New small cap value fund from fidelity. .05% expense ratio!

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“Fellow youtubers in this video. I m gonna look at is it worth it changing changing my biggest holding or should i remain the course alright guys. So i was to the paul merriman podcast that came out yesterday and they show the toll merriman calm. They show the ultimate buy and hold portfolio that has the recommended funds he s very spread out and very diverse in his bones.

Here so ultimate buy and hold two of the main team i somewhat follow this in terms of having more in small cap value than non. So. If you look at portfolio number seven you re putting 10 sp 510 percent large cap value. 10.

And small cap blend 10. And small cap value. 10. Entreats.


And then the other 50 is essentially the same internationally with 10 emerging markets right. I m a little bit higher in the small cap value. Because it has shown to be one of the preferred in terms of higher asset classes over a very long period of time when you look at the portfolio s that they show here you ll notice that it s to recommend it here when they show the different portfolios. I m going to there we go sorry when we leave the propose you ll see that there s a small cat value fund that they recommend that is sl y v.

This is the spyder sp for 600 small cat value fund. If you go to morningstar and type in sl y. V it does a five star and wanting start the fcc. Dividend yields.

18. 9 expense ratio is only 015. Percent. So it s very low and they are you look at the chart under portfolio tab you ll see the nine boxes of large small value blend and it s the one in blue right here so it s relatively smaller companies and if li value oriented.


Okay notice the russell 2000 index is pretty close to it as well it s a little bit higher bottle event. A little bit more to the blind side. Okay. Now.

There s a new fund. A fidelity came out with literally a few months ago. That s a fidelity small cap value index fund. What key thing that i notice is the expense ratio.

It is point zero five percent instead of point one percent. Which is not dramatically different. But it could be a factor. I have about fifteen thousand dollars in it then i save point one percent a year.


That doesn t make sense. Ten thousand zero zero one be fifteen dollars a year that i wouldn t have to pay in fees again not the end of the world. It s something that i need to consider to see is it worth it to switch or not i m sorry so other things i notice about this it does follow the russell 2000 value index now the russell 2000 index in the sp 600 index are different accounts and they do follow slightly different methodologies. The russell 2000 essentially takes two thousand of the smallest companies running around and then they change based on price to book value.

The sp five six hundred index does look at more metrics. So has to show positive growth within a few years that s the v600 has no stocks with share prices below a dollar and only three above two dollars. While the russell 2000 has quite a with it 15 and 39. There you had to have a financial viability component.

In the s. P. 600. So the company s most recent four quarters gap earnings needs to be positive how in the russell 2000.


It doesn t do that methodology. So what i m gonna try to consider is is it worth it staying in the current fund that i m in which is the s p 600 is it worth spending the extra expense ratio or should i change to the fidelity one i m still debating on each issue. I don t think it s really the end of the world in terms of the total returns in the end. But it s something definitely consider because it is a smaller cost so actually let s do this fun.

So any kind of questions or comments. Let me know and i ll close you guys next time. ” ..


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