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“Sakura guru. Here and here s my current top 10 weapon mods. The number 10. 10.

We have the holy moonlight sword from blood borne by tk agp. My hazaki does this classic. But martyrs came to the rescue. It s harrell a it s great and it glimmers in the moonlight and that s exactly why it s not in the game.

Because the ninja with a glowing sword would get spotted instantly by the enemy. The number 9. We have the sword of wealth by kenji art. You want to be the blingiest ninja in the land.

Then. This is the mod for you deliver 24 carats of pain right through your enemy s heart..

And if you run out of sin. You can always melt it down and sell it thank god for the mod community music. At number eight. We have the legacy of the guardian.

8. It gives you the apes massive sword and if it s good enough for the headless ape. Then it s good enough for a ninja. It also turns the mortal blade into that creepy oil centipede that you pull out from the aim.

There s also a nice change to the finger whistle too. But i ll leave that as a surprise. How exactly a scrolling ninja would wield a sword of this size is anybody s guess. But in the world of the martyr s anything is possible despite how much it spits on the probability in the key law of the game at number 7.

We have the cyberpunk sword by christine bliss. You just can t wait for the year 2077 to play cyberpunk 2077 then this will keep you busy till cd projekt releases it basically just a neon glowing samurai sword once again not very practical for a ninja at night as it will glow..

Give your position away. What s cyberpunk about it i don t know because everything in the future will glow neon that s what the number 6. We have wellness holy sword from dark souls. 3 by white it truly is a holy sword as it s full of holes to drain the blood of your enemies.

When you murdered them yeah. This doesn t make any difference to the actual attacks of the game. Doesn t change the feel of the combat. If you were missing all the different types of weapons and they didn t bother doing in this one you can make it feel more like dark souls with this mod spit on the law itself with wellness holy sword number 5.

We have the fire katana by joe giggling. It s nothing to laugh at though is this deadly creation will slice and dice you before burning your enemies to a crisp actually that part s alive there s no fire damage whatsoever. But it does look cool i m sure you ll agree it s been forged with powerful enders to give it a glow of inner strength. If only it did something differently than that but maybe one day at number 4.

We have the earth from dark souls. 3..

Also again by white. It s a large twin bladed acts forged with bronze as a ceremonial weapon normally used in sacred key right. If you re more of an axe man. Then this is the mod for used.

But if you re more of an axe man. What do you buy sec euro for didn t you look into it and see that it was just a guy with a ninja sword the whole game at number 3. We have the sword of empires by bing fayette. It was inspired by the sword of the first chinese empire white.

What a chinese sword that would be doing in the world of a japanese samurai ninjas is anyone s guess. But in a game. Where monkeys fight with a sword. Who cares about reality.

Especially. Those monkeys are even better than you with it music..

But number two we have the raku you if that s how you pronounce it from blood borne by forsaken silver. He s made sure it is the correct shading and weapon trail and lightning reversal functionality. Whatever that means but it chargers looked good there s also an option to replace your finger whistle prosthetic tool with the shorter blade part of raku you if you re so inclined at number one we have sparrows great hammer from dark souls. 3.

And our souls worn by white. It s big it s gold and it will dunk your enemy s heads clean off again this mod spits on the law of secur and a hammer is about the most unpractical weapon for a ninja that there ever was so if you re running through the game. Multiple times over and you re bored of the same weapon. This will give you the pretense that you re fighting with something different subscribe from our boss guide tips and secrets you ll love it music.

” ..

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Links to all the mods:

10) Holy Moonlight Sword by TKGP:

9) Sword of Wealth by KenjiArt:

8) Legacy of Guardian Ape by ApolloHoo:

7) Cyberpunk Sword by Christianbliss:

6) Wolnir s Holy Sword by White:

5) Fire Katana by Joe Giggler:

4) Earth Seeker by White:

3) Sword of Empire by BingFeiNep:

2) Rakuyo by Forsakensilver:

1) Smough s Great Hammer by White:

The Sekiro Guru shows you his Top 10 Weapon Mods in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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