The Joker's Wild Hal Shear vs. Kathy

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“Here s the game where knowledge is king baby bacchus green applause drove it wild wild whereas you know on our last program. Our current champion ran his winnings up a staggering amount of money and he has he s right in the midst of a very critical game. So we will not delay. Let s have j.

Stewart reintroduced. The current champion and his challenger jack here s that champion returning with twenty seven thousand seven hundred dollars in cash and merchandise and one lucky suit here s house here applause kathy and how nice i ll be back later sighs are you interrupting our last program. You were in the lead hal and kathy was trying desperately to end this marvelous streak that you are on i noticed that you are winning. We re wearing your lucky suit again.

I certainly am. You ve worn that now for several days here on the joker s wild you ve won over 27000. With it and you are gonna continue to wear it i will not take it off until. If you re lucky and stay on long enough that suit may come back in style and may come on by itself very shortly.

I should point out hal as you know very wrong as i ve been pointing out and now i ve checked my records. You are at the very more this moment. The second largest money winner in the long history of the joker s wild only mark glucksman has beaten you he went over. 33000 you have 27000.

And so a victory to become number one is within sight cathy. How do you feel about playing against this guy. Oh hey. No problem since you re so sadistic and liked it so much i ll point out that the score wins at our game was 200 for you and 450 for a house here and i ll show you again the categories.

We were playing with and which will be in use in this game they were in our capital cities. Followed by tv comedy shows world war two rogers and hammerstein and finally famous residences as our time ran out with 200 hours. View. Cathy was your turn to go spin.

And good luck. Thank you joker and capital city s famous residences for a hundred please with the probable exception of buckingham palace. Number. 10.

Downing street is the most famous residence in london. England name. The english government official who makes number 10 downing street. His home the prime minister correct they got the cleaner to deal house here then see what you get well.

Let s see a joker. Please a joker and a pair famous residences for 50 jacks. Which is all you need answer. This question.

Correctly you will have 500 added to what you were previously winning. You ll be winning twenty eight thousand two hundred dollars here is the question for twenty eight thousand two hundred dollars detective sherlock holmes lived in london on a particular street. All that money if you can name the street. Said baker street.

Yes applause winning his seventh game and bringing his total winnings up to twenty eight thousand two hundred dollars as our champion. House shearer..

Who now will play his seventh bonus game. Well cathy. You ll know at least that you were in one whale of a contest here. Yeah.

That s for sure one that s live load go down in history on this program and backstage will be some nice consolation prize. Let s say goodbye to joey applause in a moment. How share will play for the seventh time against the devil. Before that mayor.

Remind you that he is one one car. He s won two games of the second batch of programs. If he could win three more games he d win this additional car yes here it is the brand new buick skylark engine yes for an efficient and optimum fuel economy. It s the buick skylark then contest own two antifreeze the flesh and tail kick in evils car owners professionally quest cooling system and install antifreeze in minutes pistone to flesh and fill kit now back to jack barry applause.

How do you feel about everything that s happening to you oh it s like a dream jack. My wife and i both we ve been on cloud nine since last show and i mean as long as it keeps going i don t know when we re gonna come down i mean i know it s gonna end sometime. But we just you bet. It is we don t have much more money left is your wife with you this time.

No. She s not with me again a shame. I m awfully sorry. She s not here.

But still we re gonna play the bonus game. Upon the wheels nothing but money in the devil s as you know every time you spin and avoid the money you get the. Prizes if you can get to 1000. Or more without seeing that devil not only will you get the money.

But these gifts as a bonus. Wow this time. It s the joker s wild holman travel package. First.

You ll have meals in minutes. With the roper microwave. It does it all the regular cooking way warms. Rolls low simmer soups high simmers casseroles.

Most turkeys even defrost frozen vegetables and meats roper microwave oven next entertaining elegance with this genuine pewter set from. Leonard silver manufacturing company in boots coffee sent wine decanter with six goblets centerpiece and a pair of candlesticks all furnished by the leonard silver manufacturing company and you ll relax in this rocker and recliner action mates a recliner and matching swivel rocker with the same beautiful proportions and styling of conventional living room chairs action recliners furnished by lane next put your fun on film with this 35 millimeter camera. This is the yashica fr2 system featuring the fully automatic fr2 camera with electromagnetic shutter and eveready case from yashica. It s the newest generation of electronic photography and finally how you ll need plenty of film with that camera because we re flying you to picturesque peru enjoy the sunny spanish spirit of a country filled with ancient history and cultural charm.

Peru one of the most sophisticated countries in south america. Proud of his traditions in tourist trade. It s a nine day holiday in peru compliments of the joker s wild furnished by club universe. And how this holmen travel package is worth in cash and prizes over 3800 applause.

I can tell you that if you can get through this series of spins without seeing the. Devil you will have grand total winnings of about..

32000 a little little less than mark. Gluckman. Won he was in the 33000. Range.

But you have to avoid that devil good luck okay. Let s rub that lucky suit against worth five times. Let s go again first bin gets a 50. Lucky suit wasn t too lucky that time had to change the suit haha don t change.

The thing because we re going to get you into the next game. This will be your eighth game coming up. And you ll get a chance if you win this game to come back here. And do it again a big hand for.

A very. Big winner applause here he goes with 28000. In his in his pocket cannot lose. That he goes in the game number 8 against this challenge track coming up now a pharmacy student.

Her hobbies are skiing and reading partner. I m a pharmacy student at usc and i have one busy year left before i graduate too busy for a boyfriend. No i have a boyfriend. He s also my class in pharmacy school.

We mix a lot of prescriptions together isn t that cute you mix prescriptions together. Yeah. That s very nice that s what they call having a mixer. Yes.

We re delighted to have you here on the program. Let me show you and house sure you were nervous about playing against them. I think how better get off the show still have time to enjoy all the trips. One well you ll have to beat in order to get them off here are the categories you can use to beat them with they are potluck could be any category.

That s followed by julius caesar news. 78th annual events. And the stock exchange as you know the challenger always goes first and so adrian. It s up to you okay come on joker and potluck annual events for fifty dollars every year on the first saturday in may a bunch of three year olds.

Race. One and a quarter miles and the winner receives two hundred and fifty thousand dollars name this louisville horse race. The kentucky derby applause let s try pot luck for a hundred jack the place westmoreland county virginia. The date february 22nd night 1732 1732 the event the birth of a future american president.

What name was given to that newborn baby thomas jefferson nope. Hundred dollars of you can tell me. Adrian george washington. That s right applause for the one of the few times since he s assumed the championship.

Hal shear is really seriously behind it is your second spin adrian need a joker stock exchange. I ll take annual events for 100 please in 1976 driver..

Johnny rutherford raced only 255 255 miles to win this event that is normally 500 miles long for another 100 name this classic memorial day event. The indianapolis 500 applause that stipulation short because of a rainstorm your spin. How you must catch up to stay in the game. Okay.

Let s see some joker s managed over let s try. The stock exchange for 100 yen. The government organization. Which is in charge of the stock exchange is abbreviated by the initials s e c.

What do those initials sec stand for it s the securities exchange commission you have your first hundred dollars or 50 to 100. You scored a lot of catching up to do adrien okay okay new 78 correct answer here would bring you to four hundred and fifty dollars just fifty dollars short of breaking his record. Her wedding celebration. Was attended by movie stars and heads of state.

Give me the name of the 21 year old princess were married a parisian playboy named philippe junot princess carolyne correct applause for now stands for hundred and fifty to a hundred you need a lucky spin how lucky spin let s see some jokes. A joker let s try the stock exchange 404 again correct dancer brings you to 200 tech terminology used in a poker game describes certain common stocks would usually command a high price. Because of public confidence in their stability. What is the poker term for such a stock blue chip.

Yes. You re at 200 hours. Applause. There s no way you can not go over the top.

But of course. How will get his final spin give him a world okay i ll take news. 78. For 50 right playing at the kg way correct answer brings you to 500 that s all you need to win and terminate his lengthy streak.

But of course he does get a final spin in july of 1978. The supreme court decided that the university of california could not exclude an applicant on the basis of racial quotas alone for 500 and a possible win give me the name of this controversial supreme court decision the bakke decision applause how i m gonna suggest that you rub that seuss. There s only one way you can win and stay in the game. You must get three jokers anything that comes up other than joker s your glorious reign.

Is over and the new champion would be adrian carter. You feel it all lucky let s hope so i m ready whenever you are okay applause ladies and gentlemen. I don t i can t calculate the odds against that happening as you know all life is a game of odds. But they may be as much as a hundred thousand to one or two hundred thousand and one to happen at that particular moment when he needed it i can t i m not a mathematician.

I can t calculate it you still have one chore to do you have to pick a category. And i ll give you a question well let s try new 78. Check your the question. If you answer.

This question. Correctly you win the game. We add another 500 to your. Score you ll be up to.

30 you ll be up to 20. 9300..

And you ll get a chance to twenty five twenty thousand seven hundred as a matter of fact if you missed this question. It s over and adrian is the champion listen very carefully ladies and gentlemen please very quiet called the showplace of the nation. This new york city tourist attraction was scheduled to close its doors in 1978 look at that face. However.

The closing was postponed for at least another year for your eighth straight victory and twenty eight thousand seven hundred dollars name this world famous theater radio city music applause you know as most of you know the joke is well has been on the air for a great many years starting in the 1972. And i can t recall if this ever happened this way before it all these years and all the hundreds of shows that we ve done it s an absolutely staggering thing to imagine. But you have clearly won this game and in a moment you ll get a chance to face the devil. Again adrian will you ever forget this moment.

No well it s a horrible thing for you i m sure. But you are a good sport you re still smiling and backstage will be some nice consolation prizes a very big applause applause. There was of course a devil up there and this young man has tried to avoid him. But he s going to do it again for the eighth time come on over here house here.

Jay stewart. Our announcer leaned his head out. And said. How d you like to borrow that suit.

And i might i might we ll see how lucky your luck continues. And you could win a microwave and a pewter set and a rocking recliner. A camera and that trip to peru all of which amounts to some three thousand. Some odd dolls and prizes you would again go up very close to mark larkins record of 33000.

But you have to avoid the devil give them a spin okay the suit is starting to come back applause music applause this game 375 200 yeah applause. Who wants to go to south america well let s go here on the tail. Applause not only did you blow over the. Top if you went over the top in a very big way 1250.

One hundred two hundred three hundred four five six hundred seven eight nine thousand eleven twelve hundred twelve hundred and fifty dollars plus. The microwave the pewter set the rocker recliner the camera the trip to peru all told remember the highest amount everyone in the history of this program was thirty three thousand five hundred and seventy five dollars and ladies and gentlemen and how this young man has now clearly and firmly moved in the second position. Because his total winnings at this point with more to come thirty two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars applause now i want to remind you and tell you that you are evening giving 25 dollars toward becoming the highest money winner in the history of this program. I shall tell you in addition to offering my congratulations that we have no more time to decide that issue on this show you ll be back next program.

I will be back. I knew you were and it is possible for those of you who are watching that on the very next program. He could go over the top and become the highest money winner jack barry. I know we ll see you all in the next show thanks for watching bye bye everybody music applause all you three s a crowd you might think you know her.

But do you know what she s saying about you am i allowed to say that what find out what she really didn t love you. But you are not working. Well. You three s a crowd weeknights at 9 30.

Eastern 6 30. Pacific music applause. ” ..


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On this 1978 episode of The Joker s Wild with Jack Barry, Hal Shear returns with $27,700 in cash and prizes, currently facing off against Kathy. In their current game, Hal leads $450 to $200. Announcer, Jay Stewart said Hal s suit is lucky, and even Hal himself says he refuses to take it off. I think with this episode, it ll prove the facts!

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