The JFK Experience – UBER NYC

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“Afternoon. Everybody freelance teacher again this is doug murrow. Lat freelance teacher comm welcome to to the youtube channel. I am doing another video right away.

Because i had a airport experience. I want to share with you as new as a new bird driver. How i took it what happened um. So this will be one of the shorter videos.

Because it s just the jfk experience for uber new york city in new york city. Proper. So i had a writer on upper west side 80 91st street to jfk airport. Which is the kind of ride you like let me tell you why it was 37 minutes.

It was a rainy day. No it was 39 minute drive and uber directions take you right to the terminal..

Tells you what terminal to go to the passengers let s say they didn t know or they weren t sure they forgot um. They don t have the phone call. It is on the app. If it s been put in the correct way then it s easy to go jfk is easy to navigate that you don t have to worry about um.

And the trip took 39 minutes. And it was a 37 trip. So you get almost that s like a 50. An hour rate.

Which is very good so the trip to jfk was fine granted. It was a rainy day. And it s december 24th. So that was probably low traffic day.

But still ways gets you there reasonably effectively here s the problem on the way out so. I had learned that you have to be in either the limousine..

Lot the limo lot or the cellphone lot to pick up a passenger. So i just stayed online as i drove to the cell phone lot. Which is a little circuitous. But it was it was doable.

I got to the cell phone lot without much of a problem. And then when you re in the cell phone lot it tells you where you are in line. You re put in a queue and you re on a list. And it just works your way down the line.

Now when i got there there were there i was number 158 now i didn t know if every few seconds. A car gets bounced off the list and you move up i didn t i don t know how it worked so i don t know how fast. It was going to go so i set the timer for 25 minutes. And i sat there for a while shut the car often the numbers went down and i did some other things and there was an old man older cat taxi driver next to me and i asked him what the deal was with this and he was not he said.

The the leaving jfk world is not a good one meaning uh you re going to wait a long time. He said..

He s waited as long as two hours and i was watching the queue to see if i had gone down and there were a few spots that were gone. I was there now almost 20 minutes and a couple of spots maybe five had disappeared. So i was all the way down to i don t know what it was 148 143. 138.

It was not moving quickly. So that guy had said that the line is long and jfk is much worse than laguardia in terms of hav fhp vehicles uber lyft. What not for getting out and getting a ride from the airport to new york city proper. So i gave up i i was there for 25 minutes.

And the queue had not moved very quickly. There was no surge pricing at the airport. So there was no it didn t seem like there was a lot of demand. Perhaps a boeing 747 came in after i left or an airbus 387 and they were demand all over the place.

But i couldn t afford to wait so i left and i got i put on the uber tool that lets you find a ride on your way home. So i got kind of a little goober pool ride in queens and then i got back on the highway to come home and actually logged off and drove about 35 minutes back into manhattan..

Then i did another find a route on the way home type thing uh to get one last ride on the way back. And i got a ride uptown in uptown manhattan. And then i logged off and drove 10 minutes. The rest of the way.

So overall. The airport experience wasn t that great at jfk you get put on a long list. And unless. There are tons of airlines coming in i guess you d have to research that wait when dare lines come in when s the big rush.

When is the most demand for rides at jfk and we d have to do it that way that s that s what i m guessing will have to be the case all right so this is doug marolla. Freelance. Intercom and i ll talk to you soon with more updates take care happy entrepreneurship. ” .


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