Placing Stop Orders on Stocks

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“Stop water is a way to exit or enter a position. If a stock reaches reaches a specified price this demo will show you how to place a stop order a stock you already own to start point to the trade tab. Under stocks and etfs click buy sell this brings up a buy and sell page use this form to specify your stop order to begin in the action. List select sell next type the number of shares in the quantity box in the symbol box type.

The ticker symbol of the stock you re selling if you already own the stock the number of shares you own will appear under the symbol box. You can sell your entire position or only a portion then in the order type list select stop market after this type the price of the stop order in the activation price box..

This is the price. The stock needs to reach in order to trigger the stop order under activation price you can see an estimate of the total earnings from selling at the price you ve typed and adjusted accordingly please remember that a stop market order does not guarantee execution at or near the activation price once activated it competes with other market orders be sure that when you place. A stop order. The activation price is below the stock s current price to help avoid exiting the trade prematurely when determining your price you can refer to the stock summary on the right to review.

The stocks price changes over a given time frame next in the time enforced list select. How long you want your order to be active..

If you choose day your stop water will only be active for the current trading day or if you place an order outside of market hours your order will only be enforced during the next trading day. If you choose good till. Cancelled your stop order will remain active until a specified date or until it s cancelled here. We ll choose good till.

Cancelled and type the date. The stop order will expire in the date box..

Then in the tax. Lot id method list click. The method you prefer or simply leave. This as is to use your standing method click.

The review order button to review. The stop order double check the details of your stop order..

If all details meet your specifications click place order. And that s it to check the status of open orders point to trade and then click order status orders can be placed here or from any page on td ameritrade comm by using snap ticket located at the bottom of the window music you ” ..

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