Sekiro – Ashina Elite Made Simple + SABIMARU LOCATION (Boss, Upper Tower Ashina Dojo Idol)

ashina elite sekiro This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Sekiro – Ashina Elite Made Simple + SABIMARU LOCATION (Boss, Upper Tower Ashina Dojo Idol) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“You do do do i eat you yeah. What s up shinobi s mark here. Here. And i know this guy is the worst he s the worst ah this s the worst.

But i m gonna try and show you how to beat him i spent i spent probably three hours trying to beat this guy so i m gonna show you what i learned so first i think you should get the savi morrow prosthetic mod. I will show you in this video how to get it and how to get it quickly. If you want to do the fight. Just go ahead and skip to 412 and you can get started there.

But i do recommend this are the sabe maru mod. If you don t have it and also try to have all four gourd seeds by the time you get here that will help for sure he hits hard and try to max out your emblem. So you can use the sub amaro. Mod.

And you can even money check your inventories or should be some in there. But this guy s uncomfortably aggressive. And he does a lot of damage and oh yeah this guy is the worst. I understand if you re frustrated.

If you re here and frustrated i totally get it because i had to walk away from the game. A couple times. You could see there it is there s the mod..


I got for healing gourds. So yeah don t forget to come over here and buy some of those spirited limbs. If you need them i was low and i m also low on money because i died a lot to this guy all right. So let s fast travel to the upper tower.

The antechamber and this is we re gonna find the mod so we re gonna stealth some of this there s a guy right behind the screen door we can be really quiet. So. We re gonna go to the right watch out for that folding screen you don t want to knock anything over because it will surprise these guys and you don t want to fight them because they re not fun try not to hit any of these these items just go straight through and stealth kill this guy they are a pain so in this room actually we re gonna drop down. I ll show you where we drop down.

But take out this guy you re welcome to of course take out everybody in this room. If you need sin or if you need stuff i m just for now i m gonna show you we re gonna kill the essential guys that we need to kill and yeah. There s those two over there that old lady over there she alerts. Everybody so don t startle.

Her. No. There is actually a grapple point right down below under this bridge. So you have to blindly jump and mash.

The left trigger and you ll grapple on to it. And there s actually just a group of guys down. There that we re gonna surprise..


We re gonna break up their party. The psybeam era mod is actually in that door so we need to pull them away from the door and how do we do that well we re gonna get a little jump. We re gonna startle them and they re gonna go oh my gosh oh my gosh need to go get him yes. We want you to come get me.

Now that doors not open for you yet go ahead and run over there and open it quickly and then these guys are gonna be looking for you because you want to sprint out of that room and those guys or they re gonna work their way slowly towards the door and don t forget to sprint hold the b button or the circle button and run to the other side of the room it probably should have pulled them farther out. But nonetheless run over to this treasure chest and this is where we re going to grab the mod in fact you see the guy. It s good thing. I m invulnerable.

I was stuck in that animation. There s the mod so now we need to go get it installed so let s run all the way back to the sculptors idol down here we got to run past these riflemen don t even fight them unless you want to you might want to zigzag on your way down so they don t hit us. But i m just trying to get through these guys as quickly as possible now once we get to this idol. Let s go the dilapidated temple.

When you get to the dilapidated temple. We re gonna go to the sculptor and we re gonna show him our awesome new mod that we want to install present yes and we re gonna fit it and select the mod have them create it and don t forget when you get out of there hit. The menu button and equip. It as well yeah.

There we go okay once you re done go ahead and fast travel to the upper tower. The escena dojo and now that we re here make sure you re set make sure you got all your respawns make sure you got your idols make sure you got your spirit emblems everything that we re gonna sprint in here we re gonna attack him immediately. We re gonna do it with the savvy maru mod member..


It s right trigger so hit him a bunch of times and there you could see he s been poisoned. Which is awesome. That s what we want so his health is gonna tick down a little bit. I didn t get away you can see he hit me.

That s because i came straight out instead of dodging to the left. I should have dodged to the left so try to keep your health up. Now you could see see the glint on his sword. That s his tail.

You re gonna go to the left always go to the left. And you want to go twice. Don t dodge once the left dodge twice goes. We want to get right behind him.

And i missed right there. But that s okay this fight is crazy and i can see i m directly behind his foot. We want to attack towards him just like that now i only got one hit in there but sometimes you can get a bunch of hits. And he s dodging to the left never to the right if he dodged the right you re gonna get hit you could see.

He s worn off hit. The poison effect has worn off. So..


Now we need to hit him with r sub. Emo mod. Again so i m dodging twice to the left trying to hit him failed. But you gotta be persistent there we go now we got one we got one deathblow win one more to go so i i m probably making it look easy.

But it was really really hard to get to this point. I mean i fought him a lot so there we go i sidestepped to the left like we always do not to the right and he s been poisoned. Which is good now his health is gonna tick down. This guy has really weak vitality.

We re not worried about this guy s posture at all and i get behind him keep doing that now if you don t have this cyber marmont. That s okay you can still sidestep twice get behind him and keep whacking him and you could just do this the entire fight. And he hits really hard so if he hits you once or twice. I mean that s it there we go don t forget to like and subscribe folks.

It does help me out quite a bit thanks for checking out my video. ” ..

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