Portal 1 how to enable cheats (PC)

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“Guys and today. I have a video on for you it s little you know know it s how to how to enable developer console and portal. One i m do one for portal. 2.

It s basically the same thing though but and then i m going to show you a couple of sheets that are like my top 5. I don t even find so i guess i ll show you to somebody yeah. So what so what you want to do is you want to pause the game go to options. And you want to go to the keyboard cap up here tat tab.

I meant good advanced and and do the one that says enable developer console. And then click ok. And then apply. And ok.


Again then once you re back here. If you press the button right below escape. I don t really know what s called i will bring up this and just this is how you show you some what you do impulse101 this the rational. But before you do that you have to make sure teats are even enabled so after go sv.

Underscore cheats space. One and then land let says god yep. Okay. So now i want to have another one in impulse101.

See. If that weren t you know this is since half life 2 and portal 2. I mean portal. 1 is a manly basically the same engine.


I think. It is yeah they have all this of it if you use any other other if you use any other other weapons. That s not the portal gun comes out or bite. And it s just weird yet that works okay itself all right okay.

Now if you know let s put another one. Another one is no clip that lets you just fly around inside. And go up. Here go through you go over.

Here. Over here. Oh yeah. I just say.


If you use the rpg on glados in the last chain and last um in the last uh whenever you re in her chamber. If you use the rpg that s like work says that that like light hurt. Sir. So it like takes down the course.

Yes. Go i ll be in there. Wow. What s the form of these mystic you guys go with the bureau.

Please do not attempt to remove testing apparatus from the testing area replacement is your son s weighted storage cube will be delivered shortly music what is this okay so it s like so yeah. That s um how you enable cheats and like three cheats. I think we adjust it yes. How you enable genes tell if you want some more tutorials.


At home try my best ashley just give me like like tell me what you want a tutorial on and i ll try my best to get that but if i can t i ll just like give it i ll find video that does and then i ll use that video and let you and just like put in a link of the other ice. I ll see you guys in the next. The next music looks. I am late tonight on a so called alinka thing okay.

I m waste of the time here um. So i see you guys in the next one peace music. ” ..


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This is a simple tut. on how to enable cheats in portal 2.


When in portal 2:

1. Pause the game
2. Go to options
3. Go to keyboard tab
4. Click advanced
5. Check “enable developer console”
6. unpause and hit the button below esc
7. type “sv_cheats 1”
8. your done

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