ghonte finally releasing in january and then we ve got the ice borne dlc expansion whatever you want to call it coming later in 2019 super excited i ll see you all in the next one ” ..


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