The Incredible Indian Rupee

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“You think of the world s major currencies. They all have a symbol the us us dollar the pound sterling. The japanese yen the euro all except for the indian at least up until 2010. It was highly unusual for such an important and major currency not to have a sign instead being represented simply by the letters.

Rs and so. The indian government announced. A public competition that would change this a competition to design. The rupee symbol and rebrand the currencies.

Very identity to represent the ethos and culture of a. Nation and there were over 25000. Entries from all over. India of which the finance ministry managed to narrow it down to just five finalists and of those five who daya kumar s design was selected to become the new face of the indian rupee.

It s an incredibly meaningful symbol a blend of the letter r. And the devanagari symbol rum. Bringing together the two and allowing for international recognition and the two horizontal lines at the top represent both the indian tricolour flag and the equality sign. It was a historic moment and the symbols implementation was to be no small task all kinds of systems and objects would require updating from computer systems to keyboards from cheque books to postage stamps.

In fact. The indian postal department. Became one of the symbols. Earliest adopters when they featured it on stamps commemorating.

The country s hosting of the commonwealth games..

That year. All that was left to asakura see itself the symbol first appeared on coins. The following year and then banknotes a year after that in 2012. Today.

An even newer series of banknotes has been released and it s these notes that this video is going to focus on so if you enjoy it. Please. Subscribing also real quick disclaimer. I ve been getting a lot of comments about the legality of taking rupees out of india as of february.

2016 the indian government allows you to take up to 25000. Rupees. Out of the country. Which is roughly 250 pounds or 350 dollars worth so yes having a small amount for a personal collection is perfectly legal.

I d also like to apologize in advance in case. I pronounced any places names or words incorrectly. Now on to the banknotes. The new series consists of a 10 50.

100. 200 500 and 2000. Rupee. Note unfortunately due to those export.

Restrictions i was unable to acquire the 2000..

For this video. There s also one a 5 and a 20 rupee note that remain in circulation from a previous series. The 1 rupee is something of a strange banknote. It s physically very small measuring only nine point seven centimeters in length and at the time of writing is worth ever so slightly more than one british penny and stranger.

Yet there s also a 1 rupee coin. Which is actually printed on the banknote its reverse features the cigar sanrak oil rig located off the coast of mumbai. And although not part of the most recent series. It still features the rupee symbol as the series is from was released after the symbols adoption.

Next. Up is a 5 rupee note. It features mahatma gandhi on the front leader of the indian independence movement. And father of the nation and a tractor plowing a field on the reverse.

Gandhi can be seen again. In the notes. Watermark and under uv. Lights.

Various patterns and the security strip are highlighted. Although still in circulation. The 5 rupee note has been discontinued the 10 rupee is a smallest denomination from the new series unlike the rest of the banknotes features gandhi on the front and amal mark the level of detail on his portrait is mind. Blowing employing a printing technique called micro print.

If you were to look at the note with a magnifying glass..

You would notice at the rim of gandhi s glasses. Reads bar at the hindi word for india. It s a level of precision. That counterfeiters simply cannot replicate its reverse portrays a cannot from temple.

A hindu temple in unesco world heritage site. Again and the uv light. Various aspects of the notes designer illuminated as with the 20 rupee. Which sees a view of mount arreat national park on the reverse the 50 rupee is the second note from the new series and a rather striking fluorescent blue.

Something i really love about this series is the language panel on the reverse of each note. The front displays 50 rupees in both english and hindi. But this box on the back displays it in a further 15 languages. Including bengali punjabi and sanskrit ensuring that the note is accessible to an enormous array of speakers of the various languages used around india.

There s also a picture of a chariot at hampi the ruins of a far city in southern india. And another unesco world heritage site. The 100 rupee is an equally striking lavender color. And features ronique evolve on the reverse.

A step well once again a unesco world heritage site. The bright yellow 200 rupee is a brand new denomination it didn t exist prior to this series. It s reverse depicts the sanchi stupa. A buddhist complex atop a hill in central india.

And you guessed it a unesco world heritage site..

Another cool feature of this new series. I want to quickly point out is this tilt effect box when viewed from a normal angle. It just appears as a pattern. But when tilted the denomination is revealed the 500 rupee is a dull grey color.

But still an interesting note portraying the incredibly impressive read for yet another unesco world heritage site. Each year on independence day. The prime minister hoist. The indian flag at the fort s main gate can be seen in the image.

The flag even glows when exposed to uv light. The final note is the 2000 rupee which like i said i was unable to obtain for this video. It s bright pink. Unlike the 200 a brand new denomination for this series and it breaks the mold a little rather than a unesco world heritage site.

It features the mars orbiter mission a space probe launched in 2013. By the indian space research organisation making it the fourth space program to reach mars the rupee s new symbol represented a meaningful new identity for the currency and these new banknotes have only furthered that direction portraying immensely important historical sites and with the 2000. Important advances towards the country s future and even beyond their meaning. It s undeniable that the indian rupee are among the most beautiful banknotes in the world music.

” ..

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