Skyrim Special Edition 100 Archery FAST At LEVEL 1 (Fastest Bow Skill Starter Guide Remastered)

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” s up squad. My name is yes so and welcome back to the channel. Where where i show you the top tips on the fastest way to level each skill skyrim and in this video. I ll be showing you the fastest way to power level your archery skill from level 1.

All the way to level 100. This will literally take you no time at all. And it is very very easy to do as soon as you start the game so in this guide. I ll be showing you two methods to level up your archery skill now firstly.

If you re watching you re going to want to uninstall the unofficial patch mod that mod actually patches the first method. I m about to show you so obviously you re going to want to uninstall it until you have level 100 archery and then you can just reinstall. It later so to do this method you re first going to want to get the andal as a follower. This is very simple to do you just need to fast travel to river wood.

Which is located here on the map once you are here just find the wood elf archer named the andal he s usually walking around town or you ll find a near the mill area chopping. Some wood so just talk to him and he ll explain a problem that he s having with sven who s trying to pick up his babes tamila. So just ask him about it he s a farm. So he says occasionally he finds time to do his job here at the mill thinks his ballads and sonnets are going to convince camilla valerius to marry him as if she would say yes an intelligent beautiful woman like her wouldn t fall for that nonsense.

I hope so now we must go ahead and help out the andal. I ve been thinking maybe camilla needs a little help seeing sven for what he is could you could you give her this letter and say it s from sven. I think i ve matched that nords lack of cleverness perfectly by giving this fake letter to camilla and we can find camilla over here in the river with all the reader so just head on inside. And we can talk to her now make sure you pick the conversation option to lie and give camila.

The letter she will now hates pen and like fee andale another poem i bet. He does know how to make a girl blush. What s this if that oath thinks all i m going to do is stay in that fills the house of his and clean out you can tell spend that he already has a mother. I m not speaking to him anymore until next time job.


Done now just go back and talk to the andal again and tell him what you did you will now have the option to make the andal your follower and please make sure that you do this first tell me as soon as you ve given camila. The letter. I appreciate your help please take this some gold. I ve saved up from working at the mill once here s your follower weeklies lower step.

1. Ask him to train your archery skill. What can i get for you i ll show you what i know after you ve paid him you would level up your archery skill step. 2.

Now just tell p o. That you would like to trade equipment just go into his inventory and simply take back the money you ve just paid him. Now. We re just going to ask him to train us again and then we re just going to take back the money again.

So you re literally just going to repeat steps. 1 2. Repeatedly. And it s very important that you repeat.

It five times in a row like i am in a video. Because at this point. You will then not teach you anymore. He will only teach you five times per level.

So for step three you must now exit the conversation and level up your character. And then just go back and ask for more training and once again he s going to train us another five times. But it s very important that you train your archery skill at least five times before you level up again because otherwise you ll make this method a lot slower for yourself later on and guys if you haven t already make sure you smash that subscribe button. Because i ve got tons more skyrim guides on their way.


And you can also follow me on facebook and twitter. So you never miss out on my daily skyrim video guides and the link for that can be found down in the description below so we can actually use this method. All the way up until level 50 archery and then fee andale will not teach you any more because you would have progressed past his skill level. So at this point.

We have two options we can either find another person to teach us archery which i ll show you in a moment or we can do it ourselves. So if you want to find another teacher you can actually find another follower in the companions guild called alia. The huntress now in order to get her as a follower. You must first do a few quests for the companions and then she ll teach you up to level 75.

Archery using the exact same method. I showed you before now. One thing that you will notice is as you train up your archery skills. You will need more and more gold to train.

It now obviously. It s not too much of a problem because we can just get the gold back. But off the level 50. It does get quite costly.

So you will need the goal to start off with before you can actually pay for it and take your money back. If that makes sense so i do suggest that once you do get to around level 50 archery. You can actually move on to using method two so for this example. You must firstly activate the thief stone this can be found out the standing stones.

Which are located here on the map and once we activate this stone it will make your archery skill increased 20 faster in addition to this we can also sleep in an owned bed. So a bed that you own or even in an inn in a bed that you paid for for the night. And this will give you the well rested buff. Which gives you an additional 10 experience boost for a whole eight hours in game.


So that s a total of 30 extra experience. We re going to get when we re trying to level up next up we re going to travel to high froth. Gar located here on the map and you ll come to this location very on within the main storyline and when you do come here. You re going to want to bring with you the most powerful bow and arrow.

That you currently have and also as you re leveling up your archery skill you re going to want to make sure that you invest in the over dropper because our rank. 5. This will make you double damage with bows because the more damage. You do the faster you will level.

So that s why we need to do all those things so just head inside high throg our and we re going to have to find a graybeard that we can sneak up behind and attack so make sure that you turn up your difficulty to legendary difficulty because this will ensure that your target doesn t die in a few bow shots. And then we re going to find a place where you re hidden and we re going to proceed to sneak attack one of the greybeards and this will level up your archery skill. Very very quickly now. The grave is won t actually move as you pelt them in the back with arrows so it makes it really easy to do.

But obviously you are going to want to save every five levels or so because if they do detect you and you shoot them a few times. They will turn hostile eventually and you re going to need to reload. You re safe. But this method will level up your sneak skill at the same time as your artery.

But it s actually a lot faster and i suggest doing it this way because you actually do more damage from sneak attacks with a bow. So this means that you level up your artery skill a lot faster. But if you do not want to level up your sneak skill as well. I do suggest that you instead come to whiterun and buy yourself a horse for 1000 gold god i like you needs a warhorse.

I reckon suppose so got one all saddled. If you ve got the coin. You ve got a deal and then turn the difficulty up to legendary again. So your horse has more health and now just attack.


The horse with your bow your horse won t run away from you it will just let you pelt it with arrows and you don t need to do this method in sneak mode. So it will just train your archery skill. And once your horse is on low health. Just use the in game weight mechanic to wait one hour.

And it will refill the horses health just make sure you don t kill it because obviously. It s worth a thousand gold to you this method is going to be slower than the other method. Because you re not doing a sneak attack so you ll do less damage. If you do want to level up.

All your other skills to level 100. Really quickly. Though please do check out the description. Because i ve got a whole playlist on the fastest way to level up your skills.

And make sure that you smash that subscribe button and also follow me on facebook. Instagram and twitter. So you don t miss any of my skyrim video guides and if you did find this power leveling guide helpful guys please do the video so i know to make more of them but thanks again for watching guys my name is eso and i will see you laurel subscriber in the next. Skyrim video guide have a fantastic day and goodbye.

Don t forget that you can receive texts and or email notifications from my channel. Every time. I release a new video underneath the video just hit subscribe and then hit the bell next to it you will now get notified as soon as i release. A new video welcome to the eso squad guys you ” .


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Skyrim Special Edition 100 Archery FAST At LEVEL 1 (Fastest Bow Skill Starter Guide Remastered)!
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