Shadow of Mordor – 5 Helpful Tips to help you grow and level up

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“Guys and welcome to this video. This is going to show you how to level level up fairly quickly on a middle earth shadow of mordor great game so let get straight into this absolute top tip. Number one learn how to block or parry block is essential in any hand to hand fight your indies all the time and if you do not do not learn how to do this you are going to die. A lot very quickly over and over again so on the playstation.

4. The block button is the the triangle icon and it will appear above your head. When one of the other orcs or the oryx is about to attack you do not care. What you re doing you might be going in for some kind of execution kill or ground kill.

If that button appears use it you can come back and kill the other guys later you ll continue to do damage to the ones. You ve already got on the ground that you re about to execute. But you must learn this is what you do you cannot get through this game. Without it it is the number one tip.

Which is why it is the first one. I m telling you okay so on to tip number two this might sound really obvious okay. But don t die. Okay dying has severe consequences in this game.

You really really need to avoid dying as often as possible now. I know most of you would want to do that anyway. Because that s the whole point of feeling dominant in a game like this. But okay.


There are these consequences. As soon as one of these generals or these commanders kills. You it allows them to rank up within their own army. Okay.

So here you go axe in the neck. Yeah pretty lovely now blog at the stench here this dude. He basically has now been given the power over me. And it helps him gain reputation within his own army.

See there his powers increased. He s dug ranked up a notch and now what he s able to do is actually take on one of the commanders in his own army for their position. Yeah. The orcs are always battling each other to outdo each other don t give an excuse guy as don t i as much as you can okay is one of the things you need to avoid this guy.

It wasn t even a commander. But he was because he beat me. He was allowed to take a commander s position. This is what you see now he s gonna fight somebody else for their for their territory and and he s won so this guy is innocent look.

There he goes he levels up so remember the dying allows the the the enemy to develop and get gain more power of you they become more powerful then next time you come across them. And she will come across them again. So if you are low on health in the middle of a fight. It is okay to run away run away run away.


As fast as you can okay bravely of course. Now running away. It can be a brave thing it can be a noble thing. It s okay don t worry.

It is part of the tactics of the game you need to run away and try and find some way of replenishing your now the only way i have found so far to replenish your health on this game is to find the herbs that are planted around the map. Now there are little icons on the map. You ll see you ll get used to the what they look like but here we go we found one it s a little white icon on the map. And you just chop.

It down have a munch and head straight back to to the way you were before and finish. The guys off okay. Number three tip number three remember how to dodge okay. There you see all you need to do is press the x.

And the directional button when you re being attacked and get out the way not like i did there but like i did there so it s really important some of the attacks that are from the more powerful enemies. You cannot actually defend you must simply get out the way and find a better place to take them on so these dogs here there are loads of them all around me and they re all about to attack me from many different angles. The best way you can avoid their attack is when the the x icon on the ps4 appears of course on on on the xbox on a place and the pc sorry it would be different. But the press the x button and pull the directional button away from your attacker.

That is your your best tactic. It gives you a chance to get out the way and run away again bravely to find some shelter or find a better position to take these guys on if you don t do this okay. This is what you get tacked to the point. Where you can t dodge anymore.


Then if you cannot get away from it in that last ditch attempt you become dog food. Yeah. Nice okay. So tip.

Number four is earn mirian collect meereen as much as you can certainly early on in the game. The easiest way to do this is by doing some of these challenge missions now look on the map here you can see the little white icon missions. The ones. I m highlighting there these are challenges these are things that will earn you this mirian mirian is you can use to then spend on levelling up.

So. If your your abilities later on so. It s going to take you through one of these missions. I quite enjoyed doing this i have to kill ten slavers in three minutes.

So it s time based mission. But i get a little bonus. Okay pay attention to the bonuses. It will get you an extra bit of mirin at the end as you complete it all i have to do is avoid detection.

So carrying watching this and we ll see how it does thank you think he s working with someone so many vows to come i choose even worse than they already are i am in your debt. Okay so just one more to go and there we go complete the mission and i ve earned myself a hundred and fifty myrin yeah i got some xp as well but again look at the important thing you ve got some bonus. There s another 50 million. Now these are all useful so go straight away go and use this mirror to upgrade your health at the beginning of the game.


This is going to help you the most i ve done a bit of research online of course. These aren t my own my own tips outright. I don t own the rights to these. But this is the best advice upgrade your health as soon as you can tip number five the last tip in this video.

I ll show you more later on upgrade your ranger abilities first your ranger abilities are the ones that will allow you to assert in hand to hand combat and seeing as 90 of this game is about fighting these guys. This is what you want to do so. As soon as you get an ability point you see that ability point earned pop up on the screen. And at the top.

There you ve got a little icon saying presley the d pad the right hand side on your d pad to unlock and ability and this is the ability screen now i haven t progressed. Very far yet and it s telling me now i ve got two points to spin. I can t use them yet because i don t have enough power. I have to complete power struggles to do those ones with a red padlock and this yellow.

One here. I have to complete a main mission to do so so if you want to know how to get on to those open up the map. And you ll find the right color icon for the tasks you have to do to unlock these these abilities so guys i hope you d like these tips. I m going to bring a load more once i ve played a bit more to gain.

But these are some these are basically tips for some beginners as i am right now i hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did please subscribe like or give me a comment that would be great thanks goodnight. ” ..


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Hi Guys,

Shadow of Mordor – 5 Helpful Tips to help you grow and level up.
Level up quickly with this set of basic tips, this video shows you how to achieve this early in the game, and without any spoilers for the later parts. Concentrate on combat methods and techniques to help get on with the game fast.

There are 5 basic tips to begin with, more tips will follow as you progress through the game – so watch out for part 2!

These are only suggestions and I hope you will find them useful, its worth a watch (and a like or subscribe if you are feeling generous!) to assist you in your quest to take down the evils of Mordor and rank highly. Consider this a beginners guide, with more to follow!

1 – block
2 – dont die
3 – dodge
4 – mirian
5 – abilities

Shadow of Mordor – 5 Helpful Tips to help you grow and level up

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Shadow of Mordor – 5 Helpful Tips to help you grow and level up

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