The Division 2 Secret Hunter Boss Fight: How to Get The Ghoul Mask

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“Everyone and test year. And today. I wanted to showcase how to get the secret secret ghoul mask from the secret hunter boss that you can find in the division. This is a very very tough fight.

But the reward is a cool little trophy that looks pretty badass on your character. But i m warning you this guy is not easy so be prepared to get rekt step. Number. One is go to this location.

Where there is a shade tech cache. You might have already gotten it. But this is the location on the map..


There s a couple of tunnels that you can go in so. Make sure you head to this area to start this mission go into the tunnels. There and look for the shade tech cache. You re gonna notice that you pop up in a division agent room this is actually a little base there s division agents that were killed here.

And there s a couple of loot pieces to find while you re in here grab the shade tech cache. While you re here but head over to this map and activate it now you might notice it says x marks. The spot on the map. If you don t activate this it doesn t seem you can do this mission.

But once you activate it a little light will come on and it will say x marks. The spot and you can see right there. There s the x..


But it also has a half moon or a yeah. I guess a half moon crescent moon. Let s say now what this means is go to this location at nighttime and you re gonna feel you re gonna be in for a little surprise now this is the location of the mission. It s this little water symbol on the map in the water.

Now. What you re gonna do is shoot this light bulb and it s going to spawn him. He s like a little demon that appears under the mist. A little smoke bomb up top.

There right instant spawn. So you don t be standing on that platform. Where you re going to die..


I didn t have very good cover here and i kind of got rekt. But this guy is no pushover he s level 35. He hits like a truck he has multiple tools at his disposal from grenades to drones to chem launchers and he can heal himself fighting this guy is going to be very tough solo. But you can do it with better gear.

I was under levelled here and and you know i got kind of wrecked with positioning. But if you play this with a team you re gonna have a much better chance. But he s still no pushover if you push him and and he lays into you you re going down. Very.

Very quickly now. This is one of the first hunters in the game. So..


This is actually pretty cool. This is like a kind of a hidden secret hunter and it makes me wonder if there s other hunters that are going to be in the game trying to murder you you can see here one shot just murders. Me now the other thing is there can be patrolling enemies. That will you know randomly be in the area and sometimes they ll actually fight him making it much easier on you if you want a challenge try to clear out those enemies and then fight the hunter.

But if you want to be a cheesy piece of garbage like myself just just let the turret zone them and and get a free kill on them that s it for me. Though guys. Thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe for more share this video with your friends and i will see you soon bye bye. ” .


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