Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – 100% Dathomir – Chests, Secrets, Echoes, BD-1 Logs & Seeds

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“Guys. It s time to take a look at all of the collectibles in dathomir. Dathomir. Now first here are the creatures that are unique to dathomir that you must upon killing one.

I didn t have any issues finding any of them just naturally happened found them all scan them all i m not gonna show you the last one because some people may think. It s a spoiler. But don t worry. It s the automatic story related you can t possibly miss.

It now we re gonna go region. From region point. A to point b. All in a straight line.

Now. This isn t as complicated as i thought it was gonna be initially because all the areas. We re going to go to are basically connected to each other until we get closer to the end so let s start off at the upper strangled cliffs. There s a few of them here in sadly.

I m going to do a little backtracking here because another region. The strangled cliffs are separate from this and i m gonna kind of run right past it but since we re doing region by region. We re gonna go up here first if you ve played through this level before this plan and this is all just normal pathing. We re gonna climb up here and once we get up here.

There s going to be a secret room. We re gonna do a wall jump in it s right in front of us and well is right above us. And we re gonna take the wall jump in go over on the other side to claim this echo. So now we re gonna jump back out of here and you may have seen already.

But there s a chest right around the corner. You re straight in front of us while run or double jump. There okay so now we are gonna head kind of the center of this area there s a log just to the right. If you want to jump over there i ll show you it once we finish with this section.

But we re gonna get to the center structure. Here in circle. All the way around it and pick this red slice chest and then open it unfortunately bt had something else in mind wants to do a warning. Okay now we re gonna slice it open.

So now we re gonna continue up the story path. But we will return to that spot in just a moment continue up the stairs. And there s actually going to be one right above us right here through this doorway so in order to access it we re gonna jump on in this first rope turn around and then jump up into the top of the doorway the transom. I guess yes that s probably not the appropriate term in the star wars universe okay so we re gonna get up here so remember a moment ago.

I did mention that if you want 100 this area. There s one section that for some reason. I didn t have access to so i m just gonna show you that location. I mentioned that log that you can jump over so if we just kind of back up a little bit you can also scan that red little red thing in front of us as well and that put me at a hundred percent.

If you want to get that so now. I m gonna go do the strangled cliffs. It s actually a level below the upper strangled cliffs. So from that previous spot in the the transom echo that we just found i m gonna head back here where the red sliced box of that now to the right we are gonna go down here to a lower section.

A totally new lay whole section in the game. This is a mini puzzle. You just have to push this this crate into position and then climb up some vines over to another side. Where we re gonna get a secret go ahead push this over this way.

I think we re probably close enough to get to that vine. Sure are so we re just gonna drop into this new room. There s a new door. This is the one and only item in the strangled cliffs again not to be confused with the upper strangle to fix.

So now..

We re gonna go to brother s bastion and i apologize that this is far too much back and forth for me even though it s less than 100 yards. But we are gonna go and take the double rope swing to the brothers bastion area and so from that meditation point go up these stairs. We re just gonna follow this around and so we get to about the halfway point. Where you would have met an archer.

Which is gonna be right down this hallway to your left. If the enemies were here and then immediately look to the right and you ll find a box make sure you unlock that let s see what s inside amantha s paint. Okay. So now we re just going to follow the story path and i m gonna do a complete fail here me thinking i can jump nope okay.

We re coming out follow this around now. There s a place you drop down here you can drop on to an enemy. And there s also eight rocks here make sure you open this chest and then past the workbench not that way we re gonna go past the workbench. Which is this way.

This is where you could pick up the double bladed lightsaber. Really early in the game. If you made your way over here continue past that and now you may have seen a secret earlier orbiting above the meditation point. But we re gonna find some vines.

And this is gonna take us to that location so we re right above that starting point for brothers bastion. So now we re gonna head over to the collapsed settlements so the collapsed edelman you have to take a big slide down. And you ll get to this point a meditation point and i m just going to show you how you get down here. That was nearly brothers bastion area.

Where you would meet that shadow figure for the first time and we completely whipped on that first jump that that jump is a little buggy. I hope that kind of iron that out a bit okay we re almost there we juice needed hop onto this rope. We re gonna climb it up and this will take us to the meditation point now there is a path to the left with a locked door. If you have that path pathway.

A shortcut location open go ahead and get the chest s in there otherwise. We re gonna take the long way to get there. But you still have to go this way anyways you will just save yourself up you know 30 seconds. So this is all part of the main story path we re just gonna do a bunch of platforming here.

Let s squeeze through there we re going to have to pull this thing up to enter climb up some vines and when we get up to the vines. We re actually going to turn around and have to do a wall run to another echo. So we had a loop back. There s a lot of looping back in this planet now.

We re altima trying to get make our way up to a wooden platform. That is basically an elevator lift up and down. That is gonna take us to the shortcut path at the door that we need to unlock or you don t need unlock it fit you wanted to unlocking all the shortcuts will help you get to the hundred percent. However okay and once i figure out how to jump up here.

We ll be good while running and buying climbing you do a lot of that and we are almost said. We re gonna take this branch jump up to the one above us. And then that is where the little wooden elevator is at jump on that wooden platform x marks. The spot.

And that ll take us to the room with the shortcut door as well as a chest. Okay got that get back onto the platform get yourself back up and we are gonna head over to the halls of the night ech in just a moment. But first don t go up that wall there on the left hand side you might be tempted to we re gonna find a room with a body lying on the center. And it s going to be the final thing.

We need to get the final echo in the claps that settlement before we enter the halls. All right so once you get to the halls area. There s going to be a meditation point above us now be careful because there s gonna be enemies shooting arrows at you and you need to pull this platform down so you can wall run and you ll walk wall run right up to where the meditation point is that now you need to do is turn around wait for that platform to come back up and use that to wall run to the opposite side up a little higher now at this point. We re gonna do a little running.

We re gonna get into kind of an arena thing. Where you have to push a crate in the position. So you can carry on and just next to where that box is located that you re gonna push to the left of it is where the echo is going to be okay. Here.

It is yeah well it looks like we got ourselves on company..

Here. Let s go i take care of him real quick. I think at this point. I have every skill in the game.

A whole. Heck of a lot of help all right so let him dad. There s the box. We re going to move into place first let me see if i got a scan.

Them i do have to scan them how about that and there is the echo now you re gonna push that box into place and then you re gonna get out of here. And this is gonna lead us to the swamp of sacrifice. So if you just following that main path you re going to end up here. You re gonna come down a slide.

There s a whole bunch of things we re gonna do here first as soon as you land. If you look straight to the left right here is going to be another seat. I have made a separate video for all the seeds so it would be there if i hadn t already gotten planted. It now we re gonna go to the ramp.

Here leading up to a meditation point and i think taking the long way around here. So you can jump up here turn around double jump or just go around the back side here. We re gonna find another echo. So that was kind of like the first part of the swap.

It s very small we open now jump onto this big tree over here and jump down onto the other side this barrier. Once you jump down. There s gonna be an echo. I left from here we were gonna then go to the right find a another chest.

And there s gonna be an echo about 20 meters to the left of that so there was the first echo. Those with power hears of the box right around this corner straight in front of us. And again 20 meters to the left. There s going to be another echo.

You re the best so once you ve gotten all three of these in this little small area we re gonna head straight in front of where i m looking and you re gonna find a tree with a bunch of pods hanging on it in those pods will break open enemies will come down well. There s two things we re gonna do here. We re gonna go ahead and slice and open this box. Then our second seed of this planet is going to be made available and then at this point.

You will have access to all the seeds you may already have them these were the final two that i needed to collect and that seed again is right about here somewhere now i m gonna climb this vine wall right in front of me. This is going to be part of the the natural story path. We re not taking any alternate routes at this point. Now.

We re gonna make our way to the branch straight in front of us here and we re gonna jump over to another side. Where there s going to be another box can be right next to a bunch of glowing mushrooms. Little mini puzzle over here where you got to push and then hold that that stone right there before you do anything don t interact with it just yet use it to climb up to this section. And we got ourselves.

A nother echo. Again you may already have the echo trophy. You need 75. There s probably well over 100 total.

So you may already have the echo trophy and if you do congratulations. You don t actually need to collect anymore they echoes so push that stone hold it and then we re gonna climb up now once i get to the top here i m gonna immediately do a 180 and look down into my right and we ll be able to jump right to this echo location over here and then one more that could be a little troublesome. For you we re gonna drop off the left side over here and then just follow this to another branch. That we can walk over we re actually jumped to and then walked over you just want to be right in the back right corner of this next.

Little area now you want to make your way over to the witch s horn. Some type of ritual. It s a part it attaches to the swamp actually i technically i m still in the swamp. But i m gonna go into the witch s horn area.

So just keep following the path and nothing tricky here..

There s the meditation point. We re gonna get to an area with a big arena. A battle happens here and what you re gonna see on the far side is a huge huge long wall you can climb so we re gonna do that and i will meet you once we get to the top. Okay we re at the top.

But now we need to squeeze our our fat butt. Through this narrow. Opening. And this is quite a lengthy passage waiver going through i suspect once again it s loading in the background.

And if you thought we were done climbing well think again now 100 percent. This area. We re gonna have to come down from the witch s horn. But you don t want to come down the way we re going up there s another path out at this area.

That s gonna lead us. Ultimately into the night brother dungeon alright. So once you squeeze through immediately being your left. There s an echo.

The strongest night brothers face to write a passage by venturing in and guess. What creature. We re back the climbing once again first we got a quite a follow these tree branches passed by the meditation point just to the left of it you can jump to another wall and once again i will meet you at the top now we got two collectibles. We re gonna get here as soon as you make it to the top look to your right.

And you ll see a secret. It s gonna be either a force or a health essence and before you go running off. We re gonna go inside again or use this bowl from the top of the structure right in this middle. Over.

Here is going to be another box that we need to unlock all right so now you re gonna make your way to the night brother dungeon. But don t go down the same way we came up i just want to remind you again. We re gonna use a new way down. We re just gonna turn left or right past.

Where the essence was and follow that route down until you get to the night brother. Dungeon. Now you re gonna go through the cliffside fortress first before you get to the dungeon. The cliffside does not have anything of interest for us so we re just gonna pass right through it it s very small area and then you re gonna cross underneath that bridge by climbing on that pipe you re now in the dungeon.

There s two collectibles on the first left a box in echo and then we re gonna go to the opposite side of the dungeon. Which again isn t very big and we re gonna get one more box. There all right so follow the path back out of here. And it s gonna lead you into the night.

Brother village. Once you get to the village make your way all the way down to the ground floor. And we are gonna start our travels. There you want to look for a blue building not very hard to see or fine.

Because it s quite obvious and now you need to move another box this box right here used to be up the stairs. You got to go up here. And then push that down here in order to jump up and over into this house or building or whatever. It is we re gonna drop and look to our right and find a box once you ve opened this box immediately just turn around and look the other direction and then run straight.

There s going to be a dead end here and you can go either left or right. So i m gonna go right first and then turn back around skip that hallway. We just passed on the left and then the second one is a house or adobe or i don t know what it is. But it s a little home and another echo till once again turn around and then head straight out and we re gonna follow this around now.

What we re looking for is a shortcut rope and well here s a rope. But it s not this at one this is not a shortcut rope. The shortcut rope is going to be near very very close to the next echo. So just keep following the path here is the shortcut rope.

If you look down into the left side you can drop right onto the echo once you ve collected this we re gonna head over to the nightmare rooms..

This is the first time that we aren t gonna do a connecting zone. We re gonna have to travel all the way back to the nightmare room. Which is heading off to where the tomb is and once you get up here instead of heading straight into the tomb of cajeta. We re gonna take an alternate route around the nightmare room.

So the tomb doors in front of us. We re gonna just turn to our right to navigate a whole new area of the map now just ahead we re gonna slide down. We re gonna have to do some wall running and it s gonna lead us to a chest here in just a second it you can t miss this. One you have to be really blind.

So there it is we almost jumped right on top of it we re going to do some more wall running eventually getting to some climbable vines. So do a double jumps here just to get a little bit more height once you climb up here. There s a face right in front of you go to the right of it all right continue this alternate route around it s basically a circle. I m gonna climb the vines here and then head straight back.

We don t want to deviate. We want to head straight back this direction you see that large rock in the back here on the right. We have to go around the back side of it okay. So now we re gonna find these stairs over here on the left side we re gonna jump across to them now.

We re heading off to our final bd1 canister upgrade stimpack upgrade. Which will mean we ll earn a trophy. We ll have ten total so we re gonna climb a branch. Not there we have to go up a little higher air first but often the left corner is going to be another branch.

We can walk over in just a second you ll see the gold chest. There it is i get a little excited knowing. It s the last of something and you know that trophies about to pop you re a lifesaver now from here we re gonna drop down and go through the door. We re still gonna be in the nightmare room.

So there s the medical droid trophy as soon as you enter the doorway here immediately go out circle around loop around to the right. And then there s going to be one of the logs that we need to scan one of the cordova long that s logs. The encrypted bd1 logs that you need to find there s 19 of which total well one of them is gonna be right here beating one s gonna hop off your shoulder. You ll know exactly where it is scan this big pop right over here in front of the statue now we re gonna head into the tomb itself of course meditate if you d like alright so now we re in the tomb.

There s not a whole lot here. It s a relatively small area. But as soon as you enter do you see the climb above wall yellow flowers. We re gonna climb up here there s going to be an echo in here and then we re gonna cross a conveniently placed log going to the opposite side basically in the same spot.

But on the opposite end so there s the echo not entirely sure why didn t actually sense it this one or the next one alright so there s that next echo. We re gonna jump out of here go into the next area you re gonna have some enemies. Some big ones dispatch them. And then there s going to be a cordova log.

One of the encrypted logs just to the right right about where we re fighting. This is actually gonna be my last cordova log. So it s going to give me the trophy. It s probably not going to be your last one or it may not be your last one.

But there it is scan that it s my trophy. I think there s some more story related ones maybe another one in future chapters planets. But there s the day two dystrophy and that is it for this video guys that was dathomir not too bad. I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you all hit that like button.

If you hated it hit the dislike button of course subscribe ring that notification bell and you ll know when the next video comes out. As you can see death aamir. 100. Explored.

16 chests for secrets and a whole bunch of echoes and logs. ” ..

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Collectibles for Dathmoir. These include all Lightsaber parts, Clothing, Stim Canister Capacity, Force and Health essence upgrades, Plant seeds, Echos and BD-1 Encrypted Logs (Cordova Logs).

New Merch –

0:26 Upper Strangled Cliffs
2 Chests
2 Echoes

0:31 Strangled Cliffs
1 Secret

4:25 Brother s Bastion
2 Chests
1 Secret

6:21 Collapsed Settlement
1 Chest
2 Echoes

9:54 Halls of the Nydak
2 Echoes

11:39 Swamp of Sacrifice
3 Chests
6 Echoes
2 Seeds

15:45 Witches Horn
1 Chest
1 Secret
1 Echo

19:15 Nightbrother Dungeon
2 Chests
1 Echo

20:04 Nightbrother Village
1 Chest
3 Echoes

21:59 Nightmare Ruins
4 Chests
1 Secret
1 BD-1 Encrypted Data Log (Cordova s Log)

25:21 Tomb of Kujet
3 Echoes
1 BD-1 Encrypted Data Log (Cordova s Log)

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This Game includes the following trophies

A New Hope (Platinum)
Earn all trophies

Kicking Back (Bronze)
Kick a phillak that has kicked you

Collector (Gold)
Collect all chests and secrets

Legendary Beasts (Silver)
Defeat four mysterious creatures

Feel the Force (Gold)
Unlock all Jedi skills

A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Silver)
Complete all of BD-1 s holomaps

Back At You (Bronze)
Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts

Perfect Timing (Bronze)
Parry 100 enemies

Kickoff (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy using only kicks

Triple Take (Bronze)
Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw

What Goes Around… (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy with their own Slowed blaster bolt

Big Bang (Bronze)
Defeat 20 enemies with explosives

Don t Mess With BD-1 (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid

Can t Touch This (Silver)
Precision Evade 100 attacks

Look Out Below (Bronze)
Send 25 enemies over the edge

Not So Fast (Bronze)
Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow

Bank Shot (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy

Cal Got Your Tongue? (Bronze)
Slice an oggdo s tongue

Medical Droid (Silver)
Find all of BD-1 s stim canisters

Green Thumb (Silver)
Have a fully grown terrarium

Full House (Bronze)
Recruit all possible crew members for the Mantis

Data Disk (Bronze)
Find all of BD-1 s encrypted logs

Sabersmith (Bronze)
Fully customize your lightsaber

The Full Glow-Up (Bronze)
Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis

Data Collector (Silver)
Scan all enemy types

Echo Location (Bronze)
Discover 75 Force Echoes

Secret Trophies

Trust Only In The Force (Gold)
Complete the story

The Mantis (Bronze)
Join the crew

A Long Time Ago (Bronze)
Discover the Bogano Vault

The Obstacle is the Way (Bronze)
Complete the Tomb of Eilram

Everything is Connected (Bronze)
Complete the Tomb of Miktrull

The Holocron Awaits (Bronze)
Open the Vault

Happy Go Wookiee (Bronze)
Free the Wookiees from Imperial imprisonment

Her Name Was Masana Tide (Silver)
Defeat the Ninth Sister

Visiting Alderaan Places (Bronze)
Explore the crashed Venator

Gorgara Falls (Silver)
Defeat the winged terror on Dathomir

For A More Civilized Age (Bronze)
Craft a lightsaber of your own

I Knew He Was No Good (Silver)
Defeat a former Jedi Master

Blade Master (Silver)
Hit a single enemy with all lightsaber types

Scum and Villainy (Silver)
Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter

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