Strongholds & World Tier Rank The Division 2

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“What is going on everybody. It s one solo here with a squad gaming welcome welcome back to the channel thank you all so much for tuning in today for more tom clancy s the division so in today s video. We re actually gonna be breaking down all the information that we got from the other day s state of the game livestream from ubisoft talking about these strongholds and the world tier system in the division. So without further ado guys let s jump right into the video.

So once you actually reach level 30. This is where the endgame starts and this is where you re categorized in world tier 1. Right out of the gate. And this is where the fun begins in my opinion.

Because there is so much endgame content in the division that it s gonna keep you busy for months to come. So how this works with these strongholds is basically for each stronghold that you complete you re gonna go up a world tier until you reach the launch cap of world tier 4. And then once the tidal basin dlc releases shortly after the launch of the division. This is where you re gonna be able to advance to world tier 5.


So the first thing you guys are gonna need to know about these strongholds is there is no particular order that you have to complete them. But there are gear score requirements depending on which one you are doing so for instance you can pick between the three to start. And it s going to actually cost you a gear score of 275 minimum to actually be able to attempt the stronghold once you complete that stronghold and you go on to the next stronghold. That is gonna have a gear score requirement of 325 to actually complete that stronghold and then when you move on to the third and final stronghold that we have at launch.

It s going to have a gear score of 375 requirement to attempt that stronghold so it does not matter. What order you do these in but as you progress through them the gear score requirements go up and each of these actual strongholds has two missions that are tied to each one that you re going to need to complete before you will actually gain access to the stronghold itself. So without further ado guys let s talk about the three of them that are gonna be in the game at launch. So the first one being roosevelt island obviously it says gear score requirement of 275.

So that actually pertains to all of them if they are the first stronghold that you attempt. But we have the federal emergency bunker and the potomac event center and these two missions you need to complete before you will actually gain access to the roosevelt island stronghold next. We have the capitol buildings so with this we have the air and space museum as well as the space administration hq and those two missions are going to have to complete to gain access to the capitol building stronghold and last but not least we have the district union arena. Where we have the grand washington hotel and the jefferson trade center and those are the two missions that are tied to this stronghold that you re going to need to complete to actually gain access to those stronghold.


But like i said before after you progress through the first one and the second one on the third one. You re gonna be going up in world tiers. But each one is gonna require you to have a higher gear score. So it s not like you re gonna be able to jump into these and immediately beat the first one beat.

The second one beat. The third one because the likelihood of you gaining the required gear score in back to back to back strongholds is very very rare it s not really gonna happen you re gonna have some grinding and stuff in between but for the most part those are the strongholds that we re gonna have at launch and then also like i said tidal basin is going to be the first dlc that we re gonna be getting shortly after the launch of the division. 2. And this is basically the black tusk stronghold that this is where they came from this is their encampment you re gonna go there and then once you actually complete that stronghold and that s where you re gonna be advancing to world tier 5.

So with all that being said i m actually gonna pop something on screen here for you guys to look at and this is gonna kind of give you guys an idea of how the world tier system is going to work and see here with your world tier. One you have a max gear score of 300 and as you progress through the world tiers your max gear score goes up by basically 50 increments and we can kind of assume that world tier. 5. Is gonna be the same way so our max gear score actually in the division 2.


Once you reach max world tier is gonna be 500 and before those of you guys that don t know you can t really go back to one of these world tiers as you progress through the world tiers and you complete these basically strongholds after you complete each stronghold. You re gonna have a little bit of a timer that s automatically gonna progress you to the next worlds here there is no going back so this is kind of how the ranking system is gonna be working in the endgame as you progress through the world tiers basically once you reach worlds here. 5. There is no going back you re basically gonna have the hardest enemies all the time in the division and personally i cannot wait to get there.

And it is going to be one of a grind because you do have to achieve all these gear scores to be able to take on these strongholds and you have to complete the strongholds to go up in world tiers. So everything kind of coincides with each other. And there s gonna be a boatload of grinding with the amount of endgame content and the 52 deck of cards that we have with all the 52 named bosses and all that stuff that i d actually talked about in my previous video. There is more than enough endgame content to grind out that gear score and get two worlds here for before we get the black tux stronghold.

Which is gonna be the title base in dlc shortly after the launch. So there s plenty of stuff to do in the division. Too. But i just wanted to give you guys a rundown of all of this information.


So you guys were prepared once the game comes out next week. But for the most part guys. That s pretty much gonna do it for the video. If you guys enjoyed it you guys learn something you guys are excited about the strongholds and the worlds here system in the division make sure to drop a like on the video and also subscribe.

If you are new to stay up to date in all things with the division leading up to the launch and after the launch next week. But for the most part guys like i said. That s all for the video. Thank you all so much for watching.

And i will catch you guys later peace out music. ” ..

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