SubscriberWise Risk Based Pricing Notices

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“You for joining me for this video tutorial of risk based pricing notices. I ll ll demonstrate how csrs and credit managers and administrators access. These reports in the subscriber. Decision management system.

Reports can be accessed either on demand by csrs and administrators or credit managers or with a batch option for printing on a scheduled basis subscriber wise risk based pricing notices are fully compliant with the federal requirements indicated by the final rules of the federal trade commission and the federal reserve board as it relates to risk based pricing notices you have an opportunity to review. These notices generated in subscriber wise during this presentation and keep in mind generating and printing risk based pricing. Notices is not only fast and easy. There s also no additional cost or fee for this service.

Let s begin with a sample submission from a csr. The csr has obtained the prospects information and entered it into subscriber wise let s click submit to obtain a decision now what you ll notice here is that we have a decision level. 7. And we have a risk based pricing notice the function exists here because the operator assigned deposits.

Which is typical of course for level 7 that s a high risk consumer. But the operator assigned deposits to level 7 because the deposits have been assigned to one or more offerings for this level. 7 customer. The system knows to automatically create a risk based pricing function.

Now if there were no deposits. Indicated for this particular level. The risk. Based pricing notices notice would not be there because it s not required by the federal law.

If there is no deposit indicated for any of the services or offerings. That the operator is providing so in this case. The csr. If the company policy was to have the csr print.

The risk based pricing. Notice they could simply generate the notice and the system will open a pdf and we can open that here. And this is the notice then the customer will receive it includes the date..


The customers name and address. It includes the reason for the service request and it it is customized with the cable operator. The communications operators company name it tells the individual thank you for your service request and congratulations your service request has been approved it then includes the information that s indicated by the federal trade commission and the federal reserve board as it relates to these risk based pricing notices as you can see it gives information about what is a credit report. How did the operator use the report again and your systems name is customized here so in this case.

It s a a communications. It tells the consumer. If there are mistakes what they can do and how to obtain a copy of the credit report. It also includes the credit score in this case.

The scores of 508. The sources transunion it s a fico 8 credit score. And the date that the score was obtained or decision was june 20th 2012. It also includes the range of the scores.

And then specifically the factors that affected or impact of the credit score the first factor indicated. There is the factor that contributes most to that particular score so in other words a serious delinquency in public record or collection is the most important factor that contributed to that individuals credit score. Let s take a look at a risk based pricing. Notice for a consumer.

Who did not generate a credit score. There s going to be two scenarios where we have a risk based pricing notice in subscriber wise. One is where a score is generated that s going to be about 80 of submissions about 20 of submissions will result in a consumer who has a credit file at the repository. But because they re not actively consuming credit.

The scoring algorithm could not compute a score. So the federal government has a risk based pricing notice that it recommends for those situations. So if we look at a consumer who has a zero credit score. And where we know deposits are going to be indicated let s look at a level 8.

Here zero with a level eight will view. The report and you can see we have a generate risk based pricing notice because again the operator for this particular decision level has assigned deposits for one or more offerings. So if we generate this risk based pricing notice..


It s going to be similar to the first one that we saw where there was a credit score involved. But the language is slightly different here. Let s take a look includes again to date customers name and address the reason for the service request also again thanking the customer for their service. Request and congratulating them that the request has been approved.

But you ll notice here it says your credit score your credit score is not available from transunion. Which is a consumer reporting agency. Because they may not have enough information about your credit history to calculate a score. So it s similar information.

But this this particular letter is geared to those individuals who did not generate a credit score. But where the operator. Nevertheless assigned a deposit based on the information. That was included on this particular.

Credit. Report. Which likely would have included past due balances and one or more collections. So that s the way the form will look for individuals who do not generate a credit score.

But still have a credit file at the repository now for situations. Where the system generates a zero zero. Now that means that there is no credit score. And there is no credit file at the repository.

The system by default will send this letter also the assumption is that if there s no fraud or predatory behavior. The operator will assign a minimum deposit maybe for example a deposit level for or level five in a situation where there is no established credit. It could be somebody who is brand new to credit. Amateur cash bender who s never applied for credit.

So there was not a file that existed at the national repository. So understand that the system will automatically know which letter to select based on the decision. That was obtained for that prospective customer so let me review for you a situation where we do not have a security deposit indicated for a specific level let s look at juice grape a level one consumer..


If we view this report you ll notice. There is no risk based pricing notice for a csr to generate why because there are no deposit indicated. This operator has said for the offerings that you see indicated basic internet hd dvr etc. There is not a deposit required for any of those offerings.

So that s the reason why we do not see the risk based pricing notice. But to demonstrate how intuitive the system is if we were to go into our deposit limits and we select the level one which was the decision level and let s say we just assign a 25 deposit to an hd. Dvr just for the purpose of this example. Now if we go back to that same level.

One report level one for juice grape and we view. This report because i assigned a 25 deposit for the hd. Dvr. The system now creates the generate risk based pricing.

Notice function because the assumption is of that customer wanted a dvr then a deposit notice or a risk based pricing notices notice would be indicated so that s how the system works now we ll conclude by looking at the batch printing options and by the way before i do that let me show you that if we look at this report. You ll notice. There s no risk based price pricing. Print log.

Here. If i open this generate this letter assuming that we re going to send it to our printer so it s opened we click print again assuming we re going to send it to the printer now what i want you to see is if i refresh this particular report you ll notice. There s the risk based pricing. Print log shows the date and time so if i open it again.

We re going to have another date and time stamp. So the system will always keep a log of when we have generated these notices refresh the screen. And there it is so in the report viewer. We ve set this up so that there s a couple of options you can use this function.

Unprinted risk. Based pricing. Notices and what the system will do if you use this options..


It will keep track of any notices on a day to day basis or an hourly basis for example that need to be printed that have not been printed or time date stamped so if we click the submit query while we re on the unprinted risk based pricing notices it will look for any notices that have not been printed now in this instance. There are none. I did not generate any new reports where a risk based pricing notice had not been opened you saw me open the view. There a few examples there so there are no reports that need to be printed.

So this system is just a great way for somebody in your office. Who wants to print these on a day to day basis or again on hourly basis whatever the time period is it will keep track of any reports that need to be printed. Now the other option is you can go into the custom time frame risk based pricing. Notice and you can select a specific date.

Range. So. Let s say we entered in may 1st 2012. Through june 30th.

2012. And we submit the query. The system is going to bring up every single report where a risk based pricing. Notice is indicated so in this case.

You can see there are 31. So this is useful in a situation. Where maybe a csr sent an entire days worth of risk based pricing notices to the printer. But you received a call from one or more customers that they never received us notice.

You could go in for that specific date range and select any risk based pricing notices from that date and reprint them so that s really the purpose of this function so again it s a flexible system. We want you to keep in mind that it s the the notices are fully compliant and the system is created with so that you can move forward with this process. Fast and easily please give us a coffee of any questions about this or want more information about the compliance requirements. Thank you ” .


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