Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition – 100% Walkthrough Part 2 : Jailbreak

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“Like i was saying. But thief made off with a priceless treasure from that nobles nobles mansion. I know i know then he was caught and the loot was returned no see that s just nobility trying to keep things quiet. The treasure in the mansion.

Right now is a fake you re pulling my leg. Hey. You didn t hear it from me. Bub.

The dark wings are going nuts looking for the hideout you mean the thieves guild. Ah. That s enough out of you almost meal time hey neighbor you re awake right you got to be getting tired from keeping so quiet. You think that little story up all by yourself old.

Man. You must have plenty of time on your hands old man. Now you ve gone and hurt this old man s feelings besides. I didn t make up nothing.

I ve got eyes and ears. The world over digging up information for me. Sure you do old. Long.

Hey. I am. What i am go ahead and ask me something i ll tell you whatever you want to know want to know about the pirate guilds sunken treasure how about the sorcerer who makes his home at the ends of the earth. Oh wait i ve got it i just want to know how to get out of here well.

I m not sure what you re in for but they ll let you out if you keep your trap shut for 10 days. The lower quarter will be underwater by then the lower quarter uh. Yeah. I heard about that i wonder how they re all doing right now sorry neighbor.

That s one piece of dirt. I don t have and what am i gonna do about that damn more do be more do you mean to say you ve got connections to the fame age from rossville. The city of scholars do you know about him oh wanna know huh. I m afraid that information won t come cheap.

The famed mage from osteo. The city of scholars right i think i got it we ll wait that s not it he s the uh. The head of the gourmet guild. No wait.

It s the i mean out oh well just when things were getting good hurry up what is commandant alexei. Doing here well just who are you anyway. What is the head of the knights want with you beneath the statue with the guys. What are you doing i said hurry up all right easy.

I m coming. I did say i was looking for a way out of here back again and i was just in here last month for fighting some knights collecting taxes. I guess i get free meals out of it if you can call it food. Damn chemours made this way more complicated than it needed to be applause.

What you look at that it opened ever vigilant as usual with the way he s sleeping it ll be a while before anyone notices. I m gone if i come back before morning. He ll never be wiser to my little jailbreak. I think i can check on the lower quarter and make it back by morning.

It would probably be good to try that statue of the goddess too applause music applause music who s there have they spotted me let s get this over with music like that you like next. You can t win. Yeah. Easy.

Win music take a load off for a. While my rap sheet. Is long enough as it is. But guess i don t have much choice.

But to fight if they discover me i need to be wary of these guys on patrol music music like that i got a little worked up applause you music yes. We can do this music. You love that i got a little worked up applause music. Let s get this over with music.

I got a little worked up music. Applause music music music. Why don t we just go back. I can t go back.

Now. This is for your own good. Miss you know that as for the incident..


We assumed full responsibility and will inform the lieutenant ourselves how can you say that when you haven t done anything to help me please don t come any closer. Now. Now why don t you put that down you ll only end up hurting yourself. I know how to use a sword music.

I m afraid you leave us no choice. I was hoping it wouldn t come to this hey. There she is this way. Please you ve got to let me.

Go. I have to warn. Flynn. Did she say.

Flynn hey. Flynn. You came to help me who who are you music identify yourself music just. When i thought i was being sneaky things that they go to hell careful i think it s gonna bless tia it shouldn t be a problem if we take them together music you can t get music.

You can t win you like that music applause music. You win music you like that music man is this what knights do now music don t they teach these guys manners in night school. Anymore. Yeah.

Music hey oh you re trying to kill me. Well you don t belong. In a castle. Right no and i ll take it as a compliment that you can tell that by looking at me you foul fugitive.

I say we know you re trying to make your escape. Oh please not them again. I guess. There s no point in going back to the prison cell.

Now your voice is too loud. My ears yuri lowell. You re. One of flynn s friends aren t you yeah.

Why and you used to belong to the imperial knights. Just for three short months you hear that from flynn. Yes. Huh guess he managed to find someone at the castle.

He could talk to after all yuri. I need to talk to flynn hold on just a second who are you supposed to be anyway. I can tell you know flynn. But why are you being chased by the knights.

Oh listen i want to hear the whole story. But we can t really afford to stand around and chat first things first let s get to flynn s place. Want me to lead the way. I yes.

Let s go music music. Something smells. Tasty. Oh.

You re right what could it be oh yeah isn t the knights dining hall around here music that was close music applause music oh music music all right music. That was easy. Music. Applause.

Music. Let s get this over with music would you like that man that was just music yes. We can do this music. Yeah.

That was just getting warmed up applause music alright alright music. He won revenge burning it music yeah. It was around here this is flint s room music music. Yes.

We can do this music. You like that you won revenge for it music music all right music. You can t win music. You like that i got a little worked up applause music music music music.

He s really keeping this place. Cleaned up. And flynn must be off gallivanting around somewhere..


Then that means. I m too late so what sort of wickedness did you do anyway me i haven t done anything wrong and yet a bunch of nights. We re chasing you around the castle. Yeah.

That makes sense yuri whoa. What is it i can t be specific. But flynn is in terrible danger. I ve got to go and warn him so go if you want to go.

What s wrong with that i wish i knew listen i ve got something i ve got to take care of right away as soon as things quiet down outside. I want to get back to the lower quarter in that case would you take me with you please other than flynn. There s no one i can depend on will you at least help me get out of the castle. Please i m begging you okay i can see you re serious.

But why don t you tell me your name first music prepare to fall victim to my blade. Applause have you ever heard of knocking. I am sake the music twin seat bone music applause branka. I died you really should listen a little war my name is saki what s wrong what s wrong with you i m gonna kill you and carve your name into let s dream.

This is gonna be fun music music feel it feeling anything over here music now i feel truly music bring it the things get out of hand run for it i will don t give up so soon. I haven t had a fight like this in years music music music. You yes the faster you die when human ilium not you re not listening understand maybe your fate was sealed the moment. We met seriously think we can talk to him just take him out already music do i look like flynn to you not in the least music through my body.

You you ve got the wrong guy are you supposed to know this stuff. He s not flynn. Details details bring it this guy s nuts flynn. Sure has made some interesting enemies soggy.

We re leaving the knights are onto us music. How dare you mind your own business. I m just getting to the best part hurry before the knights get here or would you rather have your fun and today. We should be getting a move on we ll just go pay a visit to the goddess and be on our way yuri.

Yeah. I know we ll stick together until. We re out of the castle. Oh right.

But i was gonna say my name is esther lee s well then est lee s let s get moving wait. We can t just leave the door like that i really don t think. This is the time to worry about something like that but all right all right just just give me a minute. There.

Good as new no let s get going. Okay. Music. Music.

Music music. I got a little worked up music. Applause music music music. Yes.

We can do this you can t. Win. Music. You can t this ll hurt ya.

Easy win music music. Let s get this over with music. You like that is he s had easy win music. I wonder if this is because of those guys earlier.

They better not try to pin this on me too. I hope no one was hurt don t worry about the nice they ll make sure to protect themselves. Yes. I guess what are you hiding that must be leblanc.

I d recognize those dulcet tones. Anyway do the two of you know each other we have a bit of a history come on let s hurry. We should do something about your clothes. Mr.

Gallagher sore thumb my room is just up ahead i have a change of clothes there okay that ll work music this is my room. I ll go get changed just give me a minute got it try to be quick about it just in case. It s not like i was going to peek. Flynn.

Did tell me to be careful. If i ever met you thanks flynn. They re all finished music..


What do i look strange. It s nothing it was just thinking this doesn t suit you either really music. What s this a handshake it means nice to meet you alright. Let s get going thanks yuri.

You re a knight once right didn t you already say you heard about me from flynn well. It s just you don t seem to know your way around the castle. Well are you an imposter that s some imagination. You ve got why would i want to impersonate a regular guy from the lower quarter.

I i guess you re right come on let s go before we re caught by the castle guards music music oh music like that music that ll be a hundred years before you can beat me. Because you ve lived a lot longer right not exactly music. Let s get this over with music. We can t lose music applause music just wanted to check on the lower quarter and come back then expect the extra baggage baggage.

I could take it to the castles lost and found for you you re the one person that can really ask to take care of it huh never mind. I m good okay let me know if you change your mind guess. She s the textbook. Little naive nobles.

Why were those knights chasing her music music. I got a little applause music alright alright music. He won revenge bring it music music yes. We can do this you like that music.

We re done music applause are there many people outside the castle like that man s algae. We met earlier yeah he s one of a kind it s pretty hard to find anyone that nuts. I see well that s a relief. I don t know what i d do if everyone behaved like that yeah life would be pretty rough.

If the world were full of guys like him music music music that ll be a hundred years before you can be music. Music. Music. Have you and flynn known each other a long time um.

Two maybe three years. Something like that huh. So he s been getting along all right at the castle flame is a very hardworking and honest knight. It seems like everyone trusts him the other day.

He told. Me that they ve been giving him more responsibilities lately to hard. Working and honest right in other words. Hard.

Headed and obsessive huh music. This must be it is there something special about this statue. It s supposed to have some sort of secret. It doesn t look like there s anything particularly secretive about it maybe if we moved it there d be a hidden passage or something you don t think.

But we won t know unless we give it a try music it really worked. What do we have here looks like the old man was right do you think this will read outside. I can t guarantee it well i m going down how about you music i m coming too that s a pretty brave of you who was that guy anyway. There was something shady about him what is it did you change your mind know your hand.

It s injured let me take a look at it hey. I m sorry. I never seen a blasty like that i wasn t thinking. That s really all it was that s really all it was my hand feels better thanks.

No it s the least. I could do okay let s go so there are monsters down here two monsters that s what these things are you ve never seen one before. Well. Let s hurry up and take care of this shall.

We yuriy. They re coming from the front. Yeah. This is annoying music.

Music. Music. Applause music music music. I got a little worked up applause music.

That should take care of it i didn t know what to do when they all attacked. It once you generally have to defeat each monster. One by one but sometimes they come in groups really we should be careful when we go ahead you can take on a monster. One at a time or take them on in a group your choice yuri.

Which way do you think we should go. Whichever. Let s just get out of here..


Oh wait wait for me music. I need to thank whoever told you about this underground passage. Why would you need to be thankful for something like that i m trying to get out of the castle. Just like you that s all well and good.

But there s no need to be all thankful because of it. Oh no we must show courtesy to those who show us kindness sort of weird to be polite to somebody you ve never met don t you think manners are never so important as when dealing with those with whom we ve yet to be acquainted. Do you really think so huh. I know so let s get this.

Over with music. You won revenge. Brilliant. You music.

Applause music music applause music. Yeah. I beat. You in the next week.

Next week. But can you really never mind you music take this music applause music you won revenge brilliant applause music music applause applause. Yeah let s get this over with music you won revenge brilliant music let s get this over with music. Yeah.

I beat. You in the next week. Music. Applause music music music.

We finished them off. I finished them off. You music music man. It s bright it s already morning.

I ve wasted an entire night looks like it led to the royal quarter everything looks so different from the windows of the castle come on you sound like this is your first time out of the castle. Well. I i guess. The lady who lives in a castle.

Can t just take a walk outside whenever she wants yes you re right well hey at least. We made it out of the castle music was that not right no it s fine so s. Alize. What are you gonna do now that you re out.

I m going to find flynn do you know where he went the other day he said he was going off on the knights pilgrimage. Ah. That thing going around the cities of the empire piling up good deeds yes. That s why i m going to the city of blossoms poll or who laura is the first place that knights traditionally visit on a pilgrimage so you ll need to go outside the barrier.

Have you ever been beyond the barrier. A little while back i d like to go. But i can t just leave the lower quarter like it is come on i ll show you the way out of town it s on the way to the lower quarter thank you music applause music applause music applause music you their fugitive pope i say the jig is up fools enough grandstanding arrest him what should we do first you pick up one of these then go like this let s get to the lower quarter music iori. Where are you in i got an invitation to the castle and had the most marvelous time their home all them then those the young lady pleased to meet you i m s talese.

The pleasure is all mine miss then more importantly the both those imperial knights. The vents are busy looking for you haven t paid any attention to our fast go down here. So you ve really managed to tick him off it looks that way has repeat come back. Yet sure did they was carrying some bag what happened to it we should be up on your own go pick it up later give it a shake and has a nice jingle to it more do liked it too you met.

Mr. Mori. Oh yeah. But the rat left town apparently.

He s someone important from a city. Called oz bo. Left town that means they ve been hoodwinked. Afraid so.

This house was empty. And i doubt he s even a real noble. She looks like the aqua blasty has finally stopped leaking water well without a core. It won t budge was there enough water for the time being yeah.

But it won t last long after that we ll just get it from the river hmm get the runs row and the knights aren t gonna help guess i ll go get it back from the thief. Myself what you aren t thinking of following mario beyond the barrier are ya don t worry i ll be back before you know it huh who s worried it s a good opportunity for ya no need for you to hurry back here huh. What do you mean by that what i mean is we can get along just fine without you even flynn used to say i wonder how long your plans on living this life. Flynn needs to learn to mind his own business music.

” ..

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