Red Dead Online Gold Bars – Best Ways to Make Gold in Red Dead Online – RDR2 Online Gold

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“Everyone my name is gamer cori and welcome back to another red dead online video video now in this video. I am gonna go over all the different ways to gold here on red dead online. I believe i ve gotten all of them. And if i didn t then please leave a kind comment down below letting me know if i did miss anything i have grouped some of these together.

So they might all be in like a category together. But these are the top different 8 ways to make gold here in red online. And i ve ranked them from worst to best especially before the new summer update comes out next week on september. The 10th just in case you guys need to make 15 gold bars before then just in case you haven t completed some of the other things to get one of those professions completely for free now coming in at number 8 is going to be buying them now as you can see here on the screen.

I have not purchased any gold bars ever i still have the one time special offer for 25 gold at 499. Now if you guys are really desperate and want to just buy them you can get that one time special. Offer if you haven t already done it it will cost you 499. Us money.

But that is number 8 on my list now coming. In at number 7 is going to be resetting the awards. Now there s a lot of different reasons. Why i put this actually at number 7.

The first one being you only get point two at normal rate times. And it takes a long time to get them anyway and complete all of them and once you ve done it ten times in some categories. That s it then you can t do that category anymore so that is only number 7 on my list and resetting awards is not the best way to make a ton of gold now coming in at number. 6.

Is going to be the free roam events. Now a free roam events are the ones that pop up every 45 minutes on the left hand corner of your screen. And you re going to be able to join them. And i do have a list on my channel of the different times.

And what they re going to be every 45 minutes. So if you guys are just not doing anything on red dead online and you want to participate in it you can..

But you can see right there. I only got point oh eight gold and it probably only took me six minutes. I think it took a little bit longer to load into it. Wait the minute and a half to actually start the free roam event and then actually get back into the free roam.

I said. I think i spent more time than the actual free roam event itself now they are fun. But you only get point oh eight. And that s why it s on my list lower.

Just because you don t make very much gold and we re all about making gold here. And that was for second place point. Oh. Eight now coming in at number five is something that i very very much enjoy doing on reddit online.

And that is going to be the treasure maps. I love doing the treasure maps. However i have to play some lower on this list. Just because they are extremely hard and rare to get now you do get one for every five ranks that you do complete obviously.

It s a little bit easier when you re a lower rank. Because you have less experience points to get. But you can make a significant amount of gold doing it so. It s kind of like that pro.

Con type. A situation going on with the treasure maps. And you get a lot of money. But they re extremely hard to get especially if you re just gonna do the gang hideouts to actually get them and that s it s that s a lot of people to loot and that s a lot of gang hideouts to find in order to just get them so i can t place this very high on my list to make a significant amount of money and gold on the treasure maps.

It s just not really a good way to do that now coming in at number four are going to be the regular story missions now these missions are completely playable at any time once you ve completed them and you re still gonna earn money gold and xp for doing them and you can try to see if you want try to get gold for each and every single one of them now i do like the kill them each and every one i really don t know why that s my favorite one. I just really enjoy..

It s really quick especially with four people and you re gonna get point one six gold and it really only takes you like five minutes. Literally. The cutscenes as long as everybody skips it anyway can go by very very quickly. But you re gonna see it actually doesn t pop up for me.

But i did make point one six gold for completing the story mission. I don t know why it never popped up for me. But we did skip the end cutscene so i m wondering if that s the reason why that happened but i promise that you do get the point one six. I believe for the first time that you ever do it you actually get a little bit of a bonus now come at number three are the stranger missions now i m going to show you guys two different ways to actually complete the story missions.

Obviously as quick as i can the first one is if you just just rush and get it complete now i m going to show you guys here that this one we literally did super quickly and we got a dollar ten right there for a payout and then you can you saw my gold just briefly now we re getting xp. We re getting some more money more xp. But no gold so that s if you take literally no time to complete it we went from black bail to that completed it it was done no gold so not a good way to make gold. However.

If you guys go to another stranger mission and wait for like the last 30 seconds to deliver whatever. It is or complete the objective or whatever or whatever the stranger wants you to do then you can actually make a significant amount of money. However. It s not it s still number three on my list.

And i always debating on what workers to actually put them in it does take about 10 to 12 minutes to complete one of these stranger missions. But you re gonna see here in just a second that i make a ton of gold. I make point three to gold for taking about ten to twelve minutes to complete a stranger missions with my friend and my friend actually got the same thing not only that but we got a ton of money and a ton of xp now coming in at number two on my list is gonna be anything showdown related. Now specifically what you guys are watching here.

In this video was the elimination mode. Which goes by very very very quickly even if you re not good at showdown modes. You can still make a decent amount of money now. I was trying to remember before recording this video.

If it s currently double gold on showdown. I don t think it is i think it was like 30 or 40 percent more xp but not gold so when they have more gold options pvp and if even if you re not very good at it is a very good way to make gold and money and xp..

If even if you re terrible at it. And you can actually get a little bit better now. We do know that rockstar is gonna be changing a little bit of the combat and some of the pvp things going forward. But we don t know how exactly they re gonna do that so i m putting it on my as number two right now because it s a good way of still getting gold each showdown series whether it s showdown.

Large elimination horse race. I could be like the regular ones like plunder overrun anything like that you guys can make good. Good gold for not really taking a ton of time it takes usually like that eight to ten minutes to be completely honest. It s something that can be fun it can also be frustrating.

Because of a lot of very high level players do play showdown modes and i m talking people that are like three four five level six hundred people and actually played in against a person today that was level six hundred and fifty five it was absolutely crazy they got like 50 kills and three deaths and it was it wasn t even enjoyable to be completely honest. But here s a regular showdown or this is the elimination and you re gonna see imma get at the point one six. I m also gonna show you guys two different other. Showdowns we re actually gets 016 gold at the exact same time and that was only for two gil s one death and like i said that took you like five minutes for that elimination here is the end of a showdown large.

I believe this was most wanted i got ten kills eight deaths and you re gonna see that i got point one six gold as well for completing that one so not too bad to get a little bit of cash to twelve dollars or so and then another one here. I got five kills and ten. Days i was not really doing. Anything but i got 016 gold for that one so that s why it s number two on my list.

Now coming in at number one in my honest. Opinion is and are the daily challenges. I love doing the daily challenges. I actually do them each and every single day.

I recommend that you guys at least do a couple as well they are a significant of significant value especially right now if you ve completed 21 days of a streak in a. Row you re getting 25. Applied. In that 28 days of continuously doing them you get a free treasure map.

So you can get basically a my number five option for free. Without having to search anybody for completing 28 days..

Now you only get that one time so. If you want to restart all over you can when i actually go over this every day in my my videos with you guys every single day. I do daily challenges and i walk literally through them with you and i don t typically do the pvp ones online. But i do record them every once in a while and as you can see i got one gold bar for that one and now this is completing all of my dealer challenge ourselves point one six for completing the showdown.

But i m also getting four gold bars because of my streak. And i completed all seven daily challenges for today. Which is a great way to make a ton a ton of money like i said. I do do the daily challenges every single day on my channel.

So if you guys want to follow along with somebody actually doing them then i m a great source for that most players that i see doing the daily challenges literally just show you guys locations where i actually go through everything. Besides. Pvp and showdown once on online with you guys. So i show you guys the location of herbs.

I show you the locations that i found you know whether it s coyotes or foxes or raccoons or muskrats or virginian pilot whatever. It might be whatever the objective is for that day. I show you physically how and where i do it live each and every day. So if you guys do the data challenges and need somebody to follow along i definitely recommend that you could watch my channel.

Every single day for that information. But anyway this took me a little bit of time to create this video. Because i literally did do everything that was on my list in order to show this for to you guys today. So hopefully you guys did appreciate it and hopefully i you guys can get 15 gold bars before the update happens if you don t have currently 15 gold bars hopefully you did appreciate the video and if you did like it or enjoy it anyway or a phone.

A helpful in any way. There don t forget to like comment and subscribe down below. It would help me out a lot and is greatly appreciated but until next time youtube you guys keep doing what you re doing because you re already doing it and you guys stay gaming music music. ” .


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Red Dead Online Gold Bars – Best Ways to Make Gold in Red Dead Online – RDR2 Online Gold


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